Start / Finish


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Start / Finish


Create two 1/1 white Warrior creature tokens with vigilance.

Aftermath (Cast this spell only from your graveyard. Then exile it.)
As an additional cost to cast Finish, sacrifice a creature.
Destroy target creature.

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Start / Finish Discussion

hines1105 on Control Everything

2 days ago

Was thinking about Yahenni's Expertise and Bontu's Last Reckoning in the sideboard instead of Start / Finish

Teschi0 on Enchantment under the Sea

4 days ago

This is Anointed Procession based around other enchantments.

Basic idea is to get down some enchantments to slow the opponent, gain some life, and then run the board over with Tokens. I wanted to get the synergy to a level that all the cards are doing at least double duty. So I started looking for Enchantments that have some retainablility. Life Gain that works within the shell, removal that can gain me something as well, massive token generation or constant generation and a deck that is actually fun to play.

Enchantments that work well together:

Authority of the Consuls + Trespasser's Curse = Tapped creatures / Life gain / Life loss

Trial of Ambition + Cartouche of Solidarity = Token generation / Creature Sacrificed (Loop)

Anointed Procession + Hidden Stockpile = The engine of the deck. Sac/Scrye one to get two.

Token Generators:

Westvale Abbey (The life loss has never been an issue)

Cartouche of Solidarity (Cheap, efficient, and plays well with my removal)

Hidden Stockpile (Part of the main engine to the deck, can easily trigger revolt for itself)

Sram's Expertise (This would OP if I could drop Start / Finish with it!)

Angel of Invention (My only creature in this deck that usually draws a lot of attention)


Trial of Ambition (Is a looming threat once the opponent realizes I play Cartouches)

Start / Finish (Token generator that will trigger Revolt)

Life Gain

Shambling Vent (This is no brainer)

Authority of the Consuls (Slow roll the ramp and vehicle decks)

Trespasser's Curse (I know this is an ify main board but a second turn drop makes people think)

Fumigate (I am looking forward to Bontu's Last Reckoning in the 3 slot)

Angel of Invention (All around this is the Crowd Pleaser)

I am still wondering what would be good for a sideboard. That is why it is not listed yet. Today Aetherworks Marvel is gone from paper Standard so this week we will seen new decks rising to the top.

All opinions are my personal opinions. This deck was made with the help of my wife.

Please leave constructive criticism

GustavoAzocar on BW Tokens - Silverblack

2 weeks ago

I actually haven't played with the deck yet. Thinking on the best case scenario, t1 Expedition Envoy, t2 Servo Exhibition, t3 Start / Finish, t4 Borrowed Grace, gg.But, been more realistic, I think the average at turn 5/6.

bjamman on Esper Trial Polymorph

2 weeks ago

@malej: Wow, I had no idea someone else had already pushed this concept in tournament. Congrats on your results! Your list looks awesome, and I would never have thought of Hidden Stockpile. Stockpile actually seems better-positioned than Bitterblossom since you can get a token the same turn you resolve it. Do you think 10 fetchlands is the right number for Stockpile? Also, Start / Finish is such an unconventional choice. Do you think that card is good enough against most Modern decks, or is it specifically tech against Death's Shadow?

Tremblayk19 on Mardu Aristocrats

4 weeks ago

This deck seems sweet. More Fatal Push for a turn 2 Bone Picker could be good. How has Start / Finish been? I can see why it could be good, but curious to hear your thoughts.

frogkill45 on WB life drain 3

4 weeks ago

Start / Finish i thought this card was actually useful even thought about it in a modern aristocrats deck

nvmorale on UW servos of God-Pharaoh

1 month ago

i've thinking that maybe Hidden Stockpile and Start / Finish could be good token interactions, but that implies a third colorm and can make less consistent the deck.

Also maybe 2 Dusk / Dawn could be better than a Fumigate in sideboard.

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