Heil Darth Vadrik!

Getting strong!

Keep your opponents low!

Use the Force to develop your plan!

And at the end, destroy them all with one lethal strike!


With Darth Vadrik buffed, Clockspinning, Reiterate, Whispers of the Muse, Spell Burst and Haze of Rage are just great, letting you use the Force again and again.

Extra Turns

Give Darth Vadrik a second try to destroy his opponents. Extra-Turn-Spells are incredible cheap with Darth Vadrik boostet up. I love the idea of drawing cards, tutoring my combo pieces, buffing Vadrik and then, when my opponents think i'm done, starting my next turn with the deadly combo itself.


Darth Vadrik needs to protect himself against the Rebel Alliance. So, use the Force, Sith Lord, and repel all assaults.

In fact, in most cases we don't care about our opponents boards, so we focus on Counterspells against removals/boardwhipes or counters itselfs.

Free card draw

Darth Vadrik, use the Force to dig through your mind for the right solution for everything.

Pirate's Pillage, Inspired Tinkering, Frantic Search, Jeska's Will, Pirate's Prize, Seize the Spoils, Tezzeret's Gambit, Unexpected Windfall are all free card draw options with Dark Vadrik buffed.


Once, Darth Vadrik has Power 4 or greater, use Firemind's Foresight to get Storm King's Thunder, Comet Storm and Lunar Frenzy. Then, you need just 6 red Mana left to spit out insane damage. With Lunar Frenzy, you make Vadrik a 8/6, then cast Storm King's Thunder to get 8 coppies(+1 original) of Comet Storm, use Multikicker 2 times and deal 54 damage to your 3 opponents. If you have Jaya's Immolating Inferno in your hand, this will work with Vadrik on Power 3, so you get 6(+1) coppies of the Inferno for 7x6=42 Damage to each of 3 opponents.

Storm-Kiln Artist:

With Reiterate there are a lot of combos, as:

I would love to get some comments/tips to make the deck faster/less susceptible.

I know, the Extra-Turn-Thing is a weakness of the deck, but i love extra turns and this is more a style decision than power.

The deck, as it is now, can win in turn 5/6, depending on the tutors i draw.


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