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Living the Jeskai Life with Hinata, Dawn-Crowned

Commander / EDH* Magecraft RUW (Jeskai, America) Strive Tokens


This Jeskai deck is built for value and is constructed to utilize and abuse the static effects of its General, Hinata, Dawn-Crowned. For the purposes of gaining the biggest bang for our mana-less bucks, numerous X spells are included in the 99. Since the cost of our spells is reduced by one generic mana for each of its targets, casting spells with X targets ensures the greatest possible impact on the game. Also, the tax on our opponents’ spells further widens the resource gap. This synergy provides a nearly effortless management of the battlefield by turning minimal mana investments into game-changing returns. In order to strengthen and enhance the spell-slinging focus of this deck, various spells that provide added benefits to our aforementioned value dynamic are included. With this resource engine consistently out-valuing our opponents, victory eventually is achieved through combat or direct damage.

In the following YouTube video, MTG Burgeoning provides an in-depth deck tech of this build:

Appearing its initial appearance on MTG Burgeoning's UP & UP Series, we UPdate & UPgrade this Hinata, Dawn-Crowned EDH deck:

Making another appearance on the UP & UP Series, MTG Burgeoning UPdates & UPgrades this Hinata, Dawn-Crowned EDH deck:

Chaotic Transformation replaces Mass Manipulation.

Talisman of Progress replaces Fellwar Stone.


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