Flameblade Adept


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Flameblade Adept

Creature — Warrior


Whenever you cycle or discard a card, Flameblade Adept gets +1/+0 until end of turn.

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Flameblade Adept Discussion

Calprith on Heckbent Madness

2 days ago

Bomat Courier generally dies real easy and becomes useless towards the late game, so I would neglect to run a play set of them. Also Flameblade Adept as a card is a little underwhelming I don't think it is any better than 1 drops like Dread Wanderer.

Amaizing cards in these types of decks would be Olivia, Mobilized for War and Bloodhall Priest. Olivia, Mobilized for War has synergy with every other creature and Fiery Temper, and Bloodhall Priest can shoot down small blockers they have or just get that extra two damage to their face to finish them off.

Im also not a fan of Alms of the Vein. it just doesn't do as much as some of the other madness cards like Stromkirk Occultist which gets around the problem where heckbent decks generally run out of cards to play.

Key to the City also seems pretty useless to me, in control matchups there wont really be any creatures to get around, and in agro matchups good removal like Fatal Push or Magma Spray (If you need to stay with a low budget) can effectively make your creatures almost impossible to block and reduces the counter attack your opponent will have.

Over all I really think your only missing to must haves which are the Olivia, Mobilized for War and the Bloodhall Priest. I would run a play set of both of those easily.

You also don't have a sidebored which can easily lose you games at Friday Night Magic. Your worst matchups are probably going to be any Zombie or marvel deck. A few sidebord cards can fix you up against these two types of decks though. In my black-red agro deck I run a play set of Magma Spray in the side, because it deals with Scrapheap Scrounger, Dread Wanderer, Cryptbreaker, and significantly reduces the power of Diregraf Colossus. I also would run at least three Release the Gremlins because it is your only real good answer to Aetherworks Marvel. The last real card you absolutly need in your Sidebord is Transgress the Mind, because its just good against control decks that like to hold onto big scary gearhulks. the rest of your sidebord you can play around with.

Overall great deck for only being sixty dollars, you have some great stuff going for you. You seem like a fun magic player. :)

Monochromacy on Jund Discard

4 days ago

CreepyDentures But that doesn't matter that much, because my only one drop that is really good to play T1 is Flameblade Adept, because the rest of the 1 drops are kill spells. Because of this, I am okay with have taplands some small portion of the time. I think all the color fixing I get from it outweighs the downside of the lands occasionally entering the battlefield tapped.

Murphy77 on new perspectives combo

5 days ago

I should think that you would want 4 Scarab Feast in your side-board to use in a mirror-match. You really want as many cycle lands as possible as these will give you your endless cycle once your combos go off. I would certainly play 2 Cast Out in place of Compelling Deterance and Fling. I like Gift of Paradise for this deck, but am not too sure how to fit it in. I would definitely move Dissenter's Deliverance to the side-board to add Flameblade Adept and/or Gift of Paradise

Moby_Copperfield on Ifnir's Creation

6 days ago

Cheers for the feedback all of you. Commit is added to the Maybeboard.

@Deltis I'm torn about what to splash. Red provides the cards you suggested, haste and Flameblade Adept.

But Green provides Noose Constrictor for added instant speed discard!

dirtdog on Jund Discard

1 week ago

I'm not sold on Archfiend of Ifnir at all; turn-5 is way too late to initiate a removal plan let alone a removal plan that uses -1/-1 counters which rely on having both a healthy hand AND a discard outlet in play. Ruthless Sniper has a similar removal ability, but dependence on TWO other factors, being a full hand AND a discard outlet, makes me want to forget the concept all together. With your curve and lack of true card advantage spells, by turn-5, even with a discard outlet, you probably won't have enough of a hand to take care of any opposing threats.

I like Cryptbreaker a lot, but his janky token generation and ability cost seems too slow. Playing him turn-1 seems good, but then you give up tempo to make a 2/2 dude that just dies to all of the best removal in Standard right now. Insolent Neonate has more synergistic tempo with your deck, Gnarlwood Dryad is like a poor-man's Standard Tarmogoyf fitting well with your discard theme, and Sanitarium Skeleton provides a stupid amount of utility as discard fodder or chump blocker. I would also consider playing around with other synergistic 1-drops like Groundskeeper (potentially bonkers with these cycle lands) and Bomat Courier (has synergy with Shadow of the Grave as well as just fits with your theme).

My only other real reservation is Tormenting Voice, especially as a 4-of. It isn't card advantage, requires something like Flameblade Adept on the field to get the most value out of it, and 'dat sorcery speed... I think that with some tweaks and additions instant speed card advantage is much better. If you get a dude like Sanitarium Skeleton in here consider Altar's Reap or Merciless Resolve. Succumb to Temptation is also an option AND, considering you're running 3 colors, look at Painful Truths.

The winning combo, or synergy really, is a full hand holding Shadow of the Grave with a Noose Constrictor on the field ready to attack. Swing with the snake, discard 7 for +7/+7, play SotG, then discard 7 again for +14/+14 total potentially put your opponent at 4 life by turn 3. Having Flameblade Adept out is even better for you.


-4 Archfiend of Ifnir-4 Cryptbreaker-4 Tormenting Voice

+8 1-2 CMC Synergistic Dudes+4 Pure Draw Spells

Ogoki on Jund Discard

1 week ago

To be fair, i think Cryptbreaker is the zombie you might want to be sniping with Lost Legacy but even still, it doesnt solve the problem of 10 zombie tokens already on the board but thats up to you. Sweltering Suns might be a nice option to as you can always cycle it if you dont need it and it can pump Flameblade Adept as you pitch it.

Love the deck, Im playing just red green right now with Fleetwheel Cruiser and Arlinn Kord  Flip and more burn but the addition of Olivia and maybe even Heir of Falkenrath  Flip has me seriously considered adding black mana.

Cartby on new perspectives combo

2 weeks ago

Flinging Noose Constrictor wouldn't work, as you don't get discard triggers from just cycling cards, it has to be activated through the constrictor itself. A suggestion from me would be Flameblade Adept, as it does grow with cycling.

Monochromacy on new perspectives combo

2 weeks ago

I think you want Flameblade Adept instead of Noose Constrictor to fling.

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