Defiant Salvager


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common

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Defiant Salvager

Creature — Aetherborn Artificer

Sacrifice an artifact or creature: Put a +1/+1 counter on Defiant Salvager. Activate this ability only at any time you could cast a sorcery.

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Defiant Salvager Discussion

muppination on Arti-sac

22 hours ago

Oh boy do I got some suggestions your going to love. okay bear with me here. Remove 2x Ornithopter it doesnt really do much in the deck anyway, and remove 3x Implement of Combustion and remove 2x Ravenous Intruder to add 2x Defiant Salvager to add 1x Inventor's Apprentice the lifeblood of your early game which is almost always active, and add 4x Servo Schematic which when combo with Ravenous Intruder make him a 5/5 the turn he comes out. Just my thoughts on what I think would help the deck. Also sideboard Fatal Push for sideboard if you can amazing card

jawz on Eggs... IN STANDARD!!!

5 days ago

I've been doing solid testing on a similar deck the last week or so. I would strongly recommend Scrap Trawler and Walking Ballista and I would recommend taking out Defiant Salvager since the Ravenous Intruder is all you need.

I like a few other cards too but they seem more optional. I prefer blue instead of black for Trophy Mage and Herald of Kozilek. I prefer Molten Nursery over Reckless Fireweaver since it can damage creatures too and the damage triggers even if the artifact gets countered. I also like one offs like a Treasure Keeper as another chance to dig for a missing combo piece, and a Haunted Cloak to get a just-cast Ravenous Intruder into combat and trampling through, and a Workshop Assistant to help keep the artifact recursion gas going. I'm also trying out one offs of the Crackdown Construct + Wandering Fumarole infinite combo.

I've set up my Implements as 4 Combustions and one of each of the others, including Implement of Malice and Implement of Examination. With the Scrap Trawler effect you can get a big chain of artifact recursion off. And each link in the chain multiplies the pressure Pia's Revolution is putting on the opponent. And sometimes when I'm out of gas, I want to Trophy Mage into Implement of Examination to gas back up.

It's a fun deck, just inconsistent. glhf

Jwillette72 on Eggs... IN STANDARD!!!

5 days ago

I would have taken out Defiant Salvager just because it is the most expensive card and relies on artifact creatures of which you have only 4. So chances are you're not going to get the +1/+1 as often as you'd like.

Also Filigree Familiar is a nice card that works similar to Metalspinner's Puzzleknot, but instead of paying a total of and drawing 2 cards and losing 2 life, you're paying and drawing 1 card and gaining 2 life.

Gonti's Aether Heart would also be a neat card to play with all of your artifacts in your deck. Gaining two energy per artifact and then gaining an extra turn by paying 8.

Decoction Module would also be good if you added Gonti's Aether Heart as another source of energy.

Orion93 on Arti-sac

6 days ago

Look into Defiant Salvager as a maybe. Yes he is slower than the Syndicate Trafficker but his ability is free which makes him useful. Do it as much as you want on your main phase for no cost.

Orion93 on Fabricate and improvise

6 days ago

Syndicate Trafficker or Defiant Salvager as an alternative sac engine. Or of course Yahenni himself

jparker-sartori21 on Brewing with AER Series Deck 4: Thopter/Sword

1 week ago

Do you guys think I should add Collective Effort, Syndicate Trafficker, Fretwork Colony, Master Trinketeer, Servo Exhibition, Solemn Recruit, Defiant Salvager, or more of a currently included card to make the combo easier to trigger?

jawz on Bombs Away!

1 week ago

I think you've got something special here. Pia's Revolution + Implements + Foundry Inspector + Ravenous Intruder is a pretty big threat. They have to start taking the damage to stop you from drawing your whole deck, and you're still reloading so fast that they run out of life after a few turns. At first glance the deck looks pretty underwhelming, but it's sneaky how much power it has.

I'd suggest looking at swapping the black for blue instead. I like blue for Trophy Mage and Herald of Kozilek and even Implement of Examination. I think the Ravenous Intruder is enough of a sac outlet that you don't need Defiant Salvager, and I think between the Trophy Mage and artifact cantrips you get enough card selection to not need Diabolic Tutor. Besides Treasure Keeper seems a better fit for the deck at the 4 spot. Some other cards I like for this kind of deck are Inspiring Statuary to help with casting the nonartifact spells (and can be fetched with Trophy Mage), Molten Nursery instead of Reckless Fireweaver since it can damage creatures too, and maybe a one-off Haunted Cloak to get a pumped-up Ravenous Intruder through. I'd probably try out Merchant's Dockhand and Metalwork Colossus too but they seem more iffy.

Mr_Radical on Grixis Theft

1 week ago

Thanks, I've been looking for something like Defiant Salvager


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