Crucible of Fire

Crucible of Fire


Dragon creatures you control get +3/+3.

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Crucible of Fire Discussion

Feiryn on Here there be DRAGONS!

1 day ago

Assuming you still would like help, here are my thoughts just going off what you already have (so your mainboard and sideboard).

First of all your land situation needs to be sorted out. You have an insanely high average cmc (4.74) so you're going to be looking at about 40 lands without the very pricy ramp cards. 30 lands is in the range that decks with an average of about 2cmc or lower run. Here's a quickly made list of your lands that I'd use:

You almost always want to prioritise lands that can come in untapped over ones that always enter tapped. This is because auto-tapped lands basically set you back a turn, so it's often better to just run a basic over something like Sheltered Thicket. The exception here goes to the Triomes because they offer three colours and more importantly can be picked up by your fetchlands.

As for the rest of your cards, here's what I recommend cutting:

And add in their places, assuming you're running 40 lands:

Hopefully that helps, and let me know if you have any questions! These are just suggestions after a brief runthrough of course, so feel free to take them or leave them!

multimedia on Here there be DRAGONS!

3 days ago

Hey, for your game tomorrow/today from the sideboard add Territory, Vista, Smoldering and the basic lands to the manabase. Later on you can upgrade the manabase, but for now add a complete manabase to the deck list.

If you own Cascading Cataracts I would add it as it's a nice way to make all five colors of mana. Tri lands are much better than Thriving lands if you're going to play other lands beside the Triomes that always ETB tapped. If you have some of the Tri lands my advice is add them replacing the Thriving lands for more color fixing. If you're going to play lands that always ETB tapped then those lands should provide more color fixing.

For the numbers of basic lands I would play more Forest and Mountains than Plains, Islands, Swamps. The order to consider is first Mountains, second Forests, third Swamps, fourth Islands and last is Plains. Forests should be second because they give you access to other colors with green ramp spells.

  • 6x Mountain
  • 5x Forest
  • 2x Swamp
  • 2x Island
  • 2x Plains

Other cards from the sideboard to consider adding main deck:

Sol because it's one of the best sources of ramp in Commander. Golos is ramp with any land and a repeatable mana sink that mimics Ur-Dragon's ability to put a permanent onto the battlefield by instead casting it for free. Bladewing combos with Scion + Teneb. Cards main deck that could be cut for these:

Dragons don't need single card that are anthem effects that pump their power/toughness because Dragons already have high p/t with flying. Dragons who are anthems are fine as a bonus, but I wouldn't play a card that was just a p/t anthem. Rampant is subpar ramp, but if it's all you have then that's fine for now. Boots is a good card, but it's less needed here because you have Greaves.

Consider cutting Utter End for a counterspell, Dovin's Veto or Negate? Not having one counterspell is worst than a second higher mana cost exile spell. If you have Jodah, Archmage Eternal I would add him since he reduces Ur-Dragon's mana cost to five mana.

Good luck with your deck and at your game tomorrow/today.

Draknoz on The Ur-Dragon CMDR (help needed)

1 week ago

Crucible of Fire,Bower Passage,Door of Destinies,Spit Flame, and Sarkhan's Unsealing all seem like cut options. Dragons don't need to be bigger usually, and if you want a better replacement Sylvia Brightspear is disgusting in this deck. bower passage rarely has use unless your meta has lots of flier decks. Sarkhan's unsealing really isnt that amazing unless your getting 7 power drops consistently. Just put a Dragon Broodmother in and watch Dragon Tempest become your best friend.(mystery booster version is 4$ dont worry)

multimedia on Atla Palani, Nest Tender

2 weeks ago

Hey, nice budget version of Atla.

You have three of the best cards with Atla: Mirror Entity, Skullclamp and Goblin Bombardment. Eladamri's Call, Open the Armory and Idyllic Tutor are tutors for one of these cards. Crop Rotation can tutor for High Market or Opal Palace. Palace is actually an important card with Atla because if you cast her with Palace then she gets a +1/+1 counter. Atla having a counter means she doesn't die when you activate Mirror Entity for zero turning all creatures you control into 0/0 Eggs. This is how you can take real advantage of Entity.

Some budget lands to consider adding: Ash Barrens, Battlefield Forge, Canopy Vista

Cards to consider cutting to add the tutors and lands: Rugged Highlands, Birthing Boughs, Dragon Egg, Crucible of Fire, Palladia-Mors, the Ruiner, Explosive Vegetation, Sunscorch Regent

Good luck with your deck.

SynergyBuild on Is sword of feast and …

1 month ago

Actually DragonSliver9001 is really right here, because effects on an object don't discriminate by the object's name but it's timestamp. Also Spark Double SUUUPER doesn't work like that DeinoStinkus xD

Basically it's an effect layered on the creature, and so if another effect layered on the creature changes it's name later, nothing would change about the additional effect, unless the original effect cannot apply (we'll get to that). A good example would be like equipping a Sword of Feast and Famine to a Shapesharer, it can copy another creature, and the equipment still applies. Auras, equipment, and abilities work that way. If it be came a non-dragon however, and you had an effect that only affected dragons, like Crucible of Fire out, it would no longer apply.

However, as the effect of Moltensteel Dragon is just an effect that references itself, rather than all cards named Moltensteel Dragon, changing it's name to Skittles doesn't affect his ability, layering each instance of activating the dragon onto the power and toughness of Skittles.

Side note, the reason that Spark Double doesn't die as it enters is that it does. Assuming you decide not to copy a creature, the part of it that could change power and toughness as well as the part that gives a +1/+1 counter doesn't come into play (it has to copy a creature/Walker and be a creature to get the +1/+1 counter), and it will go to the yard as a state-based action.

All clones excluding a few (think Altered Ego with an X payed) have worked that way, they die without a target. The reason they don't die with a target is because they don't enter until you can choose one, as they enter AS a copy of a creature, and there is no ETB effect, so there is no point for state-based actions to apply.

Joe_Ken_ on Red Dragon Hoard

1 month ago

I’d add Crucible of Fire since it’ll pump up your dragons a lot on the attack.

Territorial Hellkite and Glorybringer are great low mana dragons that can get in there for attacks sooner.

I’d remove Dragon Breath since it really doesn’t do all that much and another mana rock would just be better. Maybe Dragonlord's Servant could be a good swap for more cost reduction.

Tzefick on Why Does TotP Not Trigger …

1 month ago

Chiming in a bit late, but the fact that Terror of the Peaks deals damage from itself, makes it possible to grant it abilities that further improves an already good ability.

Grafted Exoskeleton being a fan-favorite to be nasty at a table. The aforementioned Basilisk Collar is pretty good as well.

You could grant it Curiosity and get draws when pinging people's face.

Like LordBlackblade says, you seem to focus too much on a specific set of combos rather than the broad application between ToTP and Scourge of Valkas or Warstorm Surge when evaluating the two.

If you compare ToTP to SoV and consider anthem effects like say Crucible of Fire, then ToTP will see the increased stats but SoV wont. Of the two I think ToTP is definitely the stronger card overall. The fact that SoV in a combo shell is more effective is actually a good thing, because it means SoV has occasions where it can outshine ToTP, instead of ToTP just being a strictly better SoV.

TypicalTimmy on Door of destinies - Wording

2 months ago

It's a base value, similarly to Crucible of Fire. No counters are put on your chosen creatures. Rather, you put a counter on Door of Destinies, then DoD grants +1/+1 to each creature you control of the chosen type, as an on-going effect, based on the number of counters DoD has.

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