Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, that creature's controller may have it deal damage equal to its power to target creature or player of his or her choice.

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Pandemonium Discussion

MagicMarc on New hubs to be added

1 month ago

@FiveMagicsMaster; A decade or so ago there were competitive decks that got nicknamed "Pebbles". Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Pebbles, etc.

They used the following combination of cards or similar to beat people's life totals down with infinite "pings" of damage: Shield Sphere + Goblin Bombardment + Enduring Renewal . Any 0 cost creature would work. You sac the creature to trigger the damage, the renewal got it back to your hand, play the creature for free since 0 cost then keep doing it until they died. The difference in the deck names usually meant what cards were used to assemble the combo. Like Cocoa Pebbles used Necropotence to get to the combo pieces.

So naming combo decks, especially decks taking advantage of 0 cost creatures or 0 cost artifacts to win games started getting named after cereals. "Cheerios" decks use 0 cost artifacts to keep burning through their library and burning their opponent.

At EDHREC you can find Impact Tremors & Goblin Bombardment under the Cheerios theme.

Pandemonium & Warstorm Surge are different from those being a non-sacrifice type of Fling . Like Femme_Fatale said, those don't have a theme. Just burn. A card like Burning Anger that taps to do damage might be considered a "Pinger" theme card like Prodigal Sorcerer but because its not 1 point at a time it may not be.

FiveMagicsMaster on New hubs to be added

2 months ago

also an unrelated hub, is there something for static, indirect damage; Pandemonium , Impact Tremors , Warstorm Surge , Mage Slayer , Burning Anger ect.? I call it 'firework' damage and build a lot of decks around this but didn't know if it's already hubbed/nicknamed

Wrighty88 on

5 months ago

I would be tempted to play Norin the Wary, you have Pandemonium and Confusion in the Ranks so they would trigger every turn. Also Genesis Chamber for all of the triggers whenever a creature comes into play

EleshNornsFs on Need Some Help Brewing. I'm …

10 months ago

Pandemonium is a better alternative to Warstorm Surge due to the fact that you won't take as much damage with Gisela.

MindAblaze on Trouble in Pandemonium

10 months ago

Thoughts on Mother of Runes/Giver of Runes to protect my guys if I did want to go the high risk high reward route and keep the Pandemonium? Too easy pickings? Just delaying the inevitable?

MindAblaze on Trouble in Pandemonium

10 months ago

Alright I’ve taken the Pandemonium out and am experimenting with an Embercleave for now, it’s not really protecting Kaalia but without the Pandemonium it doesn’t really matter.

Though I do like the idea of risking it for the brisquet as some might’s all for fun anyway right?

RambIe on Trouble in Pandemonium

10 months ago

another option to think about

instead of worrying about protecting Kaalia of the Vast allow and even help focus her to be the target
build the deck around her dying, and then recurring to battlefield with haste

keep your opponents so busy dealing with bouncing kaalia that they fail to see the board state / combo your building to take the win.
this could work with or with out Pandemonium

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