Rush of Adrenaline


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Common

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Rush of Adrenaline


Target creature gains +2/+1 and gains trample until end of turn.

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Rush of Adrenaline Discussion

tlk_lone_knight on R/G energy

3 days ago

I feel like you should run Fling in your sideboard for those heavy creature and chump blocker decks.

Also suggest thinking about the following cards:

Peema Aether-Seer
Built to Smash for your pummeler however if you would rather u can run
Highspire Infusion i would run either of these over the Rush of Adrenaline
Larger Than Life has been a great card for me

topkyle on Pia's Recycling Facility! (Budget Combo)

3 days ago

@Revedeka: See my previous post about my Gameday using the deck if it helps you out. I did make a few changes for myself. I was having trouble hitting land drops in testing (especially double black in time for a turn 4-5 Herald of Anguish). Workshop Assistant was constantly useless so he was removed. Also I went down 1 Ravenous Intruder for a main deck Fling. I don't think that last one was a good decision so here's where I'm at post-gameday:

Lands - 22 total

4 Aether Hub 4 Spire of Industry 7 Mountain 5 Swamp 1 Inventors' Fair 1 Westvale Abbey  Flip

Maindeck -1 Workshop Assistant Sideboard -1 Rush of Adrenaline +1 Fling

Harbynger on Izzet AGGRO

4 days ago

Love the Izzet aggro! I went a slightly different route, and really like the idea of using cantrip pump spells. Instead of burn spells, I use things like Borrowed Hostility and Rush of Adrenaline to pump them AND get prowess. I also really like Uncaged Fury as a finisher. Also, I think Anticipate is a better choice over Tormenting Voice.

Overall, great deck! +1 from me :)

If you're interested in what I'm doing, you can see my deck here:

Izzet Time for More Spells?

Standard* Harbynger

SCORE: 57 | 133 COMMENTS | 15113 VIEWS | IN 45 FOLDERS

Whiskerbro on Red voltron

1 week ago

I think you'd be better off running Hammerhand instead of Rush of Adrenaline, and 1 Soul-Scar Mage instead of the Blistercoil Weird.

Revedeka on Pia's Recycling Facility! (Budget Combo)

2 weeks ago


Thank you for your comment! It is very useful to me, and im glad to see the deck worked so well.

As for the UG ramp matchup, I actually think you just got unlucky, since that deck usually doesn't get online that quickly and also needs the right cards in order to counter this deck. I think that matchup is kind of a coin toss. That said, I think sideboarding in Lost Legacy and Implement of Malice can do wonders in that matchup. Maybe even a Rush of Adrenaline or Sweltering Suns. Perhaps something to try next time if you get the new cards, I will of course be interested in your results that time as well!

Im especially glad to see you won vs the Temur Marvel TWICE, since that is one of the most popular decks at the moment. Also a great opportunity for Lost Legacy to shine, but great knowing Herald of Anguish wasn't too slow there. I will keep the Marionette Master in mind, but for me it was either Herald of Anguish or Marionette Master in the mainboard, and the fact that Herald of Anguish has the potential to be cast on turn 3 combined with the control aspect just really did that for me, but I will for sure keep Marionette Master in the sideboard.

Thanks again for your detailed write-up, it helps me a lot and its very nice to see people having fun with this deck, I hope you play it again, and good luck to you when you do!

BioProfDude on Red Suicide

2 weeks ago

Bloodrage Brawler! That even allows another discard mechanism for your Fiery Tempers.

Consuming Fervor might also be another interesting addition. My only problem with Built to Smash is that Bomat Courier is your only target available to give trample. Brute Strength may not save the creature from the blocker, but it does give trample, and in a deck with 30 low-CMC creatures that should be okay. Even Rush of Adrenaline is good for the trample, and stays at the CMC = , so no additional cost compared to Brute Strength.

A big concern will be card draw. Tormenting Voice (as you have Fiery Temper), Renegade Tactics, and Expedite are all good ways to be able to pick up a card or two while providing some benefit.

In the side, some additional burn might be good. Shock and maybe either Burn from Within or Avacyn's Judgment might suffice.

Cool deck! Good luck and +1 from me!

karmassassin on Hazoret's fury

3 weeks ago

Have you thought about using Rush of Adrenaline in lieu of Built to Smash? I realize the buff is smaller, but giving everyone trample (since you don't use artifact creatures) would let you push more damage through.

TheRedGoat on Grixis Cycling

1 month ago

I was actually referring to Shadowstorm Vizier and Flameblade Adept. Turn one of the adept into a turn 2 constrictor into the Shadow of the Grave and maybe something like Renegade Tactics or Rush of Adrenaline sounds like a pretty aggressive play.

The vizier of course could be your turn 2 play, but that would mean turn 1 or 3 would be your discard outlet. Of course Dimir has a lot of options for cards to recur from the grave right now, so there is always that to make the discarding less of a draw back.

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