This deck is built around generating treasure tokens via Ognis, the Dragon's Lash's ability early and using those treasures to ramp and add some additional dragons onto the board as there is a strong dragon synergy with treasure tokens. There is a sister version of this deck (Kaalia's Treasure Trove) that splashes instead of . I found that both Mardu and Jund each had so much to chose from that it just inspired two decks!

Generally, this deck aims to create early pressure with a strong emphasis on Haste combined with Ognis, the Dragon's Lash to generate treasure tokens. Not many of the creatures in the deck have Haste innately but there are a number of ways to provide haste to all the creatures built in to ensure the Ognis' ability provides a good investment.

The deck primarily relies upon brute force with big dragons and going wide with dragon tokens although it does have a couple tricks up its sleeve. Cards like Dragon Tempest, Terror of the Peaks, and Scourge of Valkas allow consistent targeted removal or some indirect combat damage. Hellkite Tyrant and Revel in Riches provide very easy win combinations considering the amount of treasure tokens this deck can generate.

This deck is currently being constructed and is still in its infancy so you think of something that would improve it, please do not hesitate to comment. Thank you and enjoy!

  1. Entish Restoration for Dragonborn Champion - I like the idea of Dragonborn Champion but it is challenging to consistently get card draw from so I decided to swap it for additional ramp based on the playtesting feedback. The potential

  2. Kodama's Reach for Runadi, Behemoth Caller - With only a few cards Runadi can provide Haste to, I decided to remove this dork in exchange for more ramp.

  3. Rampant Growth for Scaled Nurturer - Another dork removal for more consistency with the additional ramp.

  4. Deflecting Swat for Tireless Provisioner - As much ramp as the deck has, Tireless Provisioner has fairly limited return in a game likely only generating a few to several treasure tokens per game at best. Deflecting Swat is a phenomenal protection spell I was lucky enough to pull recently and added in.

  5. Demonic Tutor for Kolaghan Warmonger - I loved the idea of Kolaghan Warmonger...attack with Haste, generate a treasure token and "search" for a dragon card, but in reality, at only 2 toughness, I could almost never swing with him as he is made of glass. Given the dragon tribal theme, I cut him for less "draw" but for the best tutor in the game, which I was also lucky enough to pull recently!


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With limited games under this deck's belt, I am seeing some consistent feedback to consider:

  1. The main feeling of the deck is that it is not very consistent in the early game and thus either needs more ramp or a lower CMC curve. With very few of the creasures naturally having Haste, there is not much synergy with Ognis unless certain cards are in my opening hand, thus, Ognis' ability can be very minimal early on which really slows down the deck. The deck can usually get Ognis out T3/T4 and he can generate some treasure but that usually only works for a turn or two before others get up bigger creatures. I need more ways to get the dragons of this deck out faster, provide them _Haste_so that THEY can produce additional treasure tokens, which will continue to fuel the aggressive nature of the deck.

  2. The high CMC curve is partially justified as the deck is very powerful with lots of ways to generate large amounts of treasure tokens, the ability to generate a wide board with dragon tokens, and some ways to turn that treasure production into direct card draw/win combos. I feel like I could include more card draw potential to keep the deck firing on all cylinders when things are working which loops back to the reducing CMC or adding additional ramp as well. Removing some of this firepower can be done without much impact, especially if I can get my hands on some tutors. The ability to force any card into my hand would reduce the need to include as many high CMC cards in the deck.

With that feedback, I will likely try to pilot the deck a few more times before I being to make some edits. This deck is fun and has a lot of good stuff in it, but it is not efficient or optimized by any means and is still a rough around the edges.


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