The Aminatou , Cat-astrophe cEDH

Welcome to my competitive Aminatou deck! Here’s Aminatou:

Aminatou, the fateshifter

Starting the Infinite ETB Loop

Using the Aminatou’s -1 ability, we can flicker Felidar Guardian . When it comes back into play, it flickers Aminatou and resets it, allowing you to use its -1 ability again! This can be repeated infinite times and will generate infinite enter the battlefield triggers (etb).

We can use Spark Double as a backup combo piece for felidar guardian, just choose aminatou as the target. Since it comes in as a non-legendary copy it won’t die to state based actions like other clones.

We can also use Restoration Angel to generate infinite etb triggers. It can even be flashed in on an opponent’s end step, then you can untap and cast Felidar Guardian , and target the resto with the felidar’s etb ability. This will create an infinite loop of etbs.

Chain Veil or Oath of Teferi Combo

After setting up one of the ETB loops, using The Chain Veil one time will allow us to have 2 activations of aminatou every time it blinks in. Alternatively, you can also just have Oath of Teferi in play. First, you can double-blink felidar using one of the triggers to untap any land and the other to continue to ETB loop. This will generate infinite mana of any color. If you don’t have access to felidar guardian you can use Spark Double instead. You can continue the chain by drawing your deck using felidar or spark double activations to blink Baleful Strix to draw your library followed by Gray Merchant of Asphodel for infinite life loss and life gain.

If we have Sunscorched Desert in play we can target that for infinite damage to all opponents

ETB loops combo enablers

alternate win

Since we have both rip and leyline, we can use Helm of Obedience as a backup win con. The generals -1 ability can also reset the helm allowing you to use it twice in one turn.

value plays

We can use Pull from Eternity , Yawgmoth's Will and various reanimating spells to get the Felidar Guardian back if it would leave the board.

Aminatou, Brainstorm , and Sensei's Divining Top can setup the two miracle cards in the deck Temporal Mastery which helps to attack after generating the tokens with Genesis Chamber , or Terminus which is great against indestructible creatures or if the board gets out of control so you can bottom everything, thus protecting your creatures that may be in play but also removing all opponents threats

Lavinia of the Tenth can be reanimated to cheat into play and flicker with the generals -1 ability to keep the board in check while setting up

Reality Acid can be used to destroy opponents permanents every time you make it blink out of play. When it comes back in, attach it to another one of your opponents permanents. If you have double triggers from chain veil or oath of teferi you can remove your opponents entire board!! Since it’s enchant permanent you can also destroy all their lands with this.

Gilded Drake can be used twice the first turn it is cast if Aminatou is in play since her -1 bounce ability says "target permanent you own" not control, so you can bounce it off your opponents board back to yours, and when it comes into play steal a second creature. You can use this in conjunction with the chain veil or oath of teferi combo to steal all creatures in play that are targetable!


Updates Add

It’s been a while! Here are some updates and more to come !

Budget version : replace timetwister with Elixir of Immortality

-1 souls attendant +1 spark double

Infinite life wasn’t really that useful and spark double is like a backup for felidar guardian

-1 vela the night clad +1 corpse knight

It’s cheaper and a more efficient card! Overall just a better card

-1 strip mine +1 sunscorched desert

If we have chain veil or oath of teferi in play, we can use the desert as our second bounce trigger and cause infinite life loss! Another easy way to win

-1 temporal mastery +1 reality acid

Temporal is just too slow sometimes and not really worth the setup. Reality acid can help deal with problem permanents and be a huge pain for your opponents to deal with