Hedron-Field Purists

Hedron-Field Purists

Creature — Human Cleric

Level up {{2,W}} ({{2,W}}: Put a level counter on this. Level up only as a sorcery.) [0/3]

Level 1 If a source would deal damage to you or a creature you control, prevent 1 of that damage. [1/4]

Level 5+ If a source would deal damage to you or a creature you control, prevent 2 of that damage. [2/5]

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Hedron-Field Purists Discussion

MagicMarc on Need help upgrading my Firesong …

10 months ago

There are some great cards to use with Tajic, Legion's Edge to prevent damage to your team. Some suggestions are;

The Wanderer: Prevents non-combat damage like Tajic and can be used to get rid of Olivia Voldaren at the same time.
Hedron-Field Purists: Prevents 1 of any damage at all to you or your creatures and levels up to prevent more.
Lashknife Barrier: Prevents 1 of any type of damage to your creatures. And cantrips when you play it so it doesn't slow down your game too much.
Ajani Steadfast: Can be used to buff weaker creatures, gets more counters onto The Wanderer and the emblem is very strong.
Homeward Path:This can get your creatures back when they get taken.

Gadianten on Orzhov Inquisition (WB Cleric Tribal)

11 months ago

I am glad to be seeing more cleric tribal decks starting to show up, it seems the solid increase in cleric legendary prints has really helped. In my own experiments with tribal clerics, Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim being my original cleric commander, have found that clerics excel in defense, resurrection and life gain but not offense compared to tribes like soldier and goblin tribal. That in mind I do have some recommendations to help maximize their potential.

Beat Sticks and offense: You have Doubtless One and Vile Deacon but don't forget to add Custodi Soulbinders and Mikaeus, the Lunarch to round out the heavy hitters. But there is more to offensive then just beat sticks, so I would consider Frontline Medic for no fear attacks and non cleric offensive aids like Reconnaissance, Dolmen Gate and Cover of Darkness to keep the clergy moving and Tymna earning her keep. From my experience in using Tymna you need evasion to keep drawing cards as trample is scarce in tribe. If you are feeling savage you can try Archangel of Thune and with the life gain available to the tribe it can get hilarious fast.

Card Draw: Most tribal decks I see have the same weakness and its card draw, even with Tymna the Weaver you can still get ground down to a halt, avoid that with some in tribe options to fuel the attack like Bygone Bishop, Custodi Lich, Twilight Prophet, Mangara, the Diplomat, Alms Collector, Yawgmoth, Thran Physician. Yawgmoth is a must have in my opinion as he removes the sting out of board wipes and allows removal if you really need it and can even discard one of your cards for reanimation abuse as well.

Defensive Options: Clerics probably have the best defenses out of all the tribes and at very low costs, some options I you should consider are Devoted Caretaker, Giver of Runes, Selfless Spirit and Songstitcher if fliers are a problem for you.

Tricks and Value Combos: An amusing combo I have played with before and found pretty funny was Hedron-Field Purists or Daunting Defender along with Pestilence. It can take a bit to assemble but is pretty funny when you do. Another value combo is Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose and Ancestor's Prophet.

Resurrection: To many options to list but I would recommend looking through the large amounts available and pack as many as you can in to increase endurance and grind opponents down. I can say from experience this can really clinch a victory.

shadow63 on Need Some Help Brewing. I'm …

1 year ago

Damage prevention/reduction with Holy Day and Avacyn, Guardian Angel and Hedron-Field Purists

Ben_Dover on

3 years ago

also interesting idea: Selfless Spirit for board wipe protection then replace attack detouring auras with damage mitigating clerics like Hedron-Field Purists... also Weathered Wayfarer for Land Tax... commit to the damn clerics

Gadianten on Ravos & Tymna | Cleric Tribal

4 years ago

I would recommend adding Conspiracy to go with Rotlung Reanimator as that give you infinite sacrificial fodder by naming cleric when you play it. Also, try adding Pestilence as it combos quite well with Hedron-Field Purists.

Gadianten on Divine Machinations (Cleric Tribal)

4 years ago

Stream lined the combo in the deck and found Phyrexian Altar was not nesscary, I used the space to add Caged Sun back in to help with long term mana production.

While I enjoy the idea of the Hedron-Field Purists and Pestilence I do not feel I have the redundancy or sheer volume of tutors to make it happen effectively and it some what nonbos with most of my creatures being low toughness. With that in mind I added Soul's Attendant and Soul Warden to get back closer to the decks first love, life gain and boost the creature count up.

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