Custodi Soulbinders


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Rare
Conspiracy Rare

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Custodi Soulbinders

Creature — Human Cleric

Custodi Soulbinders enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it, where X is the number of other creatures on the battlefield.

, Remove a +1/+1 counter from Custodi Soulbinders: Create a 1/1 white Spirit creature token with flying.

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Custodi Soulbinders Discussion

StarstormKK on Derevi bwg

2 weeks ago

I really like the deck. It seems like this would be extremely satisfying to play.

I am not really experienced with this color group, but it seems like one extremely useful option might be Roon of the Hidden Realm, which would allow you to temporarily remove enemy threats and also get an extra "enters the battlefield" use with Primeval Protector, Coiling Oracle, Deepglow Skate, Armorcraft Judge, Custodi Soulbinders, Prime Speaker Zegana or Elite Scaleguard every turn (which also triggers Cathars' Crusade). Furthermore, it can protect your commander any time it is threatened. I might even include Flickerform for the same reason.

Also, have you considered including either Spellbook, Reliquary Tower or Thought Vessel? It seems like you are drawing huge amounts of cards and this would highly benefit you.

b0bjohnson on YOU and YOU get a Hippo! EVERYONE gets a Hippo!

2 weeks ago

Love your deck Hippbro!
My own Phelddagrif-deck aims at killing the opponent through giving them tokens too! (Without the mana-dork combo)
I think you should consider cards like Forbidden Orchard and pain-lands to upgrade your mana-base. Defense of the Heart tutors up Suture Priest and a mana dork for you. Also, Prophet of Kruphix is banned. :/

This is my Phelddagrif list if you are looking for cards that synergize or if you just wanna give some feedback :) My list focuses on gaining/draining life through token-generation. Some of the core cards I use are Suture Priest, Gideon, Champion of Justice, Hundred-Handed One, Custodi Soulbinders, Martial Coup, Sylvan Offering and Felidar Sovereign

Let me know how your list preforms! I am considering stealing your mana-dork combo for my deck! :)

Hippo on fellow Hippo-brother!

slviemont on Ghave, Guru of Counters

1 month ago

What do you think of cards like Bloodspore Thrinax , Mycoloth , and Custodi Soulbinders for token and counter generation?

projectneptune on Ayli Tribal Clerics

4 months ago

I'm in the process of revamping my Ayli deck into a tribal deck and your decklist gives me some great ideas so thank you for that. Welcome back to magic :) Some feedback for you:

  • I think instead of categories named "ramp" and "mana rocks", they should be "ramp" and "draw". This will give you a better idea of how many draw spells you actually have, which (in my opinion) you don't have enough for such a low mana curve. And on the ramp side of things, I'd stick in 2-3 more.

  • More commander protection.

Considerations for adds

Considerations for removal

  • Exorcist - I'm not a fan because it's only black, that's too restrictive
  • Orzhov Signet - *my issue with the signet is that it's CMC is 2 which conflicts with Ayli. I'd rather get slightly more value out of a 3 CMC the turn after
  • Orzhov Pontiff - Ability seems minimal at best but maybe i have tunnel vision
  • Hidden Stockpile - Maybe switch to Bitterblossom if price isn't a concern. Or, if you add some of the other token generators maybe this one won't be needed anyway
  • Martyr of Sands - Not nearly enough card draw to get a huge benefit out of this

Panzerforge on Dryads' Convocation

5 months ago

A very cheap ($) big beater (or token generator) for you would be Custodi Soulbinders.
Mid to late game we're talking Titan sized.

pskinn01 on I Atraxa Hate

6 months ago

@Omeros - this deck is suppose to be gimmicky, as I don't always build decks that people expect for the commander. I appreciate your comments and will address those below.

Doubling Season is in there to instant ultimate the planes walkers in deck, they also double the other counters in the deck including when I proliferate with the commander. It will also help when I add Helix Pinnacle and Darksteel Reactor.

Cathars' Crusade - serves purpose in the deck. cast commander give her a counter, proliferate it. lets me reuse Glen Elendra Archmage unless they have 2 instant removal spells. synergies with Custodi Soulbinders to make 1/1 with counters. Either Elspeth makes tokens, so it makes them bigger also.

Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond - is in the deck as an instant win. get both attack with commander, gain life and win.

Kira, Great Glass-Spinner - is in the deck as I don't like running counter magic in all of my decks, and this helps my creatures from targeted removal.

Sheoldred, Whispering One - is in there because of the sac effect mainly, as I have 2 people who play decks with the commander as the only creature in the deck. And becasue I wanted all the Praetors that could go in the deck (red not in).

the altars are in the as sac outlets for Academy Rector and whatever replaces them also must be a sac outlet to help get one in play when I cast her.

As for card draw, i don't like running one time card draw effects. I am planing on adding more tutors as I get some (mystic, personal, worldly, etc.) as if I am paying mana and a card to get cards, I would rather choose the card. And yet I understand that most of the tutors put them on the top so its not card advantage). If I get another Mind's Eye or a Rhystic Study, I might put those in. I might also add Blue Sun's Zenith

the pillow fort cards are there just cause some people in my group don't like pillow fort decks. And also to help me out till I get the pieces out to win. But as I get other cards Im looking for these will prob be the first to be cut.

The artifact ramp when combined with 6 ABUR dual, 6 shocks, and 5 fetches along with the other lands is sufficient for 4 color decks.

Chasm Skulker - is a card on my want list for another deck. might try to get one for this one if especially if I add card draw.

Cephalid Constable- without a way to make it unblockable makes it unusable.

Bloom Tender - is a card i would add if I had one. It is also in my wish list.

Gyre Sage - may get added, it will after I get Archangel of Thune + Spike Feeder.

Phyrexian Arena - may also find a spot in the deck.

Also I find it funny, you mention budget on a deck worth over $2000. All 19 decks I have listed on here, I have sleeved up in real life (although I don't always update the decks on here when I change out cards).

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