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When Narcomoeba is put into your graveyard from your library, you may put it onto the battlefield.

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Narcomoeba Discussion

GoblinElectromancer on Manaless Dredge (Primer)

1 month ago


Prized Amalgam can be returned to the battlefield if you mill a Narcomoeba.

You can play Salvage Titan by sacrificing 3 artifacts and you can get 3 artifacts into play by milling a Narcomoeba to return Sword of the Meeks to your battlefield attached to it and also sacing Memnites and/or Ornithopters.

abby315 on Drowning Uro, Dredging Phoenix

2 months ago

Thanks for the thoughtful response! Now that you mention it, adding Oracle would probably make it less of a Phoenix deck. I might take the Sultai shell here and run with that idea - been looking for a way to play a Uro deck without wasting wildcards on rotating Planeswalkers.

Last question - considered Narcomoeba? Or is that too many fragile not-good-in-hand pieces?

Sultai_Sir on Sidisi Reanimator Tyrant 2.0 (with more Zombies)

3 months ago

Hey, Gwathnar! I, too, run a Sidisi deck, and I love seeing others out there. It seems that she's getting less and less popular, but she's my favorite commander by a long shot. You can find my list here: The Deck that Death Forgot.

So, onto some suggestions. Personally, if you love the art on Narcomoeba so much you want to keep it in, that's completely up to you, but it does almost nothing outside of Dread Return reanimation lines. Some other cuts you could make are Glowspore Shaman (not worth it, even though it's a creature), and Witchbane Orb (meta-specific, but it doesn't seem worth it).

Some all-star cards in my list are Glen Elendra Archmage, a repeatable counter that's a creature, and Underrealm Lich a great way to filter your draws and combos with The Gitrog Monster.

Hope this advice helps, and as always, happy Tapping!

Gidgetimer on Is this infinite combo tournament …

3 months ago

The reason Four horseman is considered slow play isn't that it is non-deterministic. It is that it is non-deterministic AND returns the game to a previous state. This is the same effect as having not done anything, therefore; you are doing nothing to change the game state each time you wiff after getting the Narcomoebas out.

gitrog moster is non-deterministic, but because you can draw cards and sculpt your hand as you do the combo you can change the game state and it isn't slow play. The Paradox Engine loop in some pre-banning Captain Sissay decks was non-deterministic, but you could change the game state each time you did the loop until you got what you needed. This loop is on par with those, not four horseman. Attempting to win via this combo should be tournament legal.

thitev on Manaless Dredge

4 months ago

The discard Pharaoh tricks and discarding dredgers with Unmask was new to me, so thanks for this guide! But I disagree on some points:

According to my calculation the likelihood of having at least one dredge card in the 7 card starting hand is

for 13 dredgers in deck: 1-(60-13)!(60-7)!/(60!(60-13-7)!)= 83,7%

for 14 dredgers in deck: 1-(60-14)!(60-7)!/(60!(60-14-7)!)= 86,1%

for 15 dredgers in deck: 1-(60-15)!(60-7)!/(60!(60-15-7)!)= 88,2%

So maybe you can get away with running only 13 dredgers ??

Also I think that Balustrade Spy (or Whirlpool Drake) is as good or better than Ashen Rider in almost all situations:

-fair blue matchups: winning anyway without Dread Return

-Stompy: if they have Trinisphere, no dread return anyway; if they dont have it and aggro us spy wins the game

-dark depths: spy = win

-show and tell: put spy into play; if we have Progenitus/Worldspine Wurm/... in deck we win. If Whirlpool Drake is used, those "shuffle back" cards are not needed, so no slot gets used up by it. If they put Progenitus into play, Ashen Rider doesn't kill it.

-Elephant Grass: Lotleth Giant doesn't care, spy wins

-Glacial Chasm: Ashen Rider is better unless the wincon is Thassa's Oracle

In all of these cases Balustrade Spy wins on the spot, not giving your opponent more turns to draw cards. Only drawback is you have to put a finisher like Lotleth Giant/Thassa's Oracle/Flame-Kin Zealot/... into your deck for the immediate kill, but without that you still get lots of Narcomoebas, zombies, etc and don't lose the game next turn as long as Progenitus is in deck or Golgari Thug is reanimated and sacced, so still enough time to attack with all the zombies.

TriusMalarky on Why is Body Double Blue …

4 months ago

Planar Chaos is an explanation, but all permanent copy effects are blue, period.

I think for Planar Chaos they decided to cut the black from it's color identity as fully reasonable, as there are similar cards but they're blue and black.

Although it's not out of place at all. Blue has plenty to do with the graveyard. Narcomoeba, Snapcaster Mage and more are classic graveyard-them blue cards. Blue doesn't always deal with creatures in the grave, but when it does it's with indirect stuff like Moeba.

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