Zedruu, Enlightened Master

Ever, since I first looked into her trustworthy eyes, I knew that it was love from the first sight. Zedruu the Greathearted was the first commander I have built a deck around and will most certainly always be the one I like playing with the most. It has been a few years and still I'm sitting here, working on this deck, cutting cards and replacing them with new ones to try something new. It is a never ending process, as new ideas keep coming to my mind how to improve the deck to ensure the most enjoyable gaming experience possible! It has been a long way and the deck went through many changes over the past few years: I've built the "Bad-gifts-Zedruu", the "Evil-control-Zedruu" , the "Infinite-Combo-Zedruu" and the "Ultimate-chaos-Zedruu", each of which are fun to play with on their own way. Still I was searching for the ultimate gameplay-experience, something that combines the best aspects of every single deck-version mentioned above, to unite them into something without equal - The ultimate Zedruu-Deck! This decklist is what I came up with so far and I can tell you: I had so much fun playing this deck! Whenever I think back about the funniest, most interesting and entertaining commander-games I ever had, Zedruu was involved almost every single time. I may not have won many of these games, but Zedruu did her thing and I had a lot of fun piloting her. So This deck is not about winning as many games possible, but granting everyone an enjoyable game-experience. If you consider yourself worthy to follow the path of Zedruu and unravel its secrets, take a seat and grab some snacks, because oh boy, there is a lot to discover here! This is the path of Zedruu, The Enlightened Master :

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The main reason for this update was to revise the role of the Sunforger in this deck. While the lovely hammer was doing great work as soon as he hit the battlefield, it sadly didn't hit for to many times at all... I needed to fit in some cards to help me finding the hammer in the deck: Steelshaper's Gift can find the hammer as early as turn 1 (can also be used to tutor up Darksteel Plate ). Open the Armoury fulfills a similar purpose (can also be used to find the plate and Gift of Immortality ). I also put in some new targets for the Sunforger : Tithe to find our shocks and duals (Also can be used to tutor up Mistveil Plains ). Path to Exile because it is a great removal spell, Fork to copy your opponents fancy spells aswell as Boros Charm because it serves as boardwipe-protection and wincon-enabler at the same time.

Other new additions: Torpor Orb because of Bane of Progress and the like... Winds of Change in case you don't like your hand. Idyllic Tutor because i love the art-design and you simply can't have enough tutors... Karmic Justice because we wan't to protect our stuff and punish our opponents if they wan't to do us harm... Wayfarer's Bauble because of early ramp. Pentad Prism and Sphere of the Suns for the same reason (they also serve as donation-targets). Darksteel Plate to protect the mother-goat herself! Arid Mesa because fetches are great... Mindslaver as the new wincon for this deck. I always wanted to try this card out!

Sadly the following cards needed to go to make place for the new additions. Choices were made due to CMC (lowering the curve) as well as their general benefits to the deck:

Perplexing Chimera + Homeward Path , Bitter Feud , Venser, the Sojourner , Howling Mine , Phyrexian Unlife , Mindmoil , Transcendence , Library of Leng , Capsize , Victory Chimes , Otherworld Atlas , Long-Term Plans , Austere Command , Grafdigger's Cage , Sea of Clouds , Mana Vault .

Please note that I need to rework the deck-description due to all of the changes above but this will take some time.

PS: I managed to obtain an altered full-art version of Zedruu the Greathearted so that she does lead the deck in a deserving design from now on!


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