Immortal Servitude


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash (GTC) Rare

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Immortal Servitude


Return each creature card with converted mana cost X from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Immortal Servitude Discussion

Skjoldschoennemann on Mono Savannah Lions

1 week ago

well, that's true. And I can't even play Fragmentize. You could just wait for an Immortal Servitude, but I don't think that's a very good plan.

Thanks for pointing it out to me anyway :)

ellie-is on

1 month ago

@skoobysnackz Haha, yeah, you pretty much suggested all that was already in here. xD

Marrow-Gnawer is definitely out of my budget, I'm afraid.

I used to run both Ogre Slumlord and Ratcatcher in my old Pack Rat build, but over time they proved themselves to be waaay too slow against most decks, Ratcatcher even more so (since you don't get anything out of him until turn 7). I might throw the slumlord back in, see how it works with this build, but I just can't see Ratcatcher working for me.

I like Claim a lot because most of the time it's a Pack Rat for , and though it certainly doesn't have the power of Immortal Servitude, it's just one mana, and Immortal Servitude takes five. Claim can also play Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive without having blue mana available. So I'm keeping it not as a reanimator, but as an additional copy of a two mana creature for one (including, now, Rat Colony), if that makes sense.

You make a good point on Profane Command not being ideal as a 4-of. Though it can end the game or get rid of pesky blockers, it takes a lot of mana to do that and I'm probably better off running just a couple. Don't want to have it in my hand all the time.

PS: I really like your deck's inclusion of Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth! A lot of the time I find myself annoyed that I'm lacking a necessary due to one of my lands being a Swarmyard xD Wish I had the money to put one in this as well.

PPS: One card I'm unsure of is Rotting Rats. Self-discard is nice if you build around it, but it still feels a bit counterproductive, and I no longer have any madness spells, and though it's great to reanimate things, I don't really need to be discarding them first just for that. If I were to get rid of it, I could probably use the slot for some removal spells, and that might be better. Any thoughts on that?

PPPS: Almost forgot to comment on Duress. It's nice, yeah. I could probably use something else to do on turn 1 besides playing a Typhoid Rats. I'll play around and see if I can find a spot for it!

skoobysnackz on

1 month ago

Hey there, I posted on your forum not long ago and figured I'd take a look at what you have. Looks great, a lot like what I suggested so far and I really like the idea of using tetsuko as a budget Marrow-Gnawer, though if possible, I would still try to fit him in. If you decide to change your list at all, I would suggest dropping Claim altogether, and maybe a couple copies of Profane Command to make room. Claim only brings back one rat, which is not terrible, but I think it makes too little of an impact on the board state to be worth more than even Duress or something similar that you can play on turn 1 and that gives you insight on what your opponent is planning. Profane Command is a great inclusion I hadn't though of, but 4-of seems like too much for something that, again only brings back one creature. Sure, it also does something else that's a huge bonus, but in most situations I would just rather have Immortal Servitude. Anyways, sweet brew, keep it up!

skoobysnackz on Help with making Rat Colony ...

1 month ago

Here's the list I wrote up not long ago: The Plague. I think the key to making rats work is to have:

  1. Pack Rat as a 4-of, non-negotiable.

  2. Something, actually, lots of things to make your opponent discard. I would start with Ravenous Rats and Rotting Rats if Inquisition of Kozilek, and Thoughtseize are out of budget, and would probably still add one of them even if they are.

  3. Something to bring back discarded/dead rats. Return to the Ranks and Immortal Servitude seem like the best options to me. Note: Swarmyard can also be game over to an overeager opponent who doesn't pay attention to the lands you're playing.

I think if you have this covered, the rest of the deck should build itself pretty easily. My deck runs 12 Rat Colonys, I think more would be a little risky in case your opponent has Maelstrom Pulse or Echoing Truth.

Some other cards to consider are Marrow-Gnawer, Ogre Slumlord, and Ratcatcher. I know Marrow-Gnawer is a little expensive, but if you can afford it, he's probably the most efficient finisher you can get for this deck. Just the fact that he gives all rats fear should be enough in most situations, his other effect is just the cherry on top. Ogre Slumlord also puts a wrench in many opponents' plans by giving all your rats deathtouch. If Marrow-Gnawer is not in your budget, I would go with Ogre Slumlord as the finisher.

Lastly sorry for the long post, and sorry if I'm suggesting cards you already have in your list, I was pretty excited when I saw someone else was also interested in a rat deck so I just threw all the suggestions I had before even looking at your list.

ellie-is on

1 month ago

@cdkime You do have a point. And if I add the blue mana, I can run some blue spells - though I'm not sure what would be good for this. Some control never hurts, but it might make the deck a bit too convoluted and not leave enough room for rats. Do you have any suggestions in regards to that?

Thrumming Stone is nice, but I think it's a bit slow (also, rather expensive money-wise). It comes out turn 5 at the earliest, but I don't get the benefit from it until turn 6, when I have mana again to cast spells, and though it can probably lead into a game win, it's still a bit risky. I'd rather use that five mana on, say, Immortal Servitude and bring back all rats in the graveyard (which also includes rats that have been discarded).

Something else I'm considering is maybe drop the discard route, if I do add lands that can tap for blue mana, which would open up a lot of room after removing the Rotting Rats and some graveyard recursion (allowing for more Rat Colonies). But I still haven't settled on anything. I'll keep looking at cards and see how it goes.

Thanks for the help, though! It means a lot.

Darth_Savage on Oscar Meyer Weenies

2 months ago

Hi Jimmothy,

Most of the creatures I'd suggest (bar Accorder Paladin) are already in your maybe list. Seth's article makes it clear that Chalice of the Void is an issue for this deck, my suggestion for a fix is a little offbeat but Mana Tithe is modern legal and no one expects a counterspell in white. It might be worth playtesting, probably better than Fragmentize.

Other than that, maybe a couple of copies of Immortal Servitude in your sideboard...

Good luck, hope this is of some help.

Disciple_of_Doran on Atheros EDH Deck

2 months ago

Unfortunately, Athreos, God of Passage is just a hard cart to get ot work in commander. Since you start with 40 life, people will almost always be willing to pay the 3 to keep your stuff dead if it is worth killing, so your recursion is pretty unreliable. That said, if you want to stick with this commander, I might suggest:

Zulaport Cutthroat: It's another Blood Artist, and while it might not go off when your opponent's creatures die, when yours die it hits everyone, not just one player.

Harvester of Souls: Whenever anything dies, you draw cards, and since you want your stuff to die a lot anyways...

Immortal Servitude: lets you bring back all the critters your opponents wanted to keep dead.

Orzhov Signet: getting to your mana earlier means making bigger plays before your opponents get to.

Burnished Hart: See above. This one also lets you reuse it.

High Priest of Penance: Let this get hit whenever someone attacks you to kill one of their things, then possibly bring it back with your commander to do it again, and again, and again...

Merciless Executioner: Sacrifice it to itself, make everyone else sac, then someone has to pay the life or you get to keep doing it.

Tragic Slip: Great creature removal given how often your things die.

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