I am looking for help on how to improve this deck, please comment with your suggestions!

The deck currently plays well at FNM/local leagues - I am yet to take it out into the wild at a GP. The deck ramps into playing the 5 colour Overlord by using mana rocks, chromatic lantern, terramorphic and evolving wilds. The deck consists of a set of ally fetch lands, all 10 shock lands, 4 trilands and a set of enemy checklands. I plan to upgrade with 5 enemy fetch lands and cavern of souls in time. Gemhide and Manaweft Slivers allow your creatures to tap for mana whilst a timely Armageddon or Catastophe slows your opponents down whilst you continue to advance your position. You also have 8 lands that tap for all 5 colours with varying degrees of drawback or benefits. I have found the mana base to be very consistent in my playtesting and have yet to be screwed.

Your task is to stay alive during the first 5 or so turns (until you can cast Overlord) and is dependent on your ability to politic and what is in your opening hand. These openers are Sinew, Homing, Quick, Predatory, Striking, Muscle, Bonescythe, Harmonic and Might Slivers.

This is when your win conditions come on-line. If you haven’t already, you use Wargate to tutor Training Grounds or Heartstone to make Overlords tutor-on-a-stick ability cheaper and Queen’s Sliver generator cost 1. You tutor for Hibernation first to pay life and bounce any sliver to your hand to protect against board wipes or spot removal. The next Sliver on the list is Crystalline and then Hiveord. At this point, you board is very difficult to interact with - now is the time for a Terminus, Wrath of God or Catastrophe to put your opponents far behind your growing threats. The choice is either all-in, building with Brood and Legion, creating a fierce amount of massive slivers. I normally go this route if Door of Destinies has been on the board early game. A timely Berserk is the ‘you win’ card.

Winged, Shifting, Galerider and Pulmonic give your slivers evasive abilities to chip away throughout the game.

To go full troll, Amoeboid lets you steal your opponents creatures by changing them into Slivers using Overlords second ability.

The other option is combo (normally played when your opponents are giving sliver hate). Your infinite combos here are:

  1. Sliver Queen + Mana Echoes (+Heart Sliver)

  2. Sliver Queen + heartstone or Training Grounds + Basal Sliver (+Heart Sliver)

If your not having a good time, your backup plans are Psyonic, Mesmeric, Dormant, Virtulent, Crypt, Clot and Necrotic Slivers to start removing threats, drawing cards or eking out a poison win.

Paradox Engine works well when your tapping slivers for mana and can cast for free and empty your deck onto the board using overlords tutor. By tutoring for Quick Sliver first, you can do this on your opponents turn, allowing you to swing in immediately on your turn.

The deck is rounded out with removal, card draw a counter spell and recursion.

This deck is not for the faint of heart, as a lot can be going on given the 5-colour mana base, shared abilities and triggers and having access to a third of your library using Overlord. This means you can react to threats, but need to be on the ball. As Overlord requires you to reveal what you are tutoring, your opponents will be aware of your next move, therefore you need to be prepared. To top it off, you will normally come against players with a predisposed hatred for your tribe of choice.

Hope this helps and I am open to all suggestions!


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