Clout of the Dominus


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eventide (EVE) Common

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Clout of the Dominus

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

As long as enchanted creature is blue, it gets +1/+1 and has shroud. (It can't be the target of spells or abilities.)

As long as enchanted creature is red, it gets +1/+1 and has haste.

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Clout of the Dominus Discussion

Aarik on F*cking Burn

1 day ago

Thanks! I use Cerulean Wisps as my one-drop-draw simply because of the potential combo with Clout of the Dominus along with it's ability to untap a creature at instant speed makes for a hell of a defensive play!

Although I should probably drop 2 Epic Experiment for a couple of those Electrolyze!

Izu_Korasu on Ramos, the Cascading Flicker Storm

2 weeks ago

I could see dropping the three more underwhelming storm cards, and the (correct me if im wrong) seemingly pointless flicker effects for better cantrips/counter producers/permanents that counter.

Manamorphose(and other rituals), Burning-Tree Emissary, Scarscale Ritual, Trace of Abundance, Abeyance and Gitaxian Probe to cantrip/increase storm.

Hydromorph Guardian, Judge's Familiar, Kira, Great Glass-Spinner, Spiketail Hatchling/Spiketail Drakeling are permanent options for counterspells that are cascade proof

Nivmagus Elemental, Clout of the Dominus, Hardened Scales and Past in Flames, Recoup, Baral, Chief of Compliance and Rashmi, Eternities Crafter feel like useful utility cards to mention.

clayperce on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

3 months ago

A potential reward for your Grixis EDH deck: Demon's Herald (into Prince of Thralls). The Demi-god Auras and Lieges from Lorwyn-Shadowmoor might be useful too: Helm of the Ghastlord, Fists of the Demigod, Clout of the Dominus, Glen Elendra Liege, Ashenmoor Liege, and Mindwrack Liege. There's also Dire Undercurrents.

ellie-is on Ellie's Illusions

4 months ago

Making some changes. Decided to remove Clout of the Dominus after all, and added more counterspells instead - that should keep Lord of the Unreal as protected. Still on the fence for Peek, considering removing or decreasing it to add more creatures.

ellie-is on Ellie's Illusions

4 months ago

I've considered Serum Visions, but decided against it due to liking the instant speed draw of Peek, but I might go back on that, it's a really good card.
Minamo, School at Water's Edge + Oboro, Palace in the Clouds wouldn't really make this that much of a difference and are definitely not worth spending all that money on. I don't find Boil or Choke to be that much of a threat here. Mutavault is simply out of my budget, but I'd consider adding it eventually.
Illusory Angel can only enter turn 4 at earliest, at which point is just a slightly weaker phantasmal dragon. I decided against Adaptive Automaton for a similar reason. At three mana on a deck that otherwise has such a low mana curve, it was a bit clunky, though if I was to remove Gossamer Phantasm for something, it'd be the automaton.
As stated in the description, Clout of the Dominus is there only for protecting Lord of the Unreal and I would have to be an idiot to try to enchant a phantasmal card with it. Keeping him alive is important, since he keeps everything else alive as well. And in situations where he's already enchanted or not in play, the non-phantasmal creatures can still make use of the +1.
And finally, for Aether Vial, I'm just not willing to spend $40 dollars on any one card, no matter how good it is - same as Cavern of Souls.

VexxValentine on Ellie's Illusions

4 months ago

i recommend looking at themanasource's illusions video. for the most part id say you need the fish lands Oboro, Palace in the Clouds Minamo, School at Water's Edge they are just great if you run into Boil or Choke Mutavault also is a must since its a creature land and in most cases its a 3/3. rather than running Peek i highly recommend Serum Visions also rather than Gossamer Phantasm id say Illusory Angel would be better. Clout of the Dominus is more or less a dead card in more situations than you think because it will kill half of your creatures if you attempt to enchant a phantasmal card. some other things i recommend would be Aether Vial and Adaptive Automaton because it just increases the power level of the deck to a tier 2. the sideboard is really tough in modern metas but i recommend looking at the merfolk sideboards for inspiration.

Firebones675 on Cheap Illusions

4 months ago

LeaPlath, that's a little harsh. While the deck is legacy legal, i don't think he's necessarily planning on bringing it to a high stakes legacy tournament. Also he mentioned that the deck was cheap, which i think explains why there is not mutavault. same holds true for Umezawa's Jitte. While illusions might not be a strong a tribe as something like elves, it doesnt have to be. Part of why I like magic is that I can mess around with uncommonly used cards. Sure I wanted to shell out hundreds of dollars every time I wanted to build a new deck, but sometimes it's more practical to work with the cheaper cards. Legacy is an expensive format and even the just lands can cost hundreds of dollars.

r4ilgun, he is right about some of what he said. When looking at casual or legacy, you have a much broader range of cards to work with. Of the counter spells played in legacy, the cheap ones that are commonly player are Counterspell and Daze. The latter is a bit worse in more casual games or longer games. Since legacy can be over in a few turns, daze gets to be more powerful. Still not a bad card to include but Counterspell is your best bet.

As for the sideboard, generally the way they work is in between rounds you can swap around some of your cards. For instance against a deck with no creatures one might take out some of their removal spells. More importantly though it gives you a chance to bring in cards that are hard for your opponent to win through. If your opponents deck involves bringing creatures from their graveyard directly into play Grafdigger's Cage can significantly slow them down. Sideboards are a little less important in more casual games but if you want I can explain what sort of cards you might want in yours.

I also think Clout of the Dominus should proabbly come out, I don't think it does enough for you here and you'd rather have a different card instead.

I run my own illusion deck (edh though) with Meloku the Clouded Mirror at the helm. I find things like Bident of Thassa are pretty good to draw cards. Unlike with curiosity, it applies to all the creatures.

I think the biggest weakness of the deck right now is that other than your counterspells, you don't really have to many ways to deal with your opponents threats. Yes you can bounce them with vaporsnags but by having no hard removal, you might strugge if your opponent sticks a creature. Being in monoblue your options are a bit limited. You would have more options if you moved into a different color but if you stayed mono blue Rapid Hybridization/Pongify/Reality Shift are efficient but leave behind a body. Might be worth throwing some number of ways to take care of it permenantly in addition to the snags.

LeaPlath on Cheap Illusions

4 months ago

Well the sideboard makes no sense, the lack of Mutavault makes limited sense, the CIPT lands are bad, and you have better options such as Daze, and actual Counterspell over Mana Leak and Daze.

Clout of the Dominus is 1 mana for +1/+1 and shroud, but why do you need that when you can play something like Jitte, that lets you win combats more easily, is reusable, gains life, forces damage in etc.

One of the main issues is how easy you eat Sweepers. Krovikan Mist needs like 3 illusions online to be decent, and then a sweeper comes along and you get 3 for 1ed at least.

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