I would argue that up to a certain point, building a successful deck around the Commander 2013 general Roon of the Hidden Realm is pretty simple. Grab some ETB creatures, a few utility spells, throw in some land, and season to taste. That's all well and good, but I'm an optimizer and tweaker at heart, and I don't want to just settle for "good enough." I want to make my version of the Roon deck the biggest, baddest blinkfest that I can.

There are four basic ways the deck can play out, depending on what I draw. My original deck list from 2013 put a strong focus on the combos. I've left them in, but put less of an emphasis on them. They're nice win-cons if I get them, but I have more fun with plan A below in most games.

Plan A: Grind out incremental advantage by playing lots of spells-on-a-stick, blink them for extra value where possible, and then beat face with the creatures until the table is dead. Important cards for this plan: Craterhoof Behemoth, Champion of Lambholt, Mirror Entity, and lots and lots of creatures.

Plan B (combo finish 1): Assemble Deadeye Navigator and Palinchron, make infinite mana, and then hopefully pair Navigator with one of the many card-draw creatures, and draw through the deck. Once you have your full deck in hand and infinite mana, win however you want, by using any of the other combos below, or by beating face. Important cards for this plan: Tooth and Nail or Defense of the Heart, Deadeye Navigator, Palinchron, and any card-draw creatures

Plan C (combo finish 2): Assemble Time Warp, Eternal Witness, and any blink engine. Cast Time Warp, Cast/blink Witness getting back Time Warp, profit. Important cards for this plan: blinks (Roon, etc), tutors for Witness (Green Sun's Zenith, Wargate , Eladamri's Call, etc.)

Plan D (combo finish 3): Get Survival of the Fittest online, and use Survival to fish out Mirror Entity, Karmic Guide, any of the many powerful cards that Reveillark can return (say, Venser, Shaper Savant), and Reveillark. It doesn't matter that Survival throws everything but the Reveillark in the bin, because that's where you need it to be. Evoke Reveillark, and use its ability to return Karmic Guide and Mirror Entity. Karmic Guide's ETB ability then returns Reveillark. Then, put an arbitrarily large number of Mirror Entity's ability (at X=0) on the stack. Let the first one resolve, wrathing yourself. Reveillark's ability goes back on the stack, getting Karmic Guide and, say, Venser (or Acidic Slime, or whatever) this time. Karmic Guide brings back Reveillark, Venser's trigger bounces any of your opponent's permanents, and then the whole thing repeats. Another Mirror Entity wrath, followed by recursion, followed by another bounce. On the last bounce, when your opponents have no permanents at all, return Karmic Guide, Mirror Entity, and Reveillark, and you're all set up to do it again on a whim at instant speed. At this point you could kill everyone one turn at a time with a Dryad Arbor if you wanted to, because noone else gets to play anything ever. Important cards for this plan: Survival, Wargate (to get Survival).

So you see, my version of Roon is a deck that looks deceptively fair at first glance, and truthfully a lot of the time it does play the fair game and just win by attrition. But, under that creature-laden durdly surface is a treasure trove of pain, should the pieces fall together. I love playing this deck, because I can stretch out or shorten the games if I want, and I don't have the stigma of playing a true combo deck like Sharuum. Please let me know if you see any improvements that could be made. There's a lot of really good cards already on the cutting room floor, and I'm not afraid of killing my darlings. Thanks!


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