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Pimp-Mizzet, the $$$mind

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Back when I first started with magic, the Izzet were my favorite guild, and thus Niv-Mizzet was a natural choice for my first EDH general.

What started as a $30 deck with random cards from my entire collection thrown together, has now been tuned into a sleek machine of death and destruction. From my original deck, not a single card remains.

It has gone through many transformations over time, to adapt with the style of my playgroup. What first started as a jank deck turned into a curiosity / ophidian eye combo deck, which then turned into a deck based on winning through wheel effects (Discard 7, draw 7, etc).

I have taken a few steps to avoid infinite combos in my deck, as I enjoy the challenge of playing without them, and don't find it particularely fun to win with 2 card combos. Rest assured that all the available infinite combos with Niv-Mizzet lie safely in one of my trading folders in case of a local tournament.

Typically the deck wins by ramping up quickly through artifacts, then flashing Niv-Mizzet with the Orrery or Leyline in play, allowing you a full turn to do nothing but play cards like Wheel of Fortune, the Whirlpool Creatures, Time Spiral etc.

I have recently begun foiling my deck, as this is the jewel of my collection. I'm still missing a few foils though. Years later, the deck has now been fully foiled, every card that exists in a foil print has been added to the deck!

The general himself is the Champs Promo full art version.

The basic lands are Japanese MPS 2005 Promotionals:

MPS 2005 Japanese Izzet League IslandMPS 2005 Japanese Izzet League Mountain


Updates Add

Realized I hadn't updated the decklist in 3 months, some minor changes here and there!

Masterpiece Scroll Rack, Whir of Invention, Mana Geyser, Paradoxical Outcome, Disallow and Dramatic Reversal added!


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