From the briny depths of the corn field

This is the one and only Reaper King. How this deck works: Ramp, play creatures, counter, flicker, buff them, and swing. Oh did I mention you can destroy and permanents too, (except those who have indestructible, hex or pro colors) While this deck does not contain most scarecrows, it does have many changelings and tribal changelings as well. I might as well have nicknamed this deck, Monopoly, because there is no better way to test your friendship by destroying your buddies lands.

I chose Reaper King as the commander because I'm a huge fan of the spooky world. What he lacks in mana cost should not be a worry. With enough ramp and artifacts by your side, I have had him out on turn 3. Believe me, there is no better reaction than your opponents face when you start destroying their lands right in front of their eyes. There are plenty of support cards that flicker, search for artifact or bring back artifact from the grave. OHHH NOOOOO Reaper died and in the graveyard. With a little with some friends, I never have to worry about playing my commander from my hand or in the graveyard. This is a plus since he cost 10 at the max and I don't feel like paying the 2. Don't worry though, Reaper King is not your only win condition. With unlimited combos from creating endless Etched Champions to flickering all of your creatures. The possibilities are endless. Double down with Chameleon Colossus, make a multiple copies with one card with Shapesharer, or you can overrun them with Mirror Entity. Don't worry about burning life in the beginning, Tezzeret will get you back on your feet while dealing damage to your opponent.

This is a very fun build for me, but not so much with my friends lol. Let me know what you think.


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