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Thank You all for looking at my deck. Please let me know what you think, and what potential changes i should make. (Besides change glissa) And don't be afraid to comment

Why Glissa

     Glissa is a pet card from her standard block, that after she rotated i made an edh deck after her. The first build always had a recursion aspect of the deck, but that build had a Rusted Slasher. As time went on i upgraded and upgraded, adding and taking away all the swords. So after years of tweaking, and improving we are left with this deck.

So what does Glissa add?

Glissa's recurion ability lets me reuse powerful artifact abilities over and over again. This alone makes her perfect fora shell of Stax edh. Now I am not saying she is perfect, because i know that she isn't, but her effect is powerful and i think she can keep her own against the powerful decks of the format.

The Abyss: This Card, i have a love hate relationship with this card. on one hand it fuels glissa so well, on the other... it kills glissa. a big reason to keep this card is that fact that its non-artifact creatures which has come up a few good times. The lack of creatures in the cedh meta is actually what makes this card good, because what creatures they do play are important.
Chains of Mephistopheles: This card has the ability to stop draw base combos. Plain and simple.
Trinisphere: Cedh is based around one and two drops keeping the curve as low as possible. Punishing their low land count and low costing spells, while building around this effect.
Sphere of Resistance: see above
Thorn of Amethyst: see above
Lodestone Golem: see above
Tangle Wire: This card is about denying resources, making casting spells harder.
Smokestack: Often times making your opponent lose a land a turn is enough to slow them down, while using glissa to break lessen the blow.
Chalice of the Void: Very underrated card. Put this one zero or one can locks some decks out of the game.
Contamination: That’s a nice brainstorm you are trying to cast.
Grafdigger's Cage: A grave hate that also stops yisan.
Mana Web: this with urborg makes it so you either skip your turn or can’t do things at instant speed.
Phyrexian Revoker: Stops the most popular commander, and wincon of edh currently
Pithing Needle: Look above
Torpor Orb: stops most creature based combos
Cursed Totem: Stops the other creatures based combos.

Triskelion+Mikaeus, the Unhallowed: This combo is a instant win, Mikaeus gives triskelion undying. Once this set up online you can remove triskelions given counters to ping itself twice (base toughness and mikaeus anthem effect) using the remaining counters to ping opponent, and repeat.
Basalt Monolith+Rings of Brighthearth+Walking Ballista:This is an infinite mana combo to play ballista for a huge number. The way this works is Basalt monolith untap ability is copied by the rings trigger. Untap basalt twice tapping it for 6 mana, netting 1 mana for cycle.
Myr Retriever+Scrap Trawler+Krark-Clan Ironworks: You need Klark-clan Ironworks(KCI) on the field with Scrap trawler. You need to be able to cast myr retriever to do this loop. Now what this loop does depends on the other artifacts in your yard. You need a three drop in your yard to go off with this deck. You sac myr, use its trigger to return a three drop, use scrap trawler to return a one drop, play the one drop scar it to return zero drop, play the three drop, sca it to return myr, and repeat.

While this deck is polished it is still using what cards i have, so making changes may take time to come into effect. This deck still has minor tweaks needed, and i plan to make them to get this deck as best as i can.

Upvote Please

My goals with this deck.
1. Be the featured Glissa list on the tier list
2. Get glissa up to tier 2.5
3. Profit???


Updates Add

so i made some changes last night including the Contamination package that Abysswalker recommended. i also included loam as another good way to break parity with taxing effects, and i added darkblast as the recurring removal that glissa wants. Looking at you Executioner's Capsule.

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