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If you are looking for a funny deck to play with your friends... Well... You shouldn't be here. This deck wants to win Multiplayer games or loose friends, not make new ones!

Why Narset? If we look at cEDH there are a lot of control decks, they control the board from the beginning and take time 'til they find their combo and win. This is the best way to build a strong deck, but there's a little problem: i hate combos! For this reason my answer was Narset, no combos, still she can consistently win at turn 4-5. Our goal is easy:

  1. Ramp
  2. Cast Narset
  3. Attack... and attack.. again and again 'til you win or get a punch on your face
We want Narset on the board as soon as possible and the cost of 6 CMC is not so easy to spend. That's why i play a lot of mana artifacts, they give us consistency and a good probability to have the best opening hand. Cards like Coalition Relic, Worn Powerstone,Tooth of Ramos or Sol Ring can help us to cast Narset at turn 4 with just lands, Mana Vault even at turn 3.
While we ramp our opponents can even play their commanders and cause troubles. Some control cards may help to slow all the players and give us some more time. In some cases is better to wait 1 turn and play Nevermore or Darksteel Mutation than play Narset
If Narset is not countered (or if we play her with Cavern of Souls) it's really difficult to handle. Cyclonic Rift or Wrath of God/Damnation can remove her but hexproof will be a nightmere in the most of games. Our first attack will more or less decide the game: we have a lot of extra turn or extra combat cards in the deck, so it's difficult to play nothing good at our first attack. We also have win cons in this deck:
  1. Long-Term Plans: find what you want and cast it, a Time Stretch at turn 5 is a 90% gg
  2. Proteus Staff: if we activate this card having another combat or another turn means victory, we can order our library and just play alone
  3. Eldrazi Conscription: imagine a 13/12 with trample and annihilator 2 having more combat phases. Not funny for your opponents
As you can see this deck is also easy to play but extremely strong. Have fun on making people angry!



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