Renegade Tactics


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Common

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Renegade Tactics


Target creature can't block this turn.

Draw a card.

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Renegade Tactics Discussion

GabeBurch on Exodus 10 - The Locust God

8 hours ago

AstroGrumpyCat: Open Into Wonder is a great suggestion - I'll definitely add 2 (maybe 3?).

Cathartic Reunion outranks Tormenting Voice for sure, and that's an easy swap.

I would have to say that the cost reduction of Baral, Chief of Compliance is probably better than the card draw of Seeker of Insight. Switched them out.

Smuggler's Copter is currently banned in standard.

Expedite and Renegade Tactics both look pretty good. I will definitely consider them.

Zondarian: I agree about Bedlam Reveler. I though about replacing it with Enigma Drake, but there's not enough instants/sorceries to justify it. Bedlam Reveler does dump your hand and draw you three, but I don't know if that's enough for what will likely be a 4-5 drop.

AstroGrumpyCat on Exodus 10 - The Locust God

2 days ago

Dude. You're not running Open Into Wonder? With all the insects you'll get, it'll refresh your hand, get in some damage, and make a bunch more!

Cathartic Reunion Is almost always better than Tormenting Voice, so swap out the two you have.

Baral, Chief of Compliance Works well in this deck, as well as all looting effects like Smuggler's Copter (which you can crew for just a locust).

for some creature buffs, Cartouche of Knowledge is a good start, and it draws cards.

Go for some cheap cantrips to draw a lot of cards and make advantage, like Expedite and Renegade Tactics, and get some ramp to go with it like Vessel of Volatility, Chandra, Torch of Defiance and Conduit of Storms.

reptarjesus on Celebrant Pummeler

2 weeks ago

I've been playing with this and I made a few changes and it seems more consistent.

I dropped Electrostatic Pummeler all together, besides him coming in you have no other way to produce energy in your main board, so use his ability once and he's basically just a 1-1 after that. I then added one more of each Furyblade Vampire Flameblade Adept and Borderland Marauder.

I dropped Vessel of Volatility because i'd rather play anything else in this deck before that on turn 2 or even 3.

I dropped Built to Smash because it has to be on an attacking creature, and if you have to defend and block something big for some reason it's useless, and you only get the trample on artifact creatures so with no pummeler it's not as good. I Then added one more of each of the other buffing cards.

I also added one more Renegade Tactics.

I switched Cathartic Reunion with Tormenting Voice and dropped it down to two.

Finally I dropped one Combat Celebrant and added 4x Soul-Scar Mage, his prowess with all these low cost instant's is great. Plus if you side in burn his -1-1 counters can devastate gods and anything indestructible.

TheRedGoat on Make Ball Lightning Great Again!

2 weeks ago

2 reccomendations:

Searing Blaze and Lightning Serpent could come out for Renegade Tactics and Assault Strobe

Other cards could be had instead of the ones I'm suggesting, such as Quest for Pure Flame, but I feel instant double damage and a draw spell that guarantees less blockers are good enough. If nothing else you'll not be spending nearly as much mana since you don't likely have to ever charge up the serpent and the burn spell was 2 mana.

If you want other options btw Iv'e found Armed and Temur Battle Rage are the cheapest for double damage, and Stun is the higher up version of the draw spell I suggested.

Fuddumz on Celebrant Pummeler

2 weeks ago

Love the Renegade Tactics idea. I immediate implemented that. Borderland Marauder works great with Combat Celebrant for pumping purposes. Whenever she attacks, she gets +2/+0 until end of TURN, so if she attacks TWICE in a turn, she gets +4/+0. That is an additional 6 damage on turn 4, if I get Combat Celebrant out turn 3. With just those two creatures on the field, I would have 3 damage on turn 3, and a total of 14 damage on turn 4 (If they weren't blocked). Throw in Bloodlust Inciter for a turn 2 hit with Borderland Marauder, or one of the many +3/+0 pump cards, and we are looking at game. I like Borrowed Hostility because it costs 1, which leaves some mana open, and gives me something to do if I have 3 extra lands with nothing to do. Thank you for your input!

BioProfDude on RG Smash

1 month ago

I don't know if that combo will be reliable enough, but I am certain you will get it at least a few times.

Another possibility is to add a bit of card draw. Expedite and Renegade Tactics could also be useful. Unlike Tormenting Voice, these don't force you to also discard.

Good luck!

Freezingfist on U/R Prowess spells Help!

1 month ago

I'll join you in Crap-Catching Camp godzilla080. Renegade Tactics is probably one of the better 'cantrips' in standard. The other is Expedite, and while useful, Probably wouldn't benefit this deck as much as some straight-up burn would. Shocks to take out early threats, and a copy or 2 of Fling to hurl that drake in for lethal?

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