Renegade Tactics


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Common

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Renegade Tactics


Target creature can't block this turn.

Draw a card.

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Renegade Tactics Discussion

Elshinare on Mirror Grinder

4 days ago

I'd run Larger Than Life in place of Renegade Tactics main board...and Blossoming Defense

you should probably bump Rush of Adrenaline to a 4 of and a couple Uncaged Fury

hardhitta71194 on The Spiritual Reformation of Boros

4 days ago

I used to run Renegade Tactics in my Vamp deck, found myself using it only for the draw part so I changed it with Night's Whisper.

Zresk on The Revolting Revolution

1 week ago

Murphy77 The idea behind Altar's Reap is use the card in response of a removal spell. You get value when the oponent kills a creature. Renegade Tactics is only one card for another, maybe more useful in a deck without sacrifices and maybe something more fast and aggro.

Murphy77 on The Revolting Revolution

1 week ago

Just an idea - Renegade Tactics in place of Altar's Reap give an added draw, without sacrificing a creature. I would definitely have 4 Filigree Familiar in the side-board

The_Grape on G/R Energy (KLD/AER Only)

2 weeks ago

The only card in your maybeboard that looks decent is the nature's way. The others are way too slow or not effective. 4 mana for land destruction is absolutely terrible. Drop your Renegade Tactics for better cards like Lathnu Hellion or Verdurous Gearhulk.

Check out my deck for help with yours.

I only have 1 hour for FNM! Let's make it quick!

Standard The_Grape


hardhitta71194 on From Dusk Till Dawn

2 weeks ago

Will do! I didn't know there was another one, I'll try to do something about that!

I think you are right about Curse of Stalked Prey. Especially since a lot of my Vamps have first strike even with out Stromkirk Captain.

Stromkirk Condemned could be swapped out with something. His effect has helped me a few times but I still hate discarding. And yeah Adaptive Automaton was too high, maybe one day! Too many cards to buy, I can't ever decide which ones to get and which ones to get later! Gruesome Deformity is defiantly cool. Might try to pick some up! I've been using Renegade Tactics because it lets me draw, but it's been kinda iffy. Before that I had Awe for the Guilds and hardly ever used it.

I have some Fear I could use until I get Gruesome Deformity I think.

Btw Vampires are my favorite too! The other day someone said "oh cool Vampires, you must like Twilight", I almost went super sayian! Hahaha

BioProfDude on Mono Red Mad Vamp

2 weeks ago

Nice build. I think for your smaller creatures, a card like Otherworldly Outburst would be good. Gives them a small boost to potentially kill a blocker and generates a nice 3/2 for you. To help a bit with card draw, Expedite and Renegade Tactics have worked really well for me. With a vamps deck, people try to get that madness thing going, but you really only have one creature that can take advantage of that (Stromkirk Occultist), and only two other cards (Fiery Temper and Distemper of the Blood), so I don't know that Cathartic Reunion or Tormenting Voice are good choices for you. I think Expedite and Renegade Tactics will work very well for this deck.

I have a mono-red that may (or may not?) give you some ideas: Mono-red weenie speed deck (budget) Any suggestions you may have would certainly be welcome.

Nice deck! Looks like a lot of fun to play. +1 from me!

DrayDray on Mono Red Mad Vamp

2 weeks ago

As much as I like the Copter I think having it in this deck, as well as Built to Smash and Bomat Courier, is counter-productive as they don't have much synergy with your Vamps. There are plenty of Standard legal red draw cards that synergize, I think better, with an aggro strategy: Cathartic Reunion, Expedite, Renegade Tactics, Stensia Banquet, and Tormenting Voice. Those cards also work well with Sanguinary Mage. She might be worth slotting in full-time as a 4-of with additional Instants and Sorceries. Not sure if you have tried this deck out yet, but at first glance I would think the amount of self-discard far exceeds the number of cards with madness in this deck, just a thought. I still like Incorrigible Youths in a Standard Vamp deck... Not as a 4-of, maybe a 2-of, but that's hardly necessary.

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