Rhystic Tutor


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Prophecy (PCY) Rare

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Rhystic Tutor


Unless any player pays (2), search your library for a card, put that card into your hand, then shuffle your library.

Rhystic Tutor Discussion

Stardragon on K'rrik's Pact of Cruelty

1 month ago

Demarge I see now what you were going for and yes im tutor heavy and I may add more tutors such as Cruel Tutor , Vampiric Tutor , Grim Tutor and maybe Rhystic Tutor , but i'm not sure yet. And while you didn't mean Spellbook exactly it still a 0 drop that gives unlimited hand size granted it doesn't give mana like Reliquary Tower or Thought Vessel does and as such there would be my first choose Reliquary over vessel due to lands being slightly harder to get rid of. But I'm not sure on Doomsday as its powerful but it leaves only 5 turns before I lose the game due to my library being exiled, Unless i misunderstood the ruling on D-Day.

sonnet666 on List of EDH Tutor Cards

6 months ago

Up to date: 4/11/2019

Added a few new categories and a breakdown of how the list is structured in the description.

Keep commenting if there are any cards you think have been missed. (Although, please don't suggest Planeswalkers that search as their ULt. The odds of getting a PW ult off in EDH are slim at best.)

TheCardPool, Technically Rhystic Tutor is a tutor too, but neither of them belong here :)

Romer on Kolaghan's Dragon Storm

7 months ago

@Demon86RM, Foul Renewal is a neat 2 for 1 but I don't like that the removal is conditional on having an appropriately-large creature in my graveyard. When I need removal, I just want that thing gone.

@IAmTheWraith, good call, Dragonstorm 's back in.

@MattN7498, when you're editing your deck, there's a checkbox option called "Show other decks" that will automatically show your other decks on the left-hand side. No HTML required. Sarkhan's Unsealing is pretty cool, just hard to find something weak to take out and make room for it. I'll keep it in mind next time I want to replace something.

@DwaginFodder, I've got a lot of controlling players in my playgroup and after the first few turns, people generally have the available to prevent me from using Rhystic Tutor . I originally skipped over Crucible of the Spirit Dragon because it's slow but you're right, it's nice when I'm not curving out perfectly, or later game when I just have the to spare. Added it in!

hfvalenz on Stupendous Swarms of Small Slivers (Budget)

8 months ago

Why Rhystic Tutor ? Diabolic Tutor or Increasing Ambition gets you the card for sure and it is very cheap. I would pay the to counter your search all day, I really can't imagine someone not paying it, so the or less mana that Rhystic cost doesn't really worth it.

Also, there's a card similar to Intruder Alarm that lets slivers combo off, and it's really cheap, Faces of the Past . Goes very well with Basal Sliver .

hkhssweiss on Tasigur's Combo Buddies!!!!

9 months ago

No problem FLATSO99! Always happy to help people refine their decks!

Hmm, you can keep the Maze of Ith combo in, my only problem with the Blue Sun's Zenith way of winning is that you shuffle it back in upon resolution, so you would have to use Tasigur's ability to mill it in grave after again. I would actually suggest swapping over BSZ for Stroke of Genius, lighter on the triple blue requirement making it more easily splashable as well as easier to access in grave after infinite mana.

Keeping in Tooth and Nail with Deadeye/Drake combo is also fine.

The tutors that you listed, Diabolic Revelation is a good budget tutor, mana intensive but it works. I am not a fan of Fleshwrither and Rhystic Tutor, the former is too slow, and the former is meh. It's a win more card and you would rather run Mastermind's Acquisition over it. Long-Term Plans is a great budget tutor that lets you do much more things since it can synergize with SBT ability. Beseech the Queen is another tutor that is quite cheap, and might be better depending on y

If you decide to keep in the Maze of Ith combo, there is alternative budget tutors you can get for it like Sylvan Scrying and Crop Rotation.

So far it looks like a clean budget list, what do you feel is missing when playing your deck? The way I help people is going off on what do they feel is missing and recommend cards that can strengthen their deck :P

FLATSO99 on Tasigur's Combo Buddies!!!!

9 months ago


Thanks so much for getting back to me:)

I have cut Rewind, Mana Reflection, Final Parting, and Ghostly Flicker for Eldritch Evolution, Isochron Scepter, Dramatic Reversal, and Regrowth.

I decided that at the momment I am going to leave Mana Reflection off the list for the reasons you stated and for budget reasons.

I feel like Peregrine Drake+Deadeye Navigator is an easy combo to tutor into and good at evasion so at the momment I want to leave it on the list. If you could explain exactly why you don't think it should go in the list that would be awesome.

Blue Sun's Zenith is the only wincon that can win the game at insant speed thus making it the only card that works with the Maze of Ith combo so I want to keep it on the list unless you think I should forgo the Maze of Ith combo.

I was wondering if you could give me your opion on a few budget tutors? Namely Diabolic Revelation, Long-Term Plans, Fleshwrither, Mastermind's Acquisition, and Rhystic Tutor. Thanks:)

Do you see any other swaps, changes, weak cards, or changes I should make?

Thanks again for your help I really appreciate it:)

Happy tapping and have a merry Christmas:)

McToters on Ahoy, Matey! (Pirates)

1 year ago

I completely agree that the pirates tribe plays better with Marchesa over Beckett Brass. BB just doesnt seem to have enough synergy and also requires more effort, which usually requires more card slots, which isn't a good thing. Removing Thassa, God of the Sea for Drana, Liberator of Malakir is a great move. I'm mostly using Feast on the Fallen, Unspeakable Symbol, and Curse of Stalked Prey to get the counters on stuff (which i see you are using 2/3). I also threw in more stuff that pays life Dire Fleet Ravager, Phyrexian Purge, Toxic Deluge, etc.

Funny enough, I thought the Deadeye-Marionette combo would be my top wincon also but it has yet to come out.

Definitely agree with Diabolic Intent over Diabolic Tutor. I'm using Rhystic Tutor and Mastermind's Acquisition for tutors. Rhystic seems silly, and that's because it is, but I enjoy the politics that stems from it.

Anyway, please check out my pirate deck! I'll take advice and feedback even though it seems we aren't totally going for the same thing.

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