Hollow One


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Rare

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Hollow One

Artifact Creature — Golem

Hollow One costs less to cast for each card you've cycled or discarded this turn.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Hollow One Discussion

Xica on Which ramp spell?

33 minutes ago

So since the somewhat recent "success" of modern lists with Hollow One, i have been toying around with the idea of building a mono red version of it

That is less susceptible to grave hate (like RB lists) and less susceptible to counterspells (like RG lists)
The idea is to play Demigod of Revenge & Chandra, Torch of Defiance in stead of Become Immense + Temur Battle Rage or Gurmag Angler + Bloodghast.

The demigod NEEDS some ramp - of course chandra can be one of those ramp spells, but 3x chandra is just too few, and drawing mutliples is not great - thus i need to play some spell that gives me an additional on turn 4.

Infernal Plunge? Vessel of Volatility? or something else?

(Plunge can enable turn 2 chandra, but its real bad if i have no creatures in play...
...is that relevant if i have 12x 1 cmc ones (plus 4x ~free Hollow Ones)?)

Hyperalgialysis on Casual Madness

3 days ago

For sure maindeck Hollow One, even a possibility of a turn 1 4/4 is crazy and with Burning Inquiry it is possible. Just my thoughts anyway, but the only other card I can think of at 4 power turn 1 is Vexing Devil and everyone just takes the 4 damage anyway. At least test it out.

Xica on New MTG Player

4 days ago

Winning so early requires that the opponent in no way shape or form interacts with the deck (instead of "it isn't disrupted too much"), and a very solid hand.
If storm wins on turn 3 then half of the modern format does.

Mono green Goblin Charbelcher can also win on turn 3 - and as artifact removal is more rare, its harder to disrupt.
Death's Shadow decks can also win on turn 3 - specially with Temur Battle Rage
Even "jank" like Hollow One decks can win in turn 3.

In theory - In reality winning on turn 3 is gonna happen once in a blue moon. (If all goes well and no removal, discard, or counterspells are present on the opposing side of the board)

Modern is called a turn 4 format for a very good reason - because decks that have a realistic shot at reliably winning before turn 4 tend to meet the fate of Blazing Shoal, Seething Song, Summer Bloom... etc.

Frodomouth on Oops, there goes your $300 standard deck..

1 week ago

It might be better to go with a midrangey control build instead of mill, you could up the number of Nimble Obstructionists and look for some more cycle cards/lands and run Hollow One and Siren Stormtamer for backup. Baral's Expertise could be a nice stall card, especially if you get a Glimmer of Genius or something nice from it. Chart A Course also pairs nicely with Hollow One (free card draw, so basically just a 0 mana filter, or just as a 2 mana draw 1/2)

Xica on Strongest HUB

4 weeks ago

Where did i say that Deathgorge Scavenger is a better card than Scavenging Ooze?

They are good for completely different things.
Hence one is not strictly better than the other, as they don't do the same thing.
(Similarly to how Spellstutter Sprite and Snapcaster Mage don't do the same thing - one is more of a niche card, but it doesn't make it a worse version of the other card)

P.s.:I see the "modern is X turn format therefore ... card is unplayable" arguments as completely invalid.
There are decks that can goldfish t3 wins somewhat reliably, be it via pumping Hollow One, firing of Goblin Charbelcher, or just playing a lot of 0 mana artifacts creatures with Goblin Bushwhackers.
And in the same format there are viable grindy draw-go control, and prison decks - that play stuff like White Sun's Zenith X > 5 as their win condition.

Xica on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

4 weeks ago

Scavenging Ooze is not a threat.
(compared to other beasts that inhabit modern, like Tarmogoyf, Death's Shadow, Primeval Titan, Reality Smasher... etc. those are game winning threats, not frikkin Goblin Guide that can get +1/+1 counters, if you pay , and have dead creatures in graves)

Yes you can play it and play removal on the same 3rd turn, but it will stay the same puny little 2/2.
And then what?
Paying its cost 2x to grow it to be a 4/4 is not so great when it will still be murdered by Fatal Push, and it will still have its ass handed to it by the Hollow One casted for the sky high cost of

Of course if you build a deck that ramps and puts a lot of creatures into the grave it can become big (and do so reliably and at reasonable speed).
But that's the same territory as building a deck for Skaab Ruinator, and ain't no spike got time for dat!

pjeseb on Don't Be Wasteful

1 month ago

Very interesting deck. Some suggestions I have are:

Hollow One After discarding two cards (by casting Faithless Looting, for example), Hollow One is a 4/4 for one generic mana. After discarding three cards, he's free. A good choice if you feel you need more creatures (or if you just like free stuff).

Rakdos Charm is a versatile card, strong against graveyard decks, artifact decks, and decks that make use of a large number of creatures/creature tokens.

Manaforge Cinder is another option for mana fixing, if you feel like you need it.

severininfurs on Rakdos Speedy Vamps

1 month ago

Ouch, yeah, I see your point about Chalice of the Void. About the only one that dodges it is Hollow One and I don't run any artifact destruction mainboard, so the chalice is going to stick. I do own 2x Liliana of the Veil so maybe I can cut 2x Tormenting Voice for them. I have loved her every time she's come down in my control deck, so I know full well how powerful she can be.

Bloodghast I fully intend to add, but I am waiting for IMA to hit so that he hopefully drops a bit in price. I really like him, I just don't own him. Other than that, I think I may swap out Insolent Neonate for Stromkirk Captain, unless you think I'd be better served with another 3 drop, like bringing Vampire Nighthawk mainboard (and using Collective Brutality in the side, instead).

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