Master of Waves


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Mythic Rare

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Master of Waves

Creature — Merfolk Wizard

Protection from red

Elemental creatures you control get +1/+1.

When Master of Waves enters the battlefield, put a number of 1/0 blue Elemental creature tokens onto the battlefield equal to your devotion to blue. (Each in the mana costs of permanents you control counts toward your devotion to blue.)

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Master of Waves Discussion

Rzepkanut on kefnet the handfull

2 weeks ago

Inspiring Statuary seems great here with all the equipment and instants, also it can turn off howling mine for opponents. Paradoxical Outcome might be cool as an attack enabler and hand filler. Whir of Invention, Scourge of Fleets, Master of Waves, High Tide & Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx are great in mono blue.

Rzepkanut on Memnarch BLUE POWER

2 weeks ago

Got some ideas... Well of Ideas, Future Sight, Sapphire Medallion, High Tide, Master of Waves... Whir of Invention is great just to get sol ring early or something big like caged sun late game. Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx should ramp you. Proteus Staff can be used defensively against super scary monsters or to transform your own tokens into creature cards. Illusionist's Bracers will get double uses out of Memnarch. Happy gathering!!

Akkrand on

3 weeks ago

Got it. What's Master of Waves role in the deck?

I like him in mine because he can make a bunch of tokens, you keep flickering him, he makes more tokens, it gets out of hand when you've also got any of Panharmonicon Felidar Guardian Wispweaver Angel Restoration Angel, because each of those allows him to flicker an additional time, generating more tokens.

It's worth noting that Felidar Guardian can flicker any of your permanents, not just your creatures. But he doesn't have flash like your angel. Is the emergency nature of flash worth the utility value of flickering your other permanents, like Ancestral Knowledge, the Oath, a mana rock, or even a land?

Is there a reason you've got one of the Rishadans, Rishadan Footpad, but not Rishadan Cutpurse or Rishadan Brigand?They all provide stax, by different amounts, at different price points. Is redundancy not a good thing?

Take my suggestions with a grain of salt, I'm not used to building hyper competitive decks, I try to avoid infinite combos and the like.

Kezvin on Merfolk

4 weeks ago

1) Run more than 16 lands. Not even Merfolk can properly function on 16 lands. And don't just use basics. Oboro, Palace in the Clouds, Mutavault, and Cavern of Souls fit great in a Merfolk build, and Wanderwine Hub, in addition to entering untapped for two colors, can reveal a threat from your hand that your opponent may need to play around.

2) The tag says this deck is for modern. Brainstorm and Counterspell are nowhere near modern legal.

3) Don't play black in a Merfolk build. If you're absolutely set on using another color, I personally would recommend white for Path to Exile, Mana Tithe, and Brave the Elements. White would also get the most value out of Wanderwine Hub. But, if you insist on using black, the spells you've chosen aren't going to cut it in modern. Dead Weight won't kill Tarmogoyfs, Hero's Downfall is way too expensive, and Appetite for Brains misses 99% of the relevant threats. In modern, the magic number is 3. That's where most of the curves top out. Thus, Appetite misses everything at or below the magic number. Personally, if I had to use black in a Merfolk build, I'd be running Dismember, Inquisition of Kozilek, maybe a couple Thoughtseize, and Fatal Push. I'd also run one or two Gut Shots for insurance, but that's just me. Of course, this all assumes that you play another color in your deck. If it were me, I'd stay mono-blue.

4) Aether Vial. Perfect card for this deck. Put it on two and keep pumping out creatures.

5) Merfolk Sovereign doesn't do enough work in this deck. It's 3 mana for the same effect as the two-mana lords (Master of the Pearl Trident and Lord of Atlantis), and its second ability is useless. Run Master of Waves or Harbinger of the Tides instead.

6) Cursecatcher. This is your one-drop. It kicks ass in this format.

7) I'd suggest maybe running some amount of Vapor Snags mainboard. It's really effective.

8) Hurkyl's Recall is a great sideboard option against Affinity. Ghost Quarter and Tectonic Edge shut down Tron. Gut Shot is great against a lot of faster decks. Tidebinder Mage is great against Burn and anything with Tarmogoyf. Spell Pierce for removal-heavy decks and Relic of Progenitus hoses graveyard shenanigans. Ceremonious Rejection for Tron and Affinity. Unsubstantiate and Flashfreeze if the matchup demands it. Unified Will, Echoing Truth, and Sea's Claim are all viable sideboard options as well.

9) I'd suggest you consult my list as well as the MTGSalvation primer for Merfolk

My list:


xSkulk3rx on Merfolk

1 month ago

chrisbouui1 I agree and thats one of my favorite merfolk cards. But the reason I went to 3 is because In my meta at least 75% is jund and tidebinder mage is a great card against jund which is why there is 1 main and 2 side, the 1 main increases my chances in game 1 against jund. Also I needed the room main board for another kira and master of waves because Master of Waves is merfolks end game and one of the most powerful cards in merfolk and Kira, Great Glass-Spinner is very good in heavy removal matchups which there is a lot of in my meta as well. Also I should technically be running 4 master of waves but Spell Pierce is too good as a 1 of mainboard to take out. Again as I said in the comment above its pretty much all based off of preference and what your local meta looks like. Thats just my explanation as to why hope it makes sense and thanks for the feedback and comment!

Mysnomer on Arcanis the omnipotent, draw for power, budget

1 month ago

Friend, your general has 3 blue symbols, and you have 13 other permanents with 2+ blue symbols. That is to say, where is your Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx? While we're talking about devotion, Master of Waves could keep you in the game against tokens, or give you a beatdown out. It's a wizard, so it maintains synergy with other things, and means that including Riptide Laboratory has value beyond just protecting valuable creatures. Rounding out my suggestions is Swiftfoot Boots, an essential card in any general-centric EDH deck. Lightning Greaves, as well, but that's a $4 uncommon, while Boots is sub $1.

gatweb on Noyan Dar Tokens V2

1 month ago

also Master of Waves would be good since it'll buff the lands

xyr0s on Vampire control sacrifice

1 month ago

Your curve isn't all that different from merfolk. They have Cursecatcher on 1, 2 different lords and Silvergill Adept on 2, Merrow Reejerey and Kira, Great Glass-Spinner on 3 and Master of Waves on 4. It usually works out ok :) (my merfolk: ).

Hadn't thought of the nocturnus/mirror entity nonbo. But that problem also hits Aether Vial (you can scry out of it, though).

And fetches... fetchland would let you shuffle out of a bad topdeck for vampire nocturnus. And as long as what you want to fetch is Godless Shrine, any black or white fetchland will do (so go for the cheapest - that would be Bloodstained Mire afaik).

I don't really like Vampire Nighthawk. Undoubtedly it does well in a few matchups, but it doesn't bring anything in terms of synergy. It belongs in the sideboard (perfect SB against zoo, burn and other fast aggro with small creatures). Drana, Liberator of Malakir seems better, although she is also in lightning bolt range.

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