Grip of Chaos

Grip of Chaos


Whenever a spell or ability is put onto the stack, if it has a single target, reselect its target at random. (Select from among all legal targets.)

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Grip of Chaos Discussion

Polaris on interaction regarding psychic battle & …

1 month ago

No, actually the other way around. Grip of Chaos triggers when a spell or ability goes in the stack, while Psychic Battle triggers when a target is chosen. Functionally, these two will go on the stack simultaneously when a targeted spell or ability goes on the stack, as you said, and they will both resolve and change the target one at a time.

However, Grip of Chaos results in a player choosing a target, so it will always trigger Psychic Battle. The result, any way you stack the triggers, will be that Psychic Battle decides. Either you Grip first and randomly change the target, then Battle twice, or you Battle, Grip, then Battle again.

You still need to go through all three triggers, though, in case someone does something like sneaking in an activation of Mirror Sheen or casting Psychic Rebuttal on a spell that's momentarily targeting them.

QuirkyQU33FER on interaction regarding psychic battle & …

1 month ago

can anyone explain how Psychic Battle & Grip of Chaos would work if controlled by the same player?

let's say: player 1 controls them both then player 3 targets player 2's card. player 1 decides to stack Grip of Chaos first. reselecting a new target at random. once that picks a new target lets say its player 4's card now. at this point the Psychic Battle can now begin. lets say player 4 wins this battle and reselects a new target. does the Grip of Chaos reselect that new target again??

zobster on Kestia bestow

10 months ago

Hey sorry that this list is so general and is mostly blue. These are some fun cards that are very general that are annoying, chaos or just improve your game that I always consider putting in when making a deck. Here's the list: Overburden , Telepathy , Zur's Weirding , Mana Vapors , Fatespinner , Kira, Great Glass-Spinner , Spellskite , Psychic Battle , Back to Basics , Aura Thief , Portcullis , Trinisphere , Nether Void , Blind Obedience , Ritual of Subdual , Contamination , Grip of Chaos , Confusion in the Ranks , Braid of Fire , Humility , Mana Vortex , Reconnaissance and Fanatical Devotion

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