Zedruu, Enlightened Master

This is the current state of my Zedruu the Greathearted deck. It's built more arround fun and diverse gameplay than actually being competitive. The deck has changed a lot over the time, as have I and my attitude towards the game. While I started playing Zedruu as a "bad-gifts-deck", the deck developed itself to become a rather competitive "Azorius-Control-Deck" to finally evolve into the politics-based Group-Hug-ish deckstate it represents right now. EDH is a Multiplayer-format, what changes the games perspective a lot. Politics and Playerinteraction are suddenly a thing now, giving the game even more depth than it allready had before. This deck wants to reflect that and uses as many political aspects as possible to change the gameplay in your favour... To accomplish that I built in a lot of synergies so that nearly every single card collaborates at least with one other card in the deck, giving you a vast variety of options and decisions to play the deck, resulting in every game being different from the last one... Below I'll explain the different aspects of the deck in detail. This might take some time, so grab some snacks and lean back while you join me exploring the depths of deck:Zedruu, Enlightened Master :

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I recently managed to put my hands on a Plateau aswell as a Tundra , booth of which made the way into the deck straight away, sorting out the Clifftop Retreat and the Glacial Fortress . I also switched out my Mystifying Maze with a Kor Haven , which just seems to have a lower activation cost... Sadly also my Teferi's Puzzlebox had to go to make place for my new Venser, the Sojourner , who makes a perfect addition to every Zedruu-deck. Finally i had to put out the Spectral Searchlight , with Bitter Feud taking it's place. The searchlight had to go because i didn't use it the way i wanted to, as i always kept using it for my own purposes, while i initially wanted to use it for politics. The Feud on the other side is a very political card i'm enjoying a lot (you can also choose new targets by using venser/ capsize to blink it). Please let me know what you think about the new editions. I'm wishing everyone a happy new year and fun building and playing their decks :)


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