Otherworldly Outburst


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Common

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Otherworldly Outburst


Target creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn. When that creature dies this turn, put a 3/2 colorless Eldrazi Horror creature token onto the battlefield.

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Otherworldly Outburst Discussion

MenacingBunny on Menacing/burn red

1 month ago

Btw, Eldritch Moon and Shadows over Innistrad are out of standard now. So Otherworldly Outburst and Insolent Neonate aren't legal. Replacements could be Earthshaker Khenra and Abrade.

Murkatron on Mono-red weenie speed deck ($25 budget)

3 months ago

Thinking about your most recent comments about this deck running out of steam around turn 5. What do you think about Zada, Hedron Grinder? Seeing the 4 CMC I know is a turn off for this deck, but think about the possibilities, Brute Strength, Built to Smash, and Otherworldly Outburst become devastating. Choose it for Renegade Tactics or Expedite for absolute silly card draw for 1! Could be worth some testing to see if it could save this deck from the late game lull.

ninexpad on Hazoret's Invasion

4 months ago

Nice Deck really like it I would probably somehow include Bomat Courier gives some nice card advantage every now and then also probably a good target for Skin Invasion  Flip and Otherworldly Outburst

GoodLuckGuy on B/R One Drop

4 months ago

Wow! I love super-low drop aggro, and I think it's really cool that you're trying this out in standard! I have a lot of thoughts so just bear with me for a bit, but I think this deck could be a lot better. I am going to suggest some 2 drops but you can ignore them if you are thematically against the idea.

First thing I noticed is that you're running WAY too many lands for this sort of deck. Bring down your lands to 18, and you should be running 4 Foreboding Ruins.

Prophetic Prism doesn't seem to really do anything in this deck other than draw you a card, and there are plenty of better cantrips in the format, although I would not suggest running them cantrips just to run cantrips.

Borrowed Malevolence and Borrowed Hotility both seem kind of weak compared to some other options you could consider.

Indulgent Aristocrat and Animation Module are both too narrow in your current build; you have to sacrifice creatures to the aristocrat to even get counters in play and they only go on the few vampires in the deck.

In the next section I'm going to suggest some burn, if you do add some, Soul-Scar Mage will give those spells some great extra utility. Even if you don't run burn, its Prowess triggers on a 1/2 body make it the most under-costed 1-drop creature in the format.

Otherworldly Outburst and Skin Invasion  Flip are interesting ways to make 3/2s for 1 mana, they become must-adds when removal is in the deck.

Bone Picker rewards you for playing aggressively, you can swing your whole field into a big creature, lose one of your guys and immediately replace it with a better one.

If you want a strong top end, introducing some 2-drop creatures can really help out the deck. Lupine Prototype hits like a freight train for 2 mana, and emptying your hand should be a breeze in this deck. Asylum Visitor is going to make it really hard to lose steam in this deck, letting you draw an extra card every turn is something this deck could really benefit from; that 3/1 body is just the cherry on top.

You gotta be running some burn if you're in a red aggro deck. Shock is pretty all-purpose, while Lightning Axe hits pretty damn hard, and it can trigger madness if you run Asylum Visitor.

Outnumber is going to kill most threats in the format with a stacked field, but Fatal Push is more reliable (there's a reason it's the most used card in the format).

Consuming Fervor is the most efficient pump spell in your colors in standard. Chances are, if the creature equipped with it lasts long enough to die to it, you probably already lost.

Standard decks in the current meta can stabilize very quickly, Magmatic Chasm can get your creatures through those stabilized fields to finish them off quickly.

By Force may be the only spell that can easily deal with artifact decks that you have access to in standard right now.

Harsh Scrutiny can be used to eliminate problematic threats a turn before your opponent casts them. Another way to deal with problematic creatures is Pacification Array, either to stop them from attack, or stop them from blocking.

Verado on Kari Zev's Dance Party

6 months ago

Otherworldly Outburst looks like fun! i don't know that I would add it because I'm not sure it does enough to justify a spot but i'll test it out and see. thanks for the suggestion!

vexingozar on Kari Zev's Dance Party

6 months ago

nice! did you consider Otherworldly Outburst? it is just R, makes flinged creatures bigger and leaves a 3/2 to defend/fling. Also check my other counters deck. Its bit different but its also built around killing your own creatures ;)

Zacoly on Red Deck Wins

6 months ago

I agree with KingJamesD that you should cut Chandra to bring down your mana curve, and I agree that Consuming Fevor is a GREAT card.

I also kinda like Otherworldly Outburst if you are using either FLing, or Insolent Neonate... or even just because your creature got blocked and you'd like a 3/2 for 1 mana. This can easily happen on your 2-3 turns when a 3/2 is VERY relevant.

Bedlam Reveler is GREAT in a spell heavy low mana curve deck. He plays well with either Renegade Tactics or Expedite (And cantrips are AMAZING with Thermo-Alchemist)

For more information on that check out my current Mono-red Budget Goofy Combo Deck, I've taken it to FNM, it did pretty well actually for being valued at $17

Good luck man! +1 from me!

viperfang4 on Mono-red weenie speed deck ($25 budget)

6 months ago

I feel like Consuming Fervor would be very nice with Skin Invasion  Flip and Otherworldly Outburst and more of those could go mainboard.

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