Ah, yes! One of my favourite decks I have ever had the privilege of working on. Now, Hazezon Tamar has room for a lot of different takes for deck building. One could take a tokens route, there are even some enchantment builds, blink decks, and of course lands matter. Some mix up the options and take some token lands hybrid or whatever. I went all in on the lands.


The original build of this deck relied on Hazezon Tamar with many of its cards, such as Flameshadow Conjuring and Lovisa Coldeyes. I wanted to make it less necessary to have the commander out, so I did.

The Plan

Onto the deck strategy! The point of the deck is to just mass lands, get value from those lands, then just keep a constant engine going along with threat, after threat, after threat. Of course, like most value decks in the like, they are slow to get going. They need to find their value cards and payoffs to really get off the ground. To aid us in not dying on our journey to the end-game, I have many utility lands.

Each Card's Purpose

Every card in this deck has been tinkered with extensively, and I am happy with where I have ended off. What better place to is there to start than the land base? Aside from the typical colour fixing lands in shocklands, karoos, and etcetera, let's look into utility. Arcane Lighthouse keeps any untargetable threats under wraps, Strip Mine allows us to deal with problematic lands and sometimes even let's us lock people out of the game, Gavony Township for a late-game threat, Blast Zone for a small board wipe, Petrified Field to get something important back, and Dust Bowl to both destroy and sacrifice lands. Onto the interesting ones! Maze of Ith to dissuade attacks, Kor Haven for the same reason, Mirrorpool for the occasional awesome moments, Glacial Chasm to stay extra alive, Winding Canyons to flash in creatures on endstep, Flagstones of Trokair to be sacrificed, and Buried Ruin to get back artifacts we miss. Hammerheim is just a card I really like so it's in here and Mikokoro, Center of the Sea gives us, and the table, some much-needed card draw. Also a fun political tool. Raging Ravine, and Stirring Wildwood provide a backup creature in the case we need it, and that wraps up the stand-alone lands. Crop Rotation is one of my new favourite cards because of this deck. It can fetch important lands in a timely manner. For engines, this deck sports Oracle of Mul Daya, Ramunap Excavator and Crucible of Worlds, Exploration, Mina and Denn, Wildborn, Azusa, Lost but Seeking, and Life from the Loam along with any cycle land. World Shaper gives us cards in the bin which can be important, as well as a massive ramp explosion later on. We pack High Market so we can kill it on our own. Field of the Dead gifts a swarm of zombies aftr a massive Scapeshift or World Shaper (RIX_. (Sun Titan is a way to get back lands and most of the decks other permanents. Knight of the Reliquary is just a good catch-all card. It tutors for important lands and gets others in the bin to be used later. For protection, Sylvan Safekeeper helps deter removal spells by feeding off of our land base and Peacekeeper keeps everybody safe and sound. Constant Mists offers a similar effect. This deck runs four wraths because creatures are scary. Akroma's Vengeance, and Fumigate are the cut dry examples. Catastrophe gives the option to blow up all lands which can just end the game sometimes if we have the right setup with World Shaper for example. Living Twister gives ways to use useless lands and honestly just a very scary late-game card. This deck does have the trouble of card draw. We only run a few ways to do so. Tireless Tracker and Horn of Greed are some of the best. Nissa, Vastwood Seer   and Nissa, Vital Force, if they get there, are incredibly powerful. Ajani Unyielding can act as removal and card draw. A nice bonus there. The ultimate is only okay here. Vivien Reid can is card draw or conditional removal, and the ultimate is always great. Mirri's Guile and Sylvan Library are basically necessary for any deck with green, but they also combo well with Oracle of Mul Daya for top-of-the-library manipulation. Sunbaked Canyon can be used to draw cards over and over again. Genesis is good for getting back important creatures, but it can be difficult to get it into the graveyard itself. Eternal Witness needs to explanation. With Genesis you can get anything back with it, though. For removal, we have Decimate, Chaos Warp, and Swords to Plowshares. Chaos Warp and Generous Gift are both universal removal spells, so they're just great. Barbarian Ring is very much backup removal and Pir's Whim is political plus ramp. Wilderness Reclamation allows us to use all of our mana during the turn and still leave up answers. For tutors, the deck has Imperial Recruiter, Eladamri's Call, Enlightened Tutor, and Worldly Tutor to help with consistency and versatility. For land tutors, we have more to offer. Sylvan Scrying and Ulvenwal Hydra (SOI) for basic ones. Realms Uncharted has the downside of putting lands in the bin, but we can get those back with relative ease. Expedition Map can be gotten back with Buried Ruin which can be relevant. As the deck's ramp, excluding the extra-land effects, we have Cultivate, Kodama's Reach, Three Visits, Sol Ring, and Skyshroud Claim. For the finishers, The Mending of Dominaria helps us get things back as well as ramp us to high heaven, Purphoros, God of the Forge to deal massive damage when our Hazezon Tamar comes along, Omnath, Locus of Rage to go crashing in, and Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar to just be HUGE. Archangel Avacyn   is a great way to protect your board as well as beat face. It can be a situational board wipe, but not all of the time. Altar of Dementia goes well with Hazezon Tamar to mill the deck a bit, find more value. Genesis will use what we mill over and return it, and Throes of Chaos can act as an engine from there. Wrenn and Six can perform as another Crucible of Worlds, allowing for the deck to keep running. Borborygmos Enraged deals massive damage and gives us a bolt on a stick. With Life of the Loam it's disgusting, which also combos well with Throes of Chaos, one of our other late-game plans. Goblin Trenches gives us some additional swarm and last but not least, Scapeshift just offers a burst of effects and land choices. Don't underestimate it.

Card Synergies

As all decks do, there are plenty of fun card interactions. Crucible of Worlds, Exploration, and Strip Mine give us a land lock for opponents which is very hard to stop in the early game. Flagstones of Trokair and Harrow is just good value. Petrified Field plus a cycling land gives a nice redraw or something like that. Of course, there are plenty more, but I don't want to list them off.

So that's my masterpiece! I have spent all too long tinkering with this deck and I am finally happy with where it ended off. If you read this far, good for you.

Thanks for putting up with me.



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