Harmonious Archon

Harmonious Archon

Creature — Archon


Non-Archon creatures have base power and toughness 3/3.

When harmonious Archon enters the battlefield, create two 1/1 white Human creature tokens.

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Harmonious Archon Discussion

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Lorehold Transmogrify

4 months ago

I think there are better things to transmogrify into. Especially since Boros doesn't have too many powerful spells to recur.

The best build of this that I saw was a Jeskai build (so add blue) that transmogrified into Dream Trawler . That's a pretty safe bet for a finisher since it also protects itself.

If you wanted to stay in Boros, your current choice might be the best bet. Other possible options are Harmonious Archon , Terror of Mount Velus , and Yidaro, Wandering Monster .

TheVectornaut on 8 Virtues GW Tokens

5 months ago

Everything you've said about Trostani is definitely true but applies equally to Advent of the Wurm , except wurms also get hit by Abrupt Decay , non-revolt Fatal Push , and any Unsummon or O-Ring effects. The reality is that at 4 mana, neither of these cards is viable in a competitive modern environment. If your meta is cutthroat enough to see that much single-target removal flying around, I'd recommend going into black to run spirit tokens ( Spectral Procession , Lingering Souls , Kaya's Guile , etc.) which are generally better than populate staples like Call of the Conclave , Selesnya Charm , and Wake the Reflections , especially if you lean into anthems like Intangible Virtue , Leyline of the Meek , Force of Virtue , and so on. You're already pretty far in that direction anyway by running Legion's Landing  Flip and Gather the Townsfolk . Those were more the cards I was thinking of cutting for a singleton Trostani or Ranks. Definitely don't cut March, as it's pretty great as a finisher. (I had a lot of fun messing around with it and Harmonious Archon in standard pre-lockdown. XD) Also, regardless of which colors you prefer, Timely Reinforcements is a classic sideboard option against burn that also loves playing with Virtue.

usurphling on Offspring's Revenge

6 months ago

Legion Angel isn't the best payoff that you can put in this deck. Ill rather pick another explosive big payoff creature like I mentioned above. Immersturm Predator is doing nuts in my version of offspring's revenge in arena. Im just sacrificing my either Acquisitions Expert or Basri's Lieutenant for value later on in offspring's revenge. Also, if you're going to Burning-Rune Demon , will you consider replacing it with Gravebreaker Lamia with lesser mana cost and more survivability yet still the same ability?

As for rankle, I would just go 3 copies of it replacing the lilianas. I can see her more as a sideboard card against dedicated control decks. Rankle can do damage, discard your big payoff card and draw another card. Also, selecting your sideboard depends on your local metagame or decks that you usually encounter in MTG Arena.

...or go Yorion just like everybody else lol...Since you love to self mill cards and Dimir rogues are in the current metagame, it goes into your favor. Just add more boardwipes like Doomskar and Shatter the Sky if you're worried with go wide decks.

If you really want to stick with Harmonious Archon , I will choose creatures that grows like Immersturm Predator , Oathsworn Knight , Fiend Artisan and Victory's Envoy .

Hope these advices help you more refining your deck.

DanMcSharp on Offspring's Revenge

6 months ago

Hello again gumbogogo,

Personally I don't think Legion Angel does much for you since it comes back as just a 1/1 flying that does nothing interesting. It's a good card but it's not very synergistic with the deck idea so if you're not sure what to cut I would start there.

If you're worried about agro decks more than else you could just add a bunch of board-wipes like Shatter the Sky and Doomskar . You'll probably be able to get back on the board quickly anyway with Offspring's Revenge and if they're not useful, you have plenty of ways to cycle through them with Cathartic Reunion and Thrill of Possibility . You could also main-board some Heartless Act or even Eliminate with the same idea to deal with threats earlier.

Again I know it always feels wrong, but I personally would run this deck with up to 70 cards in the main deck considering the meta, so you should be able to add what you like without having to cut too much.

Personally I wouldn't play too many Harmonious Archon because it would hurt some of your creatures, and even though it evens the battlefield in a way and looks good on your 1/1 tokens, if you're against a creature deck chances are they will have some ways to get +1/+1 counters or anthem effects while you don't, so it wouldn't always work in your favor. You could swap some for something else. Actually Massacre Wurm get's a sweet ETB, could be a fine addition too, but it wouldn't work too well with Harmonious Archon ...

gumbogogo on Offspring's Revenge

6 months ago

Awesome! See I knew I must have overlooked something. Turns out I overlooked a lot haha. I love Cathartic Reunion , Ox of Agonas , and Harmonious Archon .

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't I have to go odds if I wanted one of those companions? Offspring's Revenge is odds. Though I guess either would work as regular creatures.

I originally had Skyclave Apparition in the deck, but decided I only wanted to play hits that I could still cast without stretching the mana-base too much, but now I think it's better than Demon's Disciple . I feel like I need Harmonious Archon , so I don't mind changing up the mana a little bit in order to fit these.

Thanks for the suggestions!

usurphling on Offspring's Revenge

6 months ago

I have an offspring's revenge deck on my own in Arena but I am glad to help you out since I love brewing this card.

You can go in two ways - Go Odds or Evens. Why did I say that? because you can abuse these companions to build around offspring's revenge - Obosh, the Preypiercer or Gyruda, Doom of Depths without them being your companion.

Also, you will need to have enablers in this deck. while we agree self mill is good in this deck, I like to control which cards do I actually dump early game for my payoffs from offspring's revenge later on. So I recommend cards like Cathartic Reunion , Thrill of Possibility and Fissure Wizard .

For payoffs if I go odds - you can go for Oathsworn Knight , Skyclave Apparition , obosh, Ox of Agonas (very good card draw and cheap escape cost), Drana, the Last Bloodchief and Terror of Mount Velus

If I go evens (and i recommend this due to more options, combos and your 1/1 tokens become bigger) - Immersturm Predator , Rankle, Master of Pranks (very very good in this deck), Harmonious Archon , gyruda (sell mill but it picks up more payoffs), Moraug, Fury of Akoum (if you combine it with drana, you can have multiple chain combat triggers with offspring's revenges)

...or if you can combine both. Its up to you how you can improve this deck. Hope it helps.

KongMing on Thicc - Emmara Tandris EDH

8 months ago

What about Harmonious Archon, to level opponents' fields while retaining your own static buffs?

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