Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duels of the Planeswalkers (DPA) Uncommon
Ninth Edition (9ED) Uncommon
Ninth Edition Foreign Black Border (9EDFBB) Uncommon
Eighth Edition (8ED) Uncommon
Scourge (SCG) Uncommon

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Target creature gets +X/+0 until end of turn.

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Enrage Discussion

ticked-off-squirrel on Need help with my first ...

4 months ago

hmm. those be good cards. here's what i think:

2 Mana Flare + 4 Shivan Dragon ---> 1 Ball Lightning + 3 Mountain (or Chain Lightning ) + 2 Enrage

Ball Lightning is cheap, is strong, has both trample and haste. downside is it's good for only one turn. but i do see your reason for Blood Lust. the Ball Lightning becomes a 10/1 with Trample and Haste and with it being an instant you can trigger it anytime you want. however a better instant, if you can find one, is Enrage. with that card you can choose how strong to make Ball Lightning. and with 21 mountains each producing triple mana you can pour a ton of mana into Enrage to make the Ball Lightning even more powerful.

Enlightened_Magi on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

8 months ago

CameronValimere It looks like someone else already added Enrage Check this link for more.

I'm adding Jaya Ballard, Task Mage under the Promo Set for Gatherer (PSG) now.

VietMoneys Added Ashnod's Coupon promo under the 000 expansion.

candyking24 Added Gaea's Blessing Arena promo under the 000 expansion.

hubatish on Zada's Not So Epic Storm

9 months ago

I just noticed you had Enrage which seems mostly worse than Balduvian Rage.

But yeah, Zada is awesome! I can't quite commit to playing mono red so I've built a couple versions with her and Mirrorwing Dragon in the 99. I'd love feedback and suggestions on my Zada Package card collection! What do you think are the strongest cards with Zada?

I saw Rites of Initiation and that looked like a surprisingly awesome wincon!

greatdevourer on Tsabo Tavoc, Mother of Infection

1 year ago

Really good decks start out with a solid idea and evolve over time and play testing. Here's some ideas based on my experience.

Cards to consider (in no particular order):
Ugin's Nexus to keep people from taking extra turns.
Goblin Welder for artifact recursion. Even if they counter something like the Nexus or Contagion Engine.
Jester's Cap is great at ripping combo decks apart by removing key components. It also works well with the Goblin Welder.
Bonehoard is better than Nightmare Lash in multi-player games as it sees everyone's graveyard.
Grafted Exoskeleton really should be in this deck to help push the infect theme and make any creature a significant threat.
Infiltration Lens, for the card drawing. The defender chooses to either take the damage or allow you to draw two cards.
Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon also should be in this list.
Kumano, Master Yamabushi as an alternate win conditions via direct damage. With the Grafted Exoskeleton it's a short game.
Fallen Ferromancer, Frostwielder, Spikeshot Goblin, or Prodigal Pyromancer to get around those pillow fort opponents.
Kaervek the Merciless to make it hurt for those combo players.
Virulent Swipe as a better creature pump spell. The rebound means you get twice the effect out of one card.
World at War is another extra combat phase card. Also rebounds.
War Elemental can get huge. When paired with a Surestrike Trident it becomes a quick way to kill a player each turn.
Loxodon Warhammer for tample and life gain. Any creature in the deck is better with a Warhammer. Spikeshot Goblin is really fun with the Warhammer.
Relic Putrescence could be fun on someone's mana artifact.
Cards to consider cutting from the list:
Anthem of Rakdos deals too much damage to you. Per Gatherer: "The first ability triggers once for each creature you attack with. If you attack with three creatures, for example, theyll each get +2/+0 and youll be dealt 3 damage." Horrible when you have multiple combat phases per turn.Talisman of Indulgence should be a Rakdos Signet so you don't take as much damage.
Lashwrithe is too conditional on your lands in play.
Nightmare Lash same problems Lashwrithe.
Thunderscape Familiar and Nightscape Familiar don't promote your theme and are not strong enough on their own to be worth having on the field. If you really need the mana reduction, you're better off with more land cards.
Scorchwalker is a mediocre creature and a crappy pump spell. There are too many better creatures.

These cards are all single creature pumps that don't help you at all if an opponent plays a Wrath of God or similar effect. One-shots are nice against a single opponent, but not in multiplayer.
Haze of Rage, Reckless Charge, Tormenting Voice, Balduvian Rage, Brute Force, Enrage, Reckless Spite.
The X mana pump spells are really bad because of the mana choices that playing them forces on you each turn. Leave mana open for the X pump spell or play another card? Not worth it.

May be worth cutting unless you don't have a better option:
Inquisitor's Flail is a maybe. This one is kinda a tough choice. I would cut it for a better card but leave it in if your budget or collection doesn't have another option.
Bonesplitter is another mediocre card that's only good if there isn't a better option.
Swiftfoot Boots and Lightning Greaves The haste is nice but they are really only good against spot removal. I would leave these in until you need to cut them to make room for better cards.

Obviously, temper these suggestions with your collection and budget. Feel free to check out my decks and let me know what you think of the ideas.

Jeppo3 on Bird Punch

1 year ago

I like what you have here. I assume your idea is a cast Ishai and then give him double strike and lifelink with Bruse. If that's the case, I definitely agree with Dukevs on the Swiftfoot Boots. I'd also heavily suggest an Inquisitor's Flail. If you want to stick a little closer to the prowess you have going on here, I definitly suggest Balduvian Rage, Enrage, Rush of Blood, and Titan's Strength. Overall, I love what you have here.

