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Windgrace's Promised Lands

Commander / EDH



Added some land matter cards to make the precon care more about lands. Removing a lot of cards that didn't care about lands. Actually quite powerful and fun.

Anger is a good card to discard with Lord Windgrace. Giving you a chance to attack with all the creatures entering on the explosive turns, before opponents have them removed.

The opponents that have a lot of blockers can be drained with Ob Nixilis, the Fallen.

Mina and Denn, Wildborn can give you more land drops AND trample.

Sylvan Safekeeper just feels safe. And in this deck there's no downside to sac a land.

Nesting Dragon will make the decision to board wipe, harder for your opponents.

Realms Uncharted is amazing, search for four NON basic lands. It will be a hard choice for the opponent. You get lands in hand and in graveyard.

Thinking of trying Pandemonium. If opponents don't play that many creatures it will be a bomb. If the play more and bigger creatures you can discard the card with Lord Windgrace.


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