Atraxa Deck meant to bring hate my way after it being played against. My play group still does partial mulligans, so can still sculpt hand.

Praetors - check
Lots of Tutors - check
Mass Land Denial - check
instant win conditions - check
playing blue - check
play with pillow fort cards - check
ability to not allow opponents to play cards - check

Atraxa - "They only hate me, cause they are not complete"
Vorinclex - "Resources must be allocated to the Phyrexian end goal"
Elesh Norn - "Phyrexians are the superior, all others will be oppressed"
Jin-Gitaxias - "Limit the opponents knowledge, while increasing our own"
Sheoldred - "Fill their graves, to empty ours"
Iona - "I will not let your kind of magic effect the Phyrexian's plans"
Avacyn - "I will protect the Phyrexians and their assets" Linvala - "The opponents stand in awe of the phyrexian might"
Elspeth - "I will add to the Phyrexian army, but I Kill large targets indiscriminately"
Jace - "What was you trying to do, nevermind - it's not important"
Liliana - "Getting answers, or an undead army, either way I'm good"
Tamiyo - "gaining knowledge or reusing it is always useful"
Kira - "Got to make the phyrexian arm shine"
Glen Elendra - "protecting the phyrexian goals with my life - over and over again"
Academy Rector - "They will kill for my extensive knowledge"

Atraxa deck designed with win conditions, ways to tutor for them, and ways to block the opponent from playing. This is how the deck is currently sleeved up.

I am open to suggestions to increase my goal.

If you suggest a card, please suggest a card to remove.


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