Renegade Tactics


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Common

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Renegade Tactics


Target creature can't block this turn.

Draw a card.

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Renegade Tactics Discussion

Gattison on Don't Go Stormchasing Waterfalls

1 week ago

Renegade Tactics is a red version of Slip Through Space you might like.

Also, Cathartic Reunion can make use of excess lands and such late-game for more draw. Also also, Counsel of the Soratami for another copy of Divination. if you're into that sort of thing.

DarDar17 on Mono-red prowess

1 week ago

poox523 Thanks for the suggestions! I am thinking about if I should add any of these cards to the deck and if so, which ones I should add. I think Renegade Tactics is a better Crash Through for this deck, so I probably will not add Crash Through.

Rez09 on Something reSembling a dragon deck

2 weeks ago

@ Matchgrizzle

Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! You are completely right; it won't work! D': I'll have to update with another card that will work; thanks for catching that for me!

-- went with Renegade Tactics for now.


So many suggestions, thank you! :D

Looking at what you've put forward, the Steel Wall and Generator Servant are definite yeses, though the Servant is for the sideboard against a lot of artifact removal.

Because of the card draw combo with Mirrorwing I'm going to keep it in the mainboard, which works against the Avaricious / Rakdos combo. It's a good idea for later if I decided the Mirrorwing isn't working out for me, though.

Kiln is going to be super slow, even for a dragon, and I'm certainly considering the Moonveil Dragon in its place, but losing Crash Through makes it a bit less appealing, since my creatures can still end up blocked and Kiln simply doesn't care about that. Actually, no, you know what, yes, yes Moonveil is going in, because I don't have to rely on having other cards in my hand for it do its job like I do with Kiln. Reliability > power. Thank you. >: D

I considered the Stormbreath Dragon, but I don't have a really good place for it in the deck, sadly. I could fit it into the sideboard, but I'm not sure what to replace there, other than Burn from Within.

Predator Dragon has the ability to swoop in for a lot of damage, and possibly eat up dragons that are tied up by opponent effects and auras, but I generally don't think I'll have a lot of good targets for that in this deck -- it'd have to eat two creatures to make up for just the Regent. That said, the idea of the dragon eating a steel wall is just hiiiiiiiiiiilarious to me, I want you to know that.

Scourge of Valkas is awesome, and it really should make the core of this deck, but it is a bit on the pricey side for me if I want to pick up multiple copies and I don't know what to replace with it yet. This will be an easy upgrade to the deck later on, though. :D

I added Burn from Within to my sideboard for those people I know playing various Gods in their deck, but I'll have to think about the others a bit more -- it is 3 am and I need to head off to bed. :p

Thanks again for the suggestions, and for catching that mistake, Match. o_ o /

Murkatron on Mono-red weenie speed deck ($25 budget)

4 weeks ago

Thinking about your most recent comments about this deck running out of steam around turn 5. What do you think about Zada, Hedron Grinder? Seeing the 4 CMC I know is a turn off for this deck, but think about the possibilities, Brute Strength, Built to Smash, and Otherworldly Outburst become devastating. Choose it for Renegade Tactics or Expedite for absolute silly card draw for 1! Could be worth some testing to see if it could save this deck from the late game lull.

Aceleron on Aggro Minotaur - Game Day Edition

4 weeks ago

Thanks for your suggestion, sebtuch!

I think you are right it could lack of some consistency through the many different creatures.

I will kick out:

And I will add:

sebtuch on Aggro Minotaur - Game Day Edition

4 weeks ago

I think you could use some one drops like Bloodlust Inciter which will allow you to attack with Nef-Crop Entangler immediately. Speaking of which, maybe Bloodrage Brawler would be better as two drop creature?

It looks like Wildfire Eternal doesn't have any job to do there. It's really a great card, but which spell would you cast with it if it would be unblocked? Maybe you could think about Inferno Jet and throw 6 damage to your opponents face?

Since you have some deserts in your deck, maybe you could think about more synergies with them? Sand Strangler is an interesting card, and it's really effective.

I don't thik that Renegade Tactics or Crash Through is necessary here, they provide minor draw. Maybe it's better to use there more useful cards, like two additional Trial of Zeal?

I have some doubts about Frontline Devastator and Minotaur Sureshot. I mean the Afflict and Reach is really good, but how often would you be able to use their activated abilites? Maybe you could use more Ahn-Crop Crasher here which is a great creature for just 3 mana. On turn 4 you could attack with it, exert it, give him some Brute Strength and Fling it :) That would be something.

This deck got a lot of potential but I feel like it needs more consistency.


MilesCorvus on Izzet worth the trouble

4 weeks ago

Trial of Knowledge is good, but I feel it's too much of a mana sink to keep playing, and I don't use Cartouches so exclusively that it would get as much use, when I can get great draw from other cards for much cheaper like Fevered Visions, Cartouche of Knowledge and Hieroglyphic Illumination. Three cards is great, but as a 4 drop that isn't an instant or sorcery could be more detrimental in my opinion, and Perpetual Timepiece doesn't feel useful enough and could be a huge mana sink too, I would want to be using mana for other spells during the times I could use it effectively. sorry if this sounds dismissive or like the wrong choice, I don't really know, I'm not that experienced, but I don't think they'd be as useful in play as they are in theory. As well as in defense of Magmatic Chasm, it's a two drop that will probably stop most creatures on the field from blocking, especially in early game, and for low cost it makes it easy to account for flying creatures with cards like Renegade Tactics and Cartouche of Zeal

Legendary_penguin_of_death on Burning Buns

1 month ago

I don't know how good these suggestions are but here is what I might try. Put in cards that have abilities similar to Crash Through or Renegade Tactics because when I playtested the deck I ran out of fodder for the archer before twenty damage was dealt. Crash through and renegade tactics are cheap draw fodder. Second suggestion is to throw in a card like Hazoret's Undying Fury take out the dragon and put two more wildfire eternals. Wildfire eternals ability is utilized to its extent when casting high cost cards and on top of that hazorets undying fury will probably allow you to cast a total of four sorcery/ instants as fodder for the archer

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