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Tsunami (Mill)

Modern UB (Dimir)


Hoping this deck best simulates the feeling of drowning at sea.

A Cruel-Control Mill deck. Very satisfying to pilot. The aim is effectively to shut down the opponents ability to do what they want (through surgical extraction), and once they're neutered, mill em dry of cards.


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Dropped a single Damnation, Echoing Truth, and the last Fraying Sanity for 3 Fatal Push. Meta seems to be speeding up so need some early-turn killspells to help buy me some time. Also been looking for any reason to ditch the Fraying Sanity now for a while - it just never does as well as the text would have you believe, even as a 1-of.

Fiddled with the sideboard a little but nothing worth noting. Just trying to make sure i can hose combo & tron


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