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Tsunami (Mill)

Modern UB (Dimir)



Dimir-Mill. Hoping this deck best simulates the feeling of drowning at sea.

In any case this is a very satisfying deck to pilot - decisions are critical and most losses can come down to a misplayed spell/turn. The aim is effectively to shut down the opponents ability to do what they want (through Surgical Extraction), and once they're neutered, mill 'em dry of cards.

The Card Choices:

  • Surgical Extraction: This is what makes the deck hum. Without extraction, life can get hard. This card can single-handedly win us games, taking out opponents key pieces, and/or preventing graveyard shenanigans.
  • Drown in the Loch: Super useful spell for removing whatever is threatening us most.
  • Fatal Push: Very useful for stopping early-game aggression, and ensuring we can get setup without losing too much life to pesky creatures.
  • Visions of Beyond: Being able to draw-3 from this will oftentimes mean an instant win, or at least a much stronger chance of victory. At the very worst, it's a cantrip in a tight situation.
  • Crypt Incursion: Keeps us alive for faaar longer than we should be against a wide variety of decks.
  • Hedron Crab, Ruin Crab: the 8-crab package is pretty standard for mill, and enables us to start causing havoc right from the get-go. drawing the Oboro, Palace in the Clouds will ensure we can trigger these scamps every turn, also.
  • Archive Trap: Again, pretty standard for a mill deck. If the opponent is stubborn and refusing to search, we can force it with Field of Ruin.
  • Fractured Sanity, Maddening Cacophony: More mill gas for the mill gods. I'm running Maddening Cacophony over Glimpse the Unthinkable because I'd rather avoid being punished by a Leyline of Sanctity than mill an extra 2 cards. The reason I'm running that card over Tasha's Hideous Laughter is because I prefer to keep my opponents stuff in the graveyard (Tasha's exiles it), so that I can get full value from the likes of Crypt Incursion, and have all the options available to me for Surgical Extraction.

The Sideboard:


Updates Add

Dropped a single Damnation, Echoing Truth, and the last Fraying Sanity for 3 Fatal Push. Meta seems to be speeding up so need some early-turn killspells to help buy me some time. Also been looking for any reason to ditch the Fraying Sanity now for a while - it just never does as well as the text would have you believe, even as a 1-of.

Fiddled with the sideboard a little but nothing worth noting. Just trying to make sure i can hose combo & tron


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