Crucible of Fire

Crucible of Fire


Dragon creatures you control get +3/+3.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Crucible of Fire Discussion

multimedia on Ur-Dragon, Tribal Combos, Free Casting

1 month ago

Hey, you're welcome.

The Thriving lands and Vivid lands should be replaced before the Scry lands. I would also replace the Scry lands, but they're better than Thriving and Vivids. I'm not a fan of Scry lands; the scry 1 is very overrated. I think color fixing is more important to have with lands especially with five colors on a budget. On a budget Tri lands are worth ETB tapped because they can make one of three colors and having access to a possible third color repeatedly is more helpful than a single time scry 1. Overall, the land cuts to consider are all the Thriving lands, Vivid lands and Scry lands; keep the Tri lands.

Tri lands give you more options, more consistent to have a land that can make green or red. That's important since these colors you want in the early game more than other colors. Frontier Bivouac , Jungle Shrine and Savage Lands are Tri lands that can make green and red. Only Temple of Abandon can do this out of the Scry lands.

As far as cuts to consider to add more ramp:

Dragons don't need the pump from Crucible and Kolaghan, they're already big and flying. The interaction with Amulet with lands that ETB tapped is nice, but I think it would be better as an actual ramp spell.

Angel_Zero on Everything Tribal

2 months ago

I have a similar decklist! I'm definitely gonna use some of the stuff from your list. I'd recommend looking at AEther Charge Whelming Wave Return of the Nightstalkers Crux of Fate Crucible of Fire Soulcatchers' Aerie .

TheVectornaut on Tarkir Dragon Hoard

2 months ago

I recommend adding some more early game ramp creatures or spells, probably as replacements for the Dragon Egg s and the risky Nikya of the Old Ways . More Dragonlord's Servant are totally fine, but I could also see Voyaging Satyr working to untap Gruul Turf for big mana or Zhur-Taa Druid bridging the gap between acceleration and aggression. On the spell side of things, some good old Rampant Growth effects could make Dragonmaster Outcast a nasty threat. Just looking at the cards you already have, I think more copies of Thunderbreak Regent , Atarka, World Render , and Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma wouldn't hurt. Another option if you don't mind infinite combos is upping the count of Savage Ventmaw and Grand Warlord Radha so you can run Hellkite Charger for endless combat phases.

I'll also list some possible upgrades and sidegrades based on my own experience playing with and against dragons. Dragon Tempest is nearly a direct upgrade for Impact Tremors in dragons and Scourge of Valkas is also decent. Draconic Roar seems like it would be better than Magma Jet and/or Jaya's Greeting most of the time. Spit Flame might be even better if targets tend to have 4 toughness. Flying destruction feels unnecessary here, but I'd prefer something cheaper than Pinion Feast like the flexible Broken Wings regardless. Frontier Siege might be better than Atarka Monument if you need more mana or removal. Crucible of Fire could replace Sight of the Scalelords or Dragon Throne of Tarkir , depending on how much power you need. Sarkhan, Fireblood can be a rummager, accelerant, and bomb in the world you keep him alive. Even with so many legendaries, I still prefer Elvish Piper to Thran Temporal Gateway here. A final card that I'm not sure on is the new Draconic Intervention . Seems like it could be an interesting sweeper follow-up to a Descent of the Dragons that turns all your dorks into immune dragons. That is fairly slow though.

Let me know if you have any questions and good luck with your deck!

philosopher on Dragons,Speed, and Control

3 months ago

Hello Hachendis,

Dragons & Dragon Support:

Dragonlord's Servant reduces the cost of your dragon spells by {1}.

Dream Devourer reduces the cost of your dragons by {2} by foretelling them with Dream Devourer , meaning, you could potentially play Dragonlord Kolaghan on turn 4.

Haven of the Spirit Dragon acts as a mana confluence with the ability to recur a dragon from the graveyard to your hand.

Crucible of Fire is the ultimate +3/+3 anthem effect.

Crucible of the Spirit Dragon : builds up mana to cast your dragons.

Draconic Roar costs the same as a Lightning Strike and if you reveal a dragon you get to Lightning Bolt your opponent's face for free - talk about value!

Crux of Fate a one sided board wipe.

Glorybringer : repeated Flame Slash on a flying and haste dragon.

Surviving the early game:

Frost Bite or Wild Slash are good 1 drop removal spells, with Frost Bite acting as a Lightning Bolt is you have a snow covered mountain in play.