Raizen884 on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

1 year ago

Hey nice list!

Of course it isn't absolutely accurate as this is information goldfished from whatever sources/games you and however is helping the list. Like it is said we can write something to change a commander Tier and try to convince, I have a Zada, Hedron Grinder commander, and when the person who put her as tier 4 saw the card, probably didn't see her combo potential.

She is faster then Krenko, her combo speed is probably very alike Niv-Mizzet who is Tier 2, and everyone knows combo decks on Commander Multiplayer, are probably the strongest archetype you can have. Zada can combo T5 consistently when not interrupted and of course with those broken hands (Sol Ring, Mana Crypt...) She can go off T2/T3, and even when interrupted if she is on the field, you can still take advantage from her ability to full your hand up.

For those who do not know how her deck works, it is really simple. She makes a copy of an instant/sorcery that you target her for every creature you have, so.

Span Tokens -> use something like Accelerate (There are 9 of these on the deck)-> draw a bunch of cards -> gain huge amounts of mana with something like Battle Hymn (4 alike on the deck)-> Repeat, drop your deck on the field :) and use something like Enrage

It is extremely easy to set it up, and can win from nowhere, also if your commander is on the field it useless to counter her cantrips (unless its a Stifle), she is waay stronger then almost all Tier 3 list, so there is no reason for her to be Tier 4 xD, following this path of thoughts, she is easily Tier 2, maybe even 1, but 2 would be a nice fit for her.

Xxd3ath0psxX on Zada, Grinding Hedrons for a Twenty

1 year ago


Wow. I didn't even consider the power of these cards... Pretty poor planning on my part (lol). But, thank you so much for the suggestions!! I just playtested these cards in the deck before finalizing the 1.1 build and wow I'm happy with it.


I agree with Em with this one. The cmc X cards are great and are really cool for an include, but when I tested with them it seemed underwelming and a bit slow. I do like these cards though, don't get me wrong. -

Enrage --> Brute Force

Balduvian Rage --> Sure Strike

Tuktuk the Explorer --> Screaming Fury

Tuktuk Scrapper --> Rush of Blood

Hall of Triumph --> Twinflame

Goblin Marshal --> Fury of the Horde

? (can't remember what I took out, MY LIST IS WRONG PAST THIS POINT ;~;) --> Crimson Wisps

emrakuul on Zada, Grinding Hedrons for a Twenty

1 year ago

I play zada too. My deck doesnt have a goblin tribal theme in it like yours (though it has tons of goblins) here's my evaluation. Zada is great at pulling out bullcrap one turn kills against even the best defended players, she can psydo "storm out" and put up mind boggling amounts of dmg. The thing is shes really fragile so if the game is an awkward truce we're gonna be standing around with a bunch of 1/1s waiting for our boards to be wiped. If I go for one persons throat early, often all that happens is im the second person eliminated. What I find to be the best strategy is to build my zada to come out of the gate really quickly with bodies and hold all the cheap buffs and draw spells and other "go off" stuff in my hand and wait. This has the effect of keeping other players in check, sorta. They don't want to piss off the combo player and will generally leave me alone and brawl with more grindy decks. When I win its often because player A went off killing player B, figuring I couldn't do sixty dmg in one turn.

As far as deck building tips I'd say the more explosive you can be the better. You are missing a few cantrips which as im sure you know are the mvp of zada decks. Inside Out and Crimson Wisps. As far as buff spells I think you should replace some of the higher cost cards with more buff spells which would make your deck faster and go off more consistently. Here are a few that are in mine that I think you should add. Brute Force is red Giant Growth and thats really good here. Sure Strike is a sure thing combat blowout by itself. Screaming Fury is a game winner, +5 power makes anything huge but sorcery speed makes it perdictable. Rush of Blood is another insane finisher, how good it is depends on what it gets used with but something as small as a titans strength works wonders. Twinflame is another cheaper heat shimmer which you probably know is nuts. Fury of the Horde is a card I wholeheartedly endorse, this card is effectivly free with all the card draw zadas got and it lets you have a whole new combat step, another cool thing about it is your new combat step is the same turn, so any buffs you used that turn are still in effect, this card lets me really bring the beatdown. Another thing I recommend is Strionic Resonator this lets you copy zadas spell reflecton repeatabley for the low cost of two, this helps me get as much juice out of my buffs as possible. Pretty much anything that copies spells will help you go off big, thats why I play Fork and Dualcaster Mage that way I find fun new things all the time like hey a Rush of Blood forked makes a 4/4 into a 16/4.

As far as things to take out I would like to respectfully disagree with you goblinmaster, I find I never have lots of extra mana to spend and if im in a situation where I can cast an x card for something high im doing it wrong and someones gonna control me to death. I took out my Enrage, Balduvian Rage is still great cuz its a one drop but enrage just isnt better than something like Brute Force most of the time. Id say trim away things that are on the higher side of the curve for cheaper explosive cards and trim away cards that aren't doing what you need them to be doing efficently enough. Goblin Marshal seems too expensive for three maybe four bodies. Tuktuk Scrapper seems too reactive, and Tuktuk the Explorer seems sweet but I think is too slow. Flowstone Slide is bad because the point of Zada is to turn more efficent single target spells into what this is trying to be more expensivly. I'd also cut anthems like Hall of Triumph and maybe some goblin stuff too, the buffs not the bodies those are gold, because again we're not krenko, we're much more specialized and cool.

Phew that was alot. Best of luck. Look folward to hearing back soon.

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