Tooth of Ramos

Tooth of Ramos


Tap: Add (White) to your mana pool.

Sacrifice Tooth of Ramos: Add (White) to your mana pool.

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Set Rarity
Mercadian Masques (MMQ) Rare

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Format Legality
Limited Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Unformat Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Tooth of Ramos Discussion

GrimVeracity on Flying Tanks

1 week ago

Peoyogon thank you for the wonderful suggestions! I really like Pearl Medallion and Tooth of Ramos... I didn't even know these cards existed and I am very happy you mentioned them! I will make some modifications to the ramp because like you said I too think it is probably the best way to improve the early game.

Peoyogon on Flying Tanks

1 week ago

Wow that looks like a fun, very explosive deck!

I would honestly suggest more ramp for this deck. That curve is a little chunky and I think focusing on the early game by spitting out as much ramp as possible will help you dive right into those big game changing elements.

While you could certainly add green Mana dorks or more ramp spells, you could also consider adding some Mana rocks. I personally love Pearl Medallion and Tooth of Ramos and they might fit in very nicely here! While not original, there are also always the standard 'best rock buddies' Sol Ring and Arcane Signet if you want more consistent power.

Very cool deck though and I love the concept! :D

Monomanamaniac on Avacyn's bombs

1 month ago

Lanzo493 now Coalition Relic is a direct upgrade to Tooth of Ramos. I made the swap. Your suggestions have all worked out very nicely. DeinoStinkus thank you for the suggestions, those are decent options I'll consider them. My only gripe about them it's their cost, I don't run a way to cheat artifacts into play and if I'm going all in for one of those options I'll likely not have enough for a good board wipe that turn, potentially giving my opponents time to upset my combo. Thank you for noticing Soulscour though, it's a very evil board wipe that hits lands. Massacar I appreciate you taking the time to come up with some good suggestions. Ravnica at War is honestly a bit too narrow for me, most of the real staple commander cards are actually mono-colored, I did consider it but chose more pure wrath effects over it. Coercive Portal is actually very decent and I'll consider it, the only thing I don't like is giving your opponents the choice, out can make this a dead card sometimes. Endless Horizons is decent and I'll have to find some room for it. As per the graveyard hate, while I do run against a few graveyard decks I find that if I can just board wipe them away every turn then they're wasting resources trying to bring cards back and I'm usually getting 2 for 1 value on their cards, there's a few effects like Grave Pact and Living End that this deck can't overcome, and I'll look into your suggestions there as a way to combat that

Lanzo493 on Avacyn's bombs

1 month ago

In that case, I would consider swapping Tooth of Ramos for Coalition Relic. It does what you’re looking for and you can keep it in play.

Monomanamaniac on Avacyn's bombs

1 month ago

Lanzo493 thank you so much, I appreciate the suggestions. I added both of them into the deck, and I did take the curry wide bust out because I do have enough wipes and even though it's the cheapest it's also the weakest. Tooth of Ramos seems like a bad rock, but for this deck it's actually very decent because you can tap it for a white, then sacrifice it for a white, which is important considering you need 3 white mana to cast her. I cut Worn Powerstone instead because even though our reliably produces more mana it's a) colorless mana and b) comes into play tapped. I really like Tithe because it's only 1 mana, but I agree that it's less efficient than my other options. Thanks for the suggestions, I finally made the deck 100 but I'm never going to stop improving it. Appreciate the help!

Lanzo493 on Avacyn's bombs

1 month ago

You don’t have much in terms of card draw. I’d suggest Endless Atlas for that. There’s one ramp card you don’t have yet that is absolutely fantastic, but also expensive. It’s Extraplanar Lens. If you do add it, consider swapping out your plains for snow plains so you don’t help your opponent’s mana.

Some cards I would cut are Citywide Bust since it often misses key creatures (for example, most commanders). I’d also cut Tooth of Ramos since it’s just bad. I’d also remove Tithe since you have enough other cards with the same effect or better. Tithe doesn’t ramp you and it’s a one time use unlike the other options you run.

hydrothermia on Pattern Recognition #134 - Mercadian …

9 months ago

I may be one of the few that actually remember playing Mercadian Masque in the Type 2 (Standard for you whippersnappers.) format. My favorite card of the set, outside of Counterspell was Tidal Kraken . It was only a 6/6 unblockable for eight mana, which is way overpriced by today's current Standards. A little surprised you didn't mention Conspiracy the card. It was the first of it's kind with the most recent "reprint" being Arcane Adaptation . Or my favorite/annoying combo consisting of Cho-Manno, Revolutionary and Pariah .

There were five artifacts, one land and a handful of white rebels that created lore of a creature that would eventually end up being printed for Commander 2017, Ramos, Dragon Engine . The first iterations of the artifact dragon came from Henge of Ramos , Eye of Ramos , Heart of Ramos , Horn of Ramos , Skull of Ramos and Tooth of Ramos .

TypicalTimmy on Gerrard Flicks His Cards

1 year ago

I'm thinking you'll want to maximize on artifacts that are sacrificed in order to reap great benefit.

If you want access to some great ramp for you deck, Tooth of Ramos and Heart of Ramos will allow you to get 2 mana from them. After they are sacrificed, if Gerrard dies you get them back for free. Now I'm not sure on the technicality / legality of it, but I believe Horn of Ramos , Skull of Ramos and Eye of Ramos can also be used in your deck. Their errata text contains the mana symbols, but the physical cards do not; They list the color by name, not by identification. So I believe they are legal in all decks, regardless of colors.

Probably a few I missed but there you go.

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