Creature — Elemental

Trample, haste

At the beginning of the end step, sacrifice Groundbreaker.

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Groundbreaker Discussion

hiddengibbons on Card creation challenge

2 months ago

Dwarven Beer

Legendary Artifact

,: Target player draws a card and gets an inebriation counter. (A player with ten or more inebriation counters loses the game and gets a ride home.)

A shifted card based on a classic that wasn’t in the time spiral block. Example: Groundbreaker is the shifted version of Ball Lightning

dannecticut on Big Stompy

2 months ago

AttackDude, Werewolf Pack Leader is definitely in. In fact, my preorder just shipped today, so I'm excited to try her out soon!

Your Treefolk deck reminded me of Dungrove Elder . Could be a good card to add too. Maybe split 2:2 with Groundbreaker .

I'm not sure about Lair of the Hydra . It's cool that it can come in untapped sometimes, but it takes 4 mana to become a worse creature than Treetop Village becomes for only 2 mana, so I don't think it's as good.

Kazuhahaha on GR8 BALLS

2 months ago

cmgoffena13: actually i wanna amend my previous statement about 4-drops. a Collected Company route with the deck would work, and imo it's a much better way to spend 4 mana than Spark Trooper .

but if you cut the white from your deck and update the lands, casting Groundbreaker every game will be no sweat.

Kazuhahaha on GR8 BALLS

2 months ago

cmgoffena13: keep the Unclaimed Territory , add Cavern of Souls , fetch lands, and shock lands. you'll definitely be casting Groundbreaker . cut Evolving Wilds and Nomad Outpost . cut the Spark Trooper since it's you're only white card, and you can't afford 4-drops here when you're not attacking until turn 3. assuming you even "have" 4 mana turn 4, better to spend it casting a 3 mana ball, then either unearth/assault strobe. you can cut the pyroclasm's and thrills to max out on unearth, assault strobe, and add bolts to pair with push to help keep you alive until turn 3.

zapyourtumor on GR8 BALLS

2 months ago

Also I'd cut the unclaimed territory and forest and focus on mardu colors. We all know you're not going to ever be able to cast Groundbreaker .

Raknulfr on Live Faster, Die Harder

9 months ago

I played a similar deck based on Groundbreaker and Timbermare at the time around the Time Spiral Block along with Primal Forcemage . What a fun deck it was, always fun to go back to in my playgroup (even if everyone is rolling their eyes when they see me unpacking it).

jonmaior on $60 Competitive Mono-Green Aggro

1 year ago

I use 4x Groundbreaker in my deck. I also am experimenting with Lead the Stampede . Once Upon a Time also seems super good in the deck because playing t1 Experiment One / Pelt Collector is super hard to beat.

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