Creature — Snake

Level up (: Put a level counter on this. Level up only as a sorcery.)

Level 3-7
Protection from instants

Level 8+
Protection from everything

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Hexdrinker Discussion

wallisface on WB Martyr Graceblade

4 weeks ago

Some thoughts:

  • A single copy of Kami of False Hope mainboard could auto-win you a LOT of matchups, particularly pre-sideboard.

  • similarly, having a single Hexdrinker sideboard would be very strong for hosing opponents planeswalkers

  • I really don’t think Sorin is worth it here, his presence is very “meh” for his mana.

zapyourtumor on Jund Jutsu

1 month ago

Is there any reason for only 2 Bolts?

How has Liliana, the Last Hope been working for you?

Is 3x Ignoble Hierarch worth it without Bloodbraid Elf , or even 3 drop creatures like Klothys, etc?

And is Hexdrinker still good? It seems really easily answered by stuff like Prismatic Ending and Bloodchief's Thirst .

dannecticut on Big Stompy

1 month ago


Yorvo feels pretty meh to me. No haste, no trample, no removal resistance. Just a big body that has to stick and then can still be chump blocked. Not a top tier 3-drop for us IMO.

Sylvan Anthem looks tempting, but it requires a bunch of other cards to be on the battlefield in order to be good. I think the question is: What is it better than that you would take out in order to include it? For me the answer is nothing.

I think I see your point about Lair of the Hydra , but I'm still not sold on it. I still bring this version of Stompy to my LGS: Hexdrinker Stompy, and I haven't run into much board-wipe there so on turns when I am attacking with Treetop Village I have found that I also want mana for Hexdrinker or Aspect of Hydra or Blossoming Defense or Scavenging Ooze or sideboard tech or something other than just one big mana sink. It's rare for me to have more than 4 or 5 lands out, so there's only so big I think I'd be able to make it anyway. But I could see the argument for Lair if I was running this version with mana dorks and an extra Forest, and if there was more control in my meta.

I'm definitely open to Oath not being the best choice. I do like how it smooths out draws though. This list seems more picky about what is in its opening hand than a more traditional list loaded with more or less interchangeable aggressive 1 and 2-drops would be. Here, any hand that doesn't have a mana dork, a 3-drop, and sufficient land feels bad. Oath can help with all of those pieces. Being able to dig a bit in grindy games seems useful too. I could see cutting down to 3 for a Dungrove Elder for sure though.

zapyourtumor on

1 month ago

Also Hexdrinker seems way too slow and not synergistic enough.

Grubbernaut on Runaway Scales

2 months ago

I like the idea; I'd cut Banefire , Simic Ascendancy , Fists of Flame , Warlord's Fury , and maybe some of the cantrips - you definitely need more creatures to ensure having 1, or preferably 2 in the early game (probably 12ish), and probably want an absolute minimum of 16 lands (or more likely, 18, especially if you use some Canopy lands). I also think Strike it Rich is pretty medium, though probably worth it if you stick with 3 colors.

Some options to consider: Lava Dart , maybe Mutagenic Growth (though it isn't red), and the usual suspects of prowess creatures; cutting blue could let you play white for Clever Lumimancer , though keeping blue for Sprite Dragon would let you stay on-theme with Hardened Scales and counters. Honestly, Dragon is absolutely perfect for this deck.

I think 2 or 3 of any given mana sink will be sufficient, since your main plan will probably be to win via combat damage (and not the mana from Steam Kin), which could be something like Hexdrinker or Fury . Maybe even Pact of the Titan if you want to go all-in; exile it if you're in on Nivmagus, or let it resolve if you have mana from Steam-kin.


aanimeeye on A Grave Ultimatum

2 months ago

I really appreciate both your comments :). What I'm trying to go for is a grindy/value deck

Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons : I'd be sad to see her go, unfortunately she does clash with herself being legendary and her effects are almost always blocked or fizzle if I don't target my creature. I put her in because I liked the menace interaction with Call of the Death-Dweller . Stitcher's Supplier -> Hexdrinker ?

Chevill, Bane of Monsters (and my maybeboard of Glissa, the Traitor + Mishra's Bauble ) is my attempt to fix my draw. I love Guul Draz Assassin , his value especially in winning contested boardspace games, the down side is that he is slow. KablamoBoom Driven / Despair seems awesome and I'd love to include it, sideboard tips too.

I would basically want to have deck which feels like I earned the win through skill. Looking at other decks Grim Flayer and Traverse the Ulvenwald seem like great additions, maybe Lurrus for the Tarmogoyf value. I'm just not sure there are enough/strong enough cards to win against the horrors in modern right now

zapyourtumor on Abzan Stoneblade

3 months ago

Well I guess I can't read, my apologies.

About the sideboard, maybe Fulminator Mage + Surgical Extraction instead of Lithoform Blight ? And Vanishing Verse for monocolor removal.

Hexdrinker , Tidehollow Sculler , and maybe Scavenging Ooze for the sideboard are all decent midrange creatures as well if you can fit them in.

Archamedes on Simic Control

3 months ago

I'm not sure about your current budget for deckbuilding but I would suggest putting in Hexdrinker , low cost one drop that can do serious work. I would take out the Counterspells as those aren't legal, and move in your Force of Negation and then Hexdrinker could take up the sideboard space

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