Otherworldly Outburst


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Common

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Otherworldly Outburst


Target creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn. When that creature dies this turn, put a 3/2 colorless Eldrazi Horror creature token onto the battlefield.

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Otherworldly Outburst Discussion

JohnnyBoyG on

3 months ago

Let's think about each pair of those cards.

Keldon Marauders+Thud: Here, Thud deals 3 damage at sorcery speed. But you have to wait until the turn after you played the Keldon Marauders, and then play it on exactly that turn in the second main phase. This isn't terrible, but when 3 damage at very limited times is one of your best case scenarios for a card, that's a problem.

Keldon Marauders+Otherworldly Outburst: I don't think this works the way you think it does. Since the trigger to sacrifice Keldon Marauders comes at the beginning of your upkeep, you won't have time to cast Otherworldly Outburst before it dies. (I'm aware that it works if you have Thud as well, I'll get to that below.)

Otherworldly Outburst+Thud: The creature you sacrifice is probably going to be about as big as the 3/2 you get. So it's essentially as if you pay 2 mana for about 3 damage. You could've just played Lightning Strike, and done the same thing with one fewer card.

All three: Ok, 10 damage and a 3/2 for 4 mana isn't too shabby. But how often are you going to draw all three, and have the double red to make it work? If you're playing three suboptimal cards for the sake of a combo, that combo should win you the game.

You do raise a good point about the heavy red requirements on the two goblins. Obviously, more dual lands would help solve this. Otherwise, you can try running Flinthoof Boar, or bringing back Experiment One and Dryad Militant.

eatmygender on

3 months ago

Lemme explain the reasoning behind the choices of Keldon Marauders, Thud, and Otherworldly Outburst. They're mainly set up for a specific combo, but the Keldons here are only what's ideal.

Tap 2: Play Keldons, Deal 1. Tap 1: Keldon Gains +1. Tap 1: Thud sacrifices the Keldon Marauder, triggering his exit ability and triggering Otherworldly, replacing Keldon with a 3/2 and dealing another point of damage on top of the 4 Thud dealt.

I think that the Ghor-Clans could for sure go back in, as I've had minimal luck with Temur Battle Rage, and it's only gotten me a single win against a control player who was Mana starved. I might fit the Wardrivers back in too, but I'm not so keen on the RR cost rather than a 1R cost considering I want to fit

JohnnyBoyG on

3 months ago

I feel like most of your most recent changes actually weakened the deck. Let's go over them:

Hidden Herbalists: This card is strong in decks that can reliably trigger revolt. Yours cannot. The reason most zoo decks run it is because they run about a dozen fetchlands, which is way outside your budget.

Keldon Marauders: Meh. Not a terrible choice, but I don't think it justifies cutting Goblin Bushwhacker/Goblin Wardriver.

Zhur-Taa Druid: The upside of 1 extra damage per turn does not justify playing this over a 1-cost mana dork. Remember that in modern, 3 damage is worth about 1 mana, so you're going to need to tap this at least 4 times for mana in order for it to start to be justified. Except even then it won't because you didn't get to spend 3 mana on turn 2. Honestly, there's a good argument for not running dorks at all in a zoo list, but if you do, make sure they all cost 1 mana.

Roast: I think this one is fine. Just keep in mind that not being able to go face/hit flyers is a notable downside of Lightning Strike. Really depends on your local meta.

Thud: This is not a good card for your deck. Most of your creatures have 1 or 2 power,and even when pumped, they go up to about 3 or 4. The only "good" target for this is Polukranos, World Eater, which you only have 2 copies of. But that's not something you just want to through away for a bit of damage. Sacrificing any creature is a significant cost, and at sorcery speed, you can't really do any fancy tricks with it.

Otherworldly Outburst: Interesting choice. Keep in mind that it will be a dead card in some matchups though, but I could see it stealing some wins too.

Temur Battle Rage: I guess lagotripha has only ever tested Death's Shadow decks, because Ghor-Clan Rampager is almost always better. Specifically, Ghor-Clan Rampager is much better for creatures with power 3 or less, they are pretty much identical for creatures with exactly 4 power, and battle rage becomes slightly better as the power increases beyond that. As I mentioned earlier, you have 2 creatures with power > 4. Battle rage will be a dead card the majority of the time. Ghor-Clan Rampager is almost never a dead card, because you can always play it as a creature. I think it's very clear which one you'd rather be running.

Gattison on Help building a Bloodbriar deck

4 months ago

My first instinct is to suggest messing around with Brian + Impact Tremors (and Furious Assault?) + Hissing Iguanar, maybe?

I've passed over that card when building around Brian before. Mainly because it seems too narrow. You only get one thing out of the card, another, single sac-fodder-body. Synergy is the name of the game here, and the "value" you get out of Otherworldly Outburst is that it is a big creature. A 3/2 for a single mana. However, now you must ask how you can get that to synergize with Brian?

Maybe instead of Impact Tremors, you could try a token-swarm, then Bioshift Brian's counters onto an unblocked attacker?

Didn't mean to wall-o-text you again, but Otherworldly Outburst and Impact Tremors are also pet cards of mine. =P

Daarkest on Help building a Bloodbriar deck

4 months ago

While searching for Graf Rats and Midnight Scavengers for a friend, I stumbled upon Otherworldly Outburst. Thoughts?

Miss_Ingno on Eldrazi Horror Picture Show $33 (STND R/G Aggro)

7 months ago

This is truly one of the most fun decks I've played in a while.

I took out Spirit of the Hunt for Otherworldly Outburst.

Polupus on

7 months ago

Skin Invasion  Flip and Otherworldly Outburst would be pretty sweet in here.

NeverTheTwelve on Do the trick, Zada!

8 months ago

Hello, draw cards in without brutal downsides looks cool right? So answering your questions:

  1. Crypt Rats and Plague Spitter are one of the worst mu out there, so I'm pretty sure is totally fine to have some free losses. On the other hand, against them I suggest to play wisely: for example cards like Zap or Spawning Breath can deal with those cards at instant speed, when we want to, or we can sacrifice our creatures in response to take advantage of the situation. Using cards like Otherworldly Outburst lets you replace your dead boyz. My suggestion is always the same in these situation: your opponent doens't know what is in your hand and the value you can generate, so you have to TRICK your opponent with your poker face, let him fall for your plans. It's difficult, but if you achieve to change the board state it will be a super fun play that will remembered ever after! Spot removals like Fall of the Hammer are at least worth considering.
  2. I play this deck so I know what it means have a wall of counterpells and removals hitting your opponents. Still the situation is the same as before, but forcinge the explosiveness of the deck: "Se te vonno stoppa' la combo, tu comba ancora pi forte!" roughly translated with "If they would stop you from going off, you have to go off stronger and faster!". In you play this deck in multi, you can also deal with other people to protect you from bad things, in change for sparing their lives a few turns. About Pyroblast and Red Elemental Blast they are really cool, but not. The fact is that they are dead cards against any other non blue deck and:
    • If you think they are worth adding, it's probably because you are able to see them often, so they are dead cards.
    • If you think only two of them are a good trade in the 99s, they are still lesser than opponen't counters.
    If in your group sideboards are allowed (or there are blue decks like 8/10), run them, otherwise don't.
  3. Probably, but in a deck without manipulation is difficult to decide which cards take out, this is a meta oriented decision.

Lastly, Soul's Fire is not good as what is it seems, because it targets 2 things (your creature and your opponent) and this doesn't trigger the replicating ability of Zada, Hedron Grinder. How unfortunate...

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