Niv-Mizzet Reborn!

Back when I first started with magic, the Izzet were my favorite guild, and thus Niv-Mizzet was a natural choice for my first EDH general. What started as a $30 deck with random cards from my entire collection thrown together, turned into a sleek machine of death and destruction. Unfortunately, as the powerlevel of the group grew and new cards were printed, my old unbeatable monster of a deck fell by the wayside, it was still strong, but not as dominating against the other more efficient high power decks.

When Jhoira came out, I contemplated swapping out my commander, the Niv Mizzet that has stuck with me ever since I first forayed into EDH. Well, no longer do I have that dilemma, for a new and amazing Niv-Mizzet is here to take the place of the old! And oh boy does it ROCK. With the drawback of an additional red and blue colored mana in the cost, we are given, for the first time ever, a static "draw on instants or sorceries" effect. For ALL players, including YOURSELF. And it's uncounterable, because screw everyone else.


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