"Generally speaking, the way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death." - Miyamoto Musashi

One day I was searching for a legendary samurai that could be good to build a commander deck around. Toshiro Umezawa really caught my attention. While I tried to think about what to do exactly, I decided to read some lore on him and he quickly became one of my favourite MtG characters. As a result I decided to go ahead with the deck.

I tried several things since I first built it, however this is the version I think works better with him. Plus, I'm really glad that the last few sets actually brought some new goodies that work pretty well with Toshiro, and the new rule in which commanders now go to the grave on death before going to the command zone really helped Toshiro gain some more strenght.

The deck is mainly spellslinger with plenty of removal and some utility plus some other permanents that also trigger on creature's deaths. There is also a Voltron element to it and a "I win" card.

The main combo of the deck is Forbidden Orchard + Illness in the Ranks , with this combo the tokens created with Forbidden Orchard instantly die to Illness in the Ranks . The main purpose of the combo is to trigger Toshiro Umezawa just by tapping the land without having to spend a removal spell anytime I want to cast some instant from the grave, however it also has the benefit of triggering any other permanent that cares about token deaths.

Win-cons currently available:

  • Commander damage, mainly with Eternal Thirst and/or a sneaky Hatred ;

  • Infect with Tainted Strike ;

  • Regular combat damage by simply having more creatures than the opponents due to the removal, token generation and some reanimation;

  • Exsanguinate if the game takes too long and/or I can generate a ton of mana, Imp's Mischief helps prevent a possible counterspell;



My other samurai decks:

Any suggestions to improve the deck would be welcome.


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The previous version of the deck was nice and quite strong, specially with the infinite combo it had in it, but it felt too "typical", so I decided to restart and bring it back to something more akin to the first version I did of it.

It is now again more focused on using a lot of instant removal with some voltron to it, but now it has more permanents that also trigger with creatures dying to synergize better with Toshiro and have a more unique theme/feel.


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