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Chromium, the Human. And the Zombie. And the Frog.

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Look under your seats ladies and gentlemen, everyone gets a creature type!

The lore of Chromium, the Mutable is pretty cool - he protects humans from his ravenous sister Palladia-Mors and turns into one periodically to check on them - hence his ability. So naturally, since he loves his “fellow” humans, I thought that the best voltron card we could use would be....Coat of Arms. But tribal decks in commander don’t really work with Coat of Arms unless you’re able to generate a small army of tokens, and almost nothing in WUB makes human tokens.

Unless everything is a human. Maybe the humans Chromium is checking in on aren’t humans at all, but just pretending to be humans, too! It’s a...Conspiracy!

By using Conspiracy, Arcane Adaptation, and Mirror Entity, we can make all of our creatures humans. And with Mirrorweave and Standardize, we can make EVERYTHING a human. Coat of Arms buffs every creature in play, including our opponents creatures that share types, so if we make our opponent’s Zombie army into humans (or turn Chromium into a Zombie!), Chromium can get to lethal damage really quickly.

Oh, know what else cares about your opponent’s creature types? Peer Pressure. This silly, scary card gains control of all creatures of the same type, as long as you control the most of that type. Makes for a permanent Insurrection effect as long as you have lots of tokens. Plus you can steal all their artifacts too if you have March of the Machines in play.

So my take on this deck uses a number of cards that can make various tokens in huge numbers - Monastery Mentor, Army of the Damned, Secure the Wastes - to flood the board and stall while we dig for Coat of Arms and Peer Pressure and ramp into casting our commander. Once we can turn them all into one creature type, then Kindred Discovery, Distant Melody and Metallic Mimic can make that army work for us. Or we can just cast Peer Pressure and gain control of every creature. Either way. And if we can’t manage to make enough of our own, or some tryhard casts an overloaded Cyclonic Rift, then using Reins of Power to borrow theirs for a turn work just fine by us.

It’s not great if our fragile win conditions get countered, so I threw in a couple obvious big hitter voltron cards that work for this deck as backup - Blackblade Reforged is stupid good, Runechanter's Pike is great value here since there are so many noncreature spells in the deck and Quietus Spike is too mean so I’m not playing it. Polymorphous Rush (and Mirrorweave) can mutate our 1/1 Hexproof and unblocked Chromium into...anything. Perhaps someone’s Lord of Extinction. Or a the ultimate Blighted Agent, if our opponent is a jerk and playing infect. Commander damage is dealt by the card, not the creature name, so it still counts as if Chromium was dealing the damage himself.

Add a few madness cards, some discard value like Archfiend of Ifnir and cycling lands, a few powerful standard control cards like Disallow and Anguished Unmaking to keep our opponents honest, and you’ve got a wacky, interactive voltron deck like no other. Enjoy the jank!


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