March of the Machines

March of the Machines


Each noncreature artifact is an artifact creature with power and toughness each equal to its converted mana cost. (Equipment that's a creature can't equip a creature.)

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March of the Machines Discussion

NetholonTheArchmage on [PRIMER] Zedruu - The Path to Enlightenment

1 week ago

@ THCue, March of the Machines is a key-part of two game-winning combos. Look it up in the "Ending the game" -section of the primer. I hope this helps. :)

THCue on [PRIMER] Zedruu - The Path to Enlightenment

1 week ago

March of the Machines What is the main reason for this card? Reason is I kind of see more harm than good? Thoughts?

the_real_mosho on Bant Can't lose If you don't play

2 weeks ago

Totems on all your permanents and infinite mana:

First, you'll probably need Oath of Teferi in play so you can put a Totem on something with the -1, and untap your lands/mana rocks with the +2. You'll also need Liquimetal Coating or Mycosynth Lattice, then add March of the Machines to make your planeswalker a creature. From here your best bet is probably going to be Eldrazi Displacer. Tap your Mana Vault to use the Displacer to Flicker your Estrid, the Masked, then when she's back you can use her loyalty abilities again. Now you can just alternate -1/+2 to add another Totem and untap your Vault again to flicker her with the Displacer.

Now that all your lands are enchanted you can just keep floating mana and untapping them.

Xoct on Witch

1 month ago

@ dichia

By the way, I have appreciated your help and recommendations. I like the idea of Alchemist's Refuge.

I did consider looking into the food sub-theme before. Now that I got a better feel for how the deck runs, I may just make that into another deck of it's own. But I'm definitely open to seeing how the cards you mentioned can work in this deck.

I'm also a long time edh player, so I assumed Prophet of Kruphix was banned in modern too, thankfully it's not. I love the idea of this card.

Early Harvest untaps all basic lands Regrowth to bring Early Harvest back to your hand. Early Harvest a second time, play your second Regrowth Pay 3 for Mirari to copy Regrowth Regrowth two targets will be Early Harvest and one copy of Regrowth

Rinse and repeat cycle to gain infinite mana. Regrowth brings the second copy of Regrowth and refreshes mana with Early Harvest.

I realize this infinite combo would not work with Bubbling Cauldron since all that mana goes away when the turn is over, and Bubbling Cauldron wouldn't untap until the next upkeep with Unwinding Clock. Also I forgot Early Harvest only untaps basic lands. (This is why the combo was removed).

To be honest, I don't know. At the multiplayer table, I found that Bubbling Cauldron is a huge target for removal. So I could only imagine how a single player would use their resources to stop that particular card. In multiplayer, it's easier to let someone else be a threat, wait till a lot of counter spells were used, then feel safer to play key cards.
Only way I'm able to sacrifice multiple newts in one turn is by having multiple copies of Bubbling Cauldron.

The way I intended to sacrifice newts outside my turn was through Unwinding Clock, only needing one copy of Bubbling Cauldron.

So it's a bit misleading of me infer a single cauldron could be used multiple times on my current turn. I have yet to find a combo that will enable this.

First idea that came to mind is Intruder Alarm and either Mycosynth Lattice or March of the Machines. Problem is i'd still need a way to get Festering Newt to etb from the graveyard, which Havengul Lich can do, but it costs 2 mana per cast, and 1 mana per cauldron ability. Really mana expensive.

However this combo COULD would work better with Cauldron Familiar and Witch's Oven, wouldn't need Havengul Lich either. Eliminating the need to spend mana.

Raging_Squiggle on "Fair" Urza win cons

3 months ago

March of the Machines is a personal favorite of mine in my casual artifact decks.

Ezzed247 on Elsha of the Infinite

5 months ago

I want my deck to be a artifact heavy deck, with fun cards, because the deck is trying to be kind of casual. I would really like to play with Possessed Portal and March of the Machines, and win with that in some kind of why. But I don't know if that is good.

I really like your isochron-dramatic combo, and would like to put that in the deck too.

I think Thousand-Year Storm, probably isn't good in this kind of deck. I would like to also win/play with the Thassa's Oracle and Laboratory Maniac combo. But I don't really know how, or if that fits in this deck.

I would also want som kind of value engine with Unwinding Clock.

Kogarashi on Can I search for cards …

6 months ago

It's important to note that while Mycosynth Lattice and March of the Machines will make all your non-creature permanents into artifact creatures, this only works on the battlefield. When you search your library for a creature, it must be a creature card.

You can't use this combo to use a Golgari Signet to search for a Rakdos Signet, for instance, as the second Signet will not be a creature in the library.

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