I really love the idea of creating a whole army of big beasty dragons. So, Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm in combination with token doubling cards, sneeking effects and some nice ETB Dragons will bring joy to the table :D
The idea is to bring Bramble Sovereign,Doubling Season,Parallel Lives,Panharmonicon or Mirror of Life Trapping to the battlefield and get even more token from Miirym.

Once i have enough mana, Spitting Image will bring tokens into play again and again.

Time of Need, Fierce Empath and Green Sun's Zenith may search Miirym, if i run into a Hinder or Spell Crumple.

I like Shielding Plax > Swiftfoot Boots. For 3, you get the carddraw as well and in my meta there is a lot more artifact removal then enchantment removal.

Counterspell and Hydroblast give me a little protection to mass removal.

Displace and Planar Incision protect my dragons and double them with Miirym.

I'm honest, Keen Sense is just there for the Niv-Mizzet Combo, but with all the flying dudes, you will always find an opponent who can't block you.

Crucible of Fire seems to be a logic card in the list, but in fact, i'm not happy with it. Creature power was never a problem in this deck.

Feel free to leave a comment, what to cut or to edit. I would love to read your advise. It's always work in progress.


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