Bloodchief's Thirst is better than Bedevil because for it is more useful in the early game and is worth the cost of having to pay the extra mana to remove a MV 3 or greater creature or planeswalker later in the game.

Remaining thoughts:

Thoughtseize and Duress is good in the sideboard vs control decks because you will want to remove their sweepers like Supreme Verdict .

Sign in Blood should be removed for early game removal or to keep in some Thoughtseize s in as Sign in Blood is less valuable in surviving the early game.

I hope this helps.



Reevah on UR Dragon: Reignited

4 months ago


Yeah you are right on swan song, my logic was that I can block the flier easily but that can be said on their side too. I'm gonna say no to Counterspell as double blue might be too heavy, which is why I opted for Negate over it. Regrowth might find a place as I tend to want cheaper spells so I still have lands for responses or dragons. As for the suggestions -

  • I tend to not like to bring UR Dragon too much, it's a mana sink that has a huge risk attached to it.
  • Interesting suggestion, but I'm not sure on the only colourless mana. It's a consideration though.
  • I like this one, screws up the dorks though which is an issue. Would be funny against an Urza deck tbh
  • Ah yes Kolaghan in enchantment form, I like this card tbh
  • I used to run Scourge Of The Throne, but it's usefulness was completely reliant on the game-state and was only good with a haste outlet.
  • A spicy anthem effect has been on my mind. I was thinking of Crucible of Fire but the cmc is way too high.
  • Yeah flying usually has it's own evasion to it, I'd only use that if the local meta had a lot of flier decks.
  • I should think about running Descendants Path again, my fave art in mtg too.
  • I should get one of those again tbh. They keep going up which is annoying.
  • Unfortunately I can only seeing this being good with something like Dragon Broodmother out, at best I have 5 dragons on board without her.
  • This is one I have been meaning to get but keep forgetting it exists. Flame Sweep is arguably better than Seismic Rapture imo
  • 6 cmc might be too heavy, I do like the card but I don't think it's for me.

TheSlowestBro on The Ur Dragon

4 months ago

I know the feeling, and at the end of the day your list will likely change once you get more games under your belt depending on your local meta etc. I've found that my dragons need to have a major impact the turn they hit play (from ETB or attack triggers if you run enough haste enablers) as they tend to die fairly quickly, so that's something I'd keep in mind when choosing which ones to keep and cut. I'd also add Crucible of Fire to the above list of potential cuts, it's cool but I find it to be slightly overkill, so the way my list is designed I'd rather run a mass-reanimation spell instead. I also gotta highlight Hellkite Courser , it's just perfect for the Ur Dragon!!

You have some dragons in here I'm looking to acquire myself at some point, Dragonlord Dromoka and Morophon, the Boundless are high up on my list!

multimedia on Cold blooded Dragons

6 months ago

Hey, good changes you've made by going with two colors, cutting black and adding more consistency with 4 ofs. Scrying Sheets with Snow-Covered lands is interesting. It wouldn't be my first choice if I was on a budget, but if you have the Sheets then play them.

You haven't changed the manabase after adding Farseek. You want a consistent turn two green source for Farseek since that's the best time in the game to cast Farseek. Having only 6 green sources in the manabase is not going to be enough for Farseek. My advice is cut some Mountains for Snow-Covered Forest s. Consistently you will need at least 12 sources of green in the manabase to cast a turn two Farseek therefore consider cutting some Mountains adding 6x Forests?

I think cutting Dragon's Hoard is a mistake since it's ramp that can also be repeatable draw later on. Coldsteel Heart or Colossal Majesty aren't better cards than Hoard with Dragons. Consider 4x Glorybringer; cutting 1x Crucible of Fire for 1x more Glorybringer? Being able to cast multiple Regents and Glorybringers in a row is how you're going to win. Atarka, World Render would do more than Moonveil Dragon ; double strike with Regents and Glorybringers.

I also think cutting Sarkhan's Triumph is a mistake because you have several 1 ofs of Dragons and Triumph can tutor for one of these Dragons. You can also take some more advantage of Triumph with other 1 of Dragons in the sideboard such as Stormbreath Dragon and Thundermaw Hellkite . Colossal Majesty isn't a better card than Triumph. Majesty is better as a sideboard card to replace some removal for more draw for matchups where the game is going to go longer than usual or your opponents have less creatures and more control.

Good luck with your deck.

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