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And The Dead Keep It, The Way Is Shut

Commander / EDH* Flying Regenerate UB (Dimir) Zombie



I am looking for suggestions on which cards to cut, as I need to narrow down the deck. I would be happy for other suggestions as well.

The main idea is to create a hybrid Stax deck with Winter/Frozen theme. The deck runs lots of stax cards like Rising Waters, Frozen Aether, Winter Orb etc.

I am altering a Stax deck I have created that was a hybrid Voltron stax, but did not work they way I hoped. One large problem was I had too expensive of spells and because I run land locks, I kept locking myself out.

I am thinking that if I run smaller cmc creatures that are either flying, unblockable, or can regenerate, then with Narfi and other zombie/snow boosters, I can boost them up to do the damage I need. As I slowly unlock lands, I can still afford 1-2 mana creatures.

As of now, I have worked to edit it a bit, but feel I need to reduce the creature count and increase the Stax and rocks counts.

I would like it to be budget friendly, with cheap alternative cards to the really expensive core Stax cards.

I want this to be semi-competitive too. Let me know what you think!


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