Night Soil

Night Soil


, Exile two creature cards in a single graveyard from the game: Put a 1/1 green Saproling creature token into play.

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Night Soil Discussion

FormOverFunction on Got a farm that need …

1 day ago

Harvest Wurm and Night Soil for flavor (eeew) but I can’t remember what paired well with the wurm. Too bad you don’t have white to pick from!

Stardragon on Help with Oko trickery

2 weeks ago

griffstick yep they all work as well i already put Song of the Dryads in my deck and will try to find room for Night Soil but Necrogenesis wont be as it's wrong colors but the idea is there

griffstick on Help with Oko trickery

2 weeks ago

So Night Soil and Necrogenesis also count. Also how could you miss Song of the Dryads And Humility

FormOverFunction on Need help focusing Sidisi, Mill …

5 months ago

I would consider something like Night Soil for mirror matches, or even just that opponent who seems to have an answer for everything.

Neotrup on Nightmare Shepherd vs. Tergrid, God …

6 months ago

I think a point you may be getting confused by is that Nightmare Shepherd 's May clause is a cost, and costs for activated abilities and spells are paid as they're put onto the stack (so Night Soil would exile the cards before anything else could be put on the stack), but with triggered abilities the costs are paid on resolution, which means another ability like Tegrid, God of Fright's can make that cost unpayable.

DaWubber on Rith, the Saproling Friend 200 budget!

11 months ago

I like Night Soil far more than Scatter the Seeds. For the same Mana cost, they make the same number of Saprolings at instant speed, with Night Soil also having the additional benefit of graveyard hate and being able to make even more tokens.

[email protected]_only on That Slimefoot, He's A Fungi!

1 year ago

I'd recommend Night Soil over Fungal Plots - because the exile effect is before the colon, the exile is a cost, meaning that if you go to exile a creature in a graveyard, the opponent can't tuck it, reanimate it, or return it to hand in response.

another odd one is Sporogenesis - I'm toying around with it in my current fungus / treefolk tribal deck, and seeing good results with it.

Azeworai on Primal Tactics

1 year ago

Alright, it's rhino time.

There are quite a few things I would recommend here.

First off, fourteen taplands!? Come on. Ghired deserves better than that! I'd either run more basics for the sake of your ramp or upgrade the nonbasics.

Part One - Things that cost too much to cast and/or don't do much:

  1. Helm of the Host is cute, but nine mana. Perhaps just a Nature's Lore?

  2. Ghired's Belligerence, however befitting, is quite possibly just worse than Ezuri's Predation.

  3. Hate Mirage follows suit. March of the Multitudes is lovely, though.

  4. Each deck needs graveyard hate! You cut that inutile Full Flowering and you add that Night Soil! (Imagine a joyous voice.)

Part Two - Just for any deck:

  1. So. Removal. Something beyond four would be nice. More instant speed as well. Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Aura Mutation, Artifact Mutation, and Generous Gift are all bromidic and potent.

  2. Can your deck generate green and red mana? Then play Decimate. Do it. It has literally never felt dead. It murders four things at the cost of one card. It is a bloody wrath. Furthermore, if you take from everybody you are less likely to be targeted. I once hit a Dimir Aqueduct, Conjurer's Closet, Phyrexian Arena, and Elesh Norn. Fifteen mana gone in an instant.

  3. Peering upon the curve, add more ramp. Nature's Lore, Into the North (add snow basics), Cryptolith Rite, Three Visits, Druids' Repository, Nature's Will, and any mana dork.

  4. Intrinsically, Darksteel Ingot should just be Cultivate. It is currently cheap and it replaces itself.

  5. Once Upon a Time is a card I run in any green deck. It's great all the time.

  6. Hero of Bladehold has come to murder everyone. She does her job.

  7. Purphoros has come to murder everyone. He always does his job.

  8. Given how few basics you run, Field of the Dead is a splendid inclusion. It's far better than it reads, and it reads of dint.

That's it! Farewell! CRUSH EVERYONE!

I have my own token deck here if you care to see it.

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