Oathsworn Vampire

Oathsworn Vampire

Creature — Vampire Knight

Oathsworn Vampire enters the battlefield tapped.

You may cast Oathsworn Vampire from your graveyard if you gained life this turn.

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Vintage Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Highlander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Pioneer Legal
Historic Legal
Duel Commander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Modern Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Frontier Legal

Oathsworn Vampire occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%

Oathsworn Vampire Discussion

Strangelove on Omertà - Torgaar's Mafia

3 weeks ago

Hey rangab7, +1

@your post.

I'm not seeing much good-stuffs... and it really looks like you're trying to make aristocrats: I see more tokens and sac-outlets than control.

I made a Turn 1 Hogaak deck with a very similar playstyle (play creatures, sac creatures, rush my commander, etc).

Also check out my mono-black Belzenrok deck.

It looks like you have enough draw, but inconsistent value-engines... like why Endless Cockroaches? Seems like you need more fodder like Gravecrawler or Oathsworn Vampire. I know it combos with Endrek, but your focus should be on Torgaar.

And then most of your big plays come after your engines are online, so often you'll be stuck with lots of cards you can't cast all at once that don't really trade well with your opponents' cards.

I would cut as many 4+ drops as you can (anything that doesn't draw 4+ cards or swing the game is slowing you down) and play a lot more spot removal. Then you'll be in a great spot to disrupt your opponents while gaining value until you're ready to end with a full board of tokens, 1-3 drops, and Blood Artist, etc.

You might also consider...


Bolas's Citadel... buy it while it's cheap!


Dark Ritual

Good luck!

GenosseHeretic on Society of Darkest Night

1 month ago

I honestly don't believe that going tall is the way to go and that Shadowspear isn't really worth the deck slot.

Reconnaissance and Etchings of the Chosen do seem really sweet though I am struggling to find the room for them.

There are a lot of good shapeshifters and changelings out there but I don't want to run any of them. They may be Vampires technically but I can't bring myself to see them as such.

I included The Oathsworn Vampire + Phyrexian Altar combo because it does seem to be a good out to have. Also they are perfectly usable on their own. Viscera Seer I am not totally sold on yet. Other one drops seem to be either much more aggressive or give more value later one. Would play it though if I found the space.

Appreciate the input.

multimedia on Society of Darkest Night

1 month ago

Hey, for midrange Vamps with Edgar I think you want to focus more on Edgar/ramp and less on eminence/tokens. Go tall with Vamps instead of going wide. Use Edgar as your main attacker because he has haste. With a midrange strategy tokens are better as sac fodder for value then attackers. For midrange, Talismans and Signets will do more then many subpar one/two drop Vamps because they're ramp for Edgar.

Shadowspear is a good midrange equipment with Edgar giving him evasion. Reconnaissance has already been suggested and it's busted when Vamps have first strike; Edgar has first strike. Etchings of the Chosen can be repeatable protection for Edgar by sacing a Vamp token.

Mana sinks are helpful with midrange because they give you a way to use mana instead of casting low mana cost Vamps. Mirror Entity is a Vamp, it will trigger eminence. It's obviously good with go wide strategy, but still fine for midrange/ramp because it can pump itself as well as Edgar. Any +1/+1 counters that are on Edgar/Vamps are applied to it's power/toughness after Entity changes original on card power/toughness. Anthem effects are also applied after Entity.

An upgrade to consider is an infinite combo with Oathsworn Vampire and Phyrexian Altar. Oathsworn can do a lot since it can be cast from your graveyard, meaning it triggers eminence when it does this. Oathsworn + Altar + Blood Artist/Cruel Celebrant is an infinite combo because of eminence. This combo gives you a win condition without needing to attack with Vamps which is important because sometimes you can't attack.

The combo is compact goes with the Vampire tribal strategy because it uses two Vamps. Altar can be good ramp/color fixing when tokens are being used as sac fodder. Oathsworn makes playing other sac outlets such as Viscera Seer more beneficial. Using a different sac outlet than Altar such as Seer isn't an infinite combo, but it can create a lot of Vamp tokens for more fodder depending on how much mana you have available.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Vampiric Eminence (Budget)

1 month ago

Hercules23, the most logical upgrade path is based on the amount you're willing to spend for upgrades, but I don't know what you're willing to spend. If you give me an idea of how much over $200 you want to spend then I can better help with upgrades. Phyrexian Altar is the best upgrade to make because it's an infinite combo with Oathsworn Vampire + Blood Artist/Cruel Celebrant because of eminence. This combo gives you a win condition with Vamps without having to attack.

multimedia on Vampiric Eminence (Budget)

1 month ago

Hey Hercules23, thanks for the upvote.

I'm not a fan of the Edgar version you're asking for my feedback on. The manabase is an afterthought; it's really bad. It's not even upgraded from the precon since there's still 19 lands that will ETB tapped. Dual lands like Forsaken Sanctuary, Guildgates, Life lands are lackluster nonplayable lands; that's why they're in precons.

3.4 avg. CMC is too high, even for midrange. The Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond combo is not needed especially since that version doesn't have tutors that can get enchantments. Exquisite is not worth $46; better in that version to use the $46 to upgrade the manabase with lots of playable lands that can be used in many other decks you make. Even if I had an unlimited budget I still wouldn't play Exquisite.

Some expensive card upgrades you could make for this version:

The first upgrade to make is adding an infinite combo. Gives you a way to win a game without having to attack with Vamps. If you want to include a expensive price combo with Vampires than add Phyrexian Altar + Oathsworn Vampire + Bontu's Monument. These are all lower mana cost cards that have other uses and the combo uses a Vampire as the enabler. When assembled is an infinite combo with Monument as the win condition from infinite casts/sacs of Oathsworn. The entire combo costs $38. Altar is worth $35 because it can go in many different decks you make, no matter the colors and it's one of the best sac outlets in Commander.

Better tutors is a second upgrade because these can find the cards of the combo or most any other card. After that would be land upgrades; cutting basic lands for more dual lands. Adding the two other Shock lands and two of the less expensive price Fetch lands that can search for a Shock land (a turn one black source). Twilight Prophet is a Vamp upgrade and Smothering Tithe is a ramp/color fixing upgrade.

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on Boom! Surprise 20 Dmg

2 months ago

Glad you like it =). This deck is short on 1 drops, though I'm not sure what I would take out to try it. I'm gonna experiment with this a bit and if I don't include it here I'll probably add this to my Vampire deck to set up Oathsworn Vampire (Oathsworn Vampire + Pitiless Plunderer + Bontu's Monument = Infinite counters through Cordial Vampire).

DadHumanPraetor on Ayara

2 months ago

You have a lot of swamps so I think Mutilate is a better fit than Ritual of Soot and you may as well include Isolated Watchtower and Terrain Generator for the same reason. You generate a lot of 1/1s so Skullclamp, you have plenty of zombie spells so Gravecrawler and since you gain life Oathsworn Vampire seems legit?

DadHumanPraetor on Ayara tokens

2 months ago

I dont like Command the Dreadhorde because this commander can win before turn 6. Its a really good card in mill decks but I dont think its on flavor for tokens. Panharmonicon is good with Ayara, so is Epicure of Blood since youre running the blood/bond combo. Oathsworn Vampire and Gravecrawler put in a lot of work with Pitiless Plunderer and Ashnod's Altar

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