Butcher of the Horde


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Butcher of the Horde

Creature — Demon


Sacrifice another creature: Butcher of the Horde gains your choice of vigilance, lifelink, or haste until end of turn.

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Butcher of the Horde Discussion

hwagner on philktoken8998

1 day ago

Hey I can do that trade! Would you mind tossing in your Sphinx's Revelation? Perhaps your Butcher of the Hordes? I like to collect them.

PolyRhythmicBeast on Revenge Of The Gods

1 month ago

Diggin' it man! +1My Mean Mardu is similar but mostly removal with some Desecration DemonsDemigod of Revenges Rakdos, Lord of Riots and Butcher of the Hordes

R3ruN on Mardu Tokens

2 months ago


Thanks for checking out the deck!

  1. 22 lands is probably not enough. I've been testing to see which would be better, and I THINK I'm ready to say that 23 is probably the correct amount.

  2. I have been considering going to 2 push, 3 path and 1 terminate now that the meta is starting to come into its own.. however.. with Abzan/Jund/Burn being big hitters right now, push is pretty huge.

  3. I was originally testing spellskite when I was running Butcher of the Horde as a pet card. The Butcher is really not that optimal because removal just blows you out after you've sacked tokens to give Butcher the fun stuff. I thought maybe a main board skite would help. I kept him in afterwards because he also helps protect your mentor/pyro. However, after testing, I think it is probably optimal to not have him in the main.

  4. I love sorin so much in token builds. On the right boards it can completely turn a game around. The lifelink is always relevant, and a flood of unanswered tokens can end the game suddenly if your opponent has no answers. You could get away just fine with running 2 however. I just really like to see a Sorin in every game.

Gideon would be a great choice also, I just don't own any, and don't have the funds to get any right now.

SirClark on Your Creatures Are My Creatures Too!

3 months ago

Well after using Act of Treason, you just use Cloudshift to take control of that creature permanently. Then you can sacrifice it using Butcher of the Horde or Bone Splinters if you need to. Otherwise you just keep it forever. #Kidnapped

Spirits on Fox's Kaalia Deck

3 months ago

Nice preliminary build. +1. Fellow Kaalia of the Vast player Kaalia, the Purifier. I have a bunch of discussion material in my deck if your interested in reading my analysis.

Don't see any missing key cards, perhaps a land bump, Arid Mesa and Marsh Flats, replace some of those basics.

Grand Abolisher is a good protector of Kaalia of the Vast

Still trying to decide if Ash Barrens is better than Evolving Wilds, I think it is unless of course you decide to run an Admonition Angel

You should decide on a mid-range game plan too, Kaalia of the Vast draws hate, if she's being controlled need a game plan or combo. Some common ones I've seen are Crucible of Worlds good with your Armageddon (and others), Worldgorger Dragon is one of my favorites but scares me personally works with your Angel of Despair (and others), Sword of Feast and Famine + Hellkite Charger or Aggravated Assault (OLD SCHOOL), or the one I play and have been trying to refine Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker. Just gives some options for mid-game if Kaalia of the Vast strategy isn't working.

Talisman of Indulgence > Rakdos Signet

Butcher of the Horde didn't work for me, he might work for you, I was trying to abuse his sacrifice. At CMC 4 5/4 he ok, but read your list of 30 creatures and tell me how many you're going to sacrifice to him. Protects them from theft, I suppose, but too situational for me.

Stormbreath Dragon feels a bit too expensive at CMC 5 for a 4/4. But I really actually like that dragon. Personally I woudl run a Rakdos the Defiler or Thundermaw Hellkite or even a Platinum Angel or Kokusho, the Evening Star, ok theres a few! But he looks cool and like the Protection: .

I detest Tariel, Reckoner of Souls, his randomness has burnt me too many times for a tiny 4 power for CMC 7. Very much dislike him lol.

I find my Lightning Greaves critical to my deck, so I run Steelshaper's Gift, I know it's not popular, but I recommend it, never been unhappy pulling it. Idyllic Tutor can be more modular, but for CMC 3.

Omeros on Mardu Nahiri vs Jeskai Nahiri?

3 months ago

amazingdan: I've been playing Mardu (with or without Nahiri) since a few weeks after SOI came out. My list has gone through at least six different builds as I try to fix some of the weaknesses of the deck. For reference, here's the list as of last week: Marduu. The deck description gives some of the history of how I got to that list, and then I'll add a little more because I'm actually looking into cutting the Nahiri package entirely...

In short, Mardu doesn't have a Tarmogoyf replacement so most of the time you're going to have trouble switching from control to beatdown plan if you're not in a position to just tick up Nahiri. This means you need to be able to stay ahead on card advantage and grind them out but your options are a bit mixed. For the most part, you have Read the Bones, Painful Truths, Wall of Omens, and Dark Confidant. Bones and Truths have merit but if you're on the standard plan of 3-4 Liliana and 4 Lingering Souls this clogs up your 3 drops something fierce. Going to Wall is basically admitting that the only way you can win is Nahiri, and that means post-board you're in real trouble if they have answers for Nahiri.

And finally, Bob. Unless you go heavy into Mardu Midrange you just don't have enough other creatures in play so Dark Confidant is sure to eat the removal spells rotting in their hand. Jund decks are okay with this because that's one removal spell that wasn't targeted at one of their bigger threats. We... don't. Butcher of the Horde is the closest we have, and if you're running him you're really a BW tokens list splashing Red - a completely different deck that doesn't want Nahiri.

What I realized was that there were games I could almost grind out with Souls tokens and a small beater like Bob if I could just get some additional removal spells in my hand. But how to do this without ruining my curve? My solution to this was a splash for Blue for 4 Snapcaster Mage and nothing else. Flashing back removal, discard, or Surgical Extraction against spell combo/Dredge always felt good. In the testing I've done the deck feels like it's at least 50/50 against every fair deck except Bant Eldrazi, and is actually heavily favored against many of them. The price is that your matchup against Tron is almost impossible and Valakut is little better. If those and Bant Eldrazi make a comeback after the Probe ban we're in trouble because all our matchups are so skewed.

I've written a novel here already so I guess I'll leave out what I'm currently testing. I'll just say that I'm seriously considering cutting Nahiri but still building for long, grindy matches.

Wel5 on Budget Mardu midrange

3 months ago

Hey i like your deck! to give mor epower consider to play 2x Honor of the Pure instead of 1xInquisition of Kozilek and 1xButcher of the Horde it works with every card in your deck perfect and make your flyers from Lingering Souls bigger too. And consider to play the newest Chandra. Nice Deck Upvote!

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