Vantress Gargoyle

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Vantress Gargoyle

Artifact Creature — Gargoyle


Vantress Gargoyle can't attack unless defending player has seven or more cards in their graveyard.

Vantress Gargoyle can't block unless you have four or more cards in hand

: Each player puts the top card of their library into their graveyard.

RDWDTR on General Mills

9 months ago

Thanks, I'm glad you found my suggestions helpful! 8 crabs would be ideal but I'm guessing it's 6 for budget purposes. I think you'll find the main board Dismember to be useful in almost every matchup, but you can always move it back to the sideboard if you dislike it. This looks solid for the budget, but you'll still have to play test and adjust accordingly for your meta.

BTW, when I was listing all the counterspells in my first post, I meant you could use whichever seemed best to you, not all of them :P It will probably be more useful to have a diverse range of cards in your sideboard, since a SB is essentially 15 cards to help you deal with certain matchups that your usual 60 struggles against. Jamming 6 counters might not be the most optimal choice, I was thinking more along the lines of 2-3 of one particular counter, sorry for my miscommunication lol. In most of your games, I'm assuming your 4 mainboard counters will get the job done, and then you can just bring in a pair of targeted counters like, say, 2 Essence Scatter for creature decks or 2 Mystical Dispute for other blue decks. This is going to depend entirely on your meta though. Three other cards caught my eye when I was looking at blue mill lists:

Merfolk Secretkeeper: If your budget can't allow 8 crabs, this is a good replacement for some number.

Drowned Secrets: Similar to Sphinx's Tutelage, just more milling. Not sure if it's better or worse exactly.

Vantress Gargoyle: Reminds me of Jace's Phantasm, and you can tap it to mill someone if it's unable to attack or block. It's pretty scary once it's able to swing.

A few cards you can consider for your sideboard:

Aether Gust: Great against green and/or red decks

AEtherize: Could really save you against aggro/beatdown decks

Rebuild: Good against artifact based decks (e.g., affinity, hammer, Urza).

That's about all I have for now. I imagine you'll continue to adjust as you get spins in with this. Let us know if it's at all competitive.

9-lives on HELL MILL

9 months ago

Ohh oh wow, I was thinking the 0 mana wasn't there for Archive Trap! That's very nifty, and completely makes sense why you're running these cards.Fraying Sanity is definitely worth it. Turn 3 isn't that bad, most people who have the fastest decks there are aren't too good. Haha sorry, I misspoke when I said 'any and all mill' will be useful. 1 card milled is almost nothing compared to the deck size and relative amount you're going to have to mill and the mana you're spending.4 turns later if you cast Mesmeric Orb is only 4 cards. What most people do in MTG is get the lowest mana value for the greatest effect.And if they are not doing this even if they have a bunch of 5 MV cards, say, they're relying on the value that card has with its power and their ability to get that mana You can almost completely rely on this principle in most decks. But MTG has so many variants nad tactics that it's very difficult (or easy?) to build a non-linear deck. As long as you have things to keep you alive while you're milling it's good. Whatever you wish for: counterspells, blocking, tokens, bouncing, tapping, arresting, lifelink, lifegain, etc. I mean we're not making a toolbox deck, so of course everyone is specialized to some degree. And wouldn't you be using Scheming Symmetry and Assassin's Trophy for Archive Trap? The second seems great, as it is removal as well as useful for the use of the third. I am not that good at this game, so you can take my advice with a skeptical temperament. Sword of Body and Mind isn't /that/ bad. 10 cards is definitely worth it if you're doing that every turn after 4. Think of it as reassurance. Mill decks aren't the fastest things in the world, and are comparable to burn decks, but milling is probably harder to do. Thing in the Ice  Flip is a very rewarding card if you have a lot of 1 mana drops that are instants and sorceries. Just look at it's P/T. 7/8 is usually vanilla at least 6 or greater mana. Because of this method of playing, like the Thing in the Ice  Flip is why you'd play Vantress Gargoyle. And, if I would give you one something that MTG is about is not SPEED; it's FUN! :]

9-lives on HELL MILL

9 months ago

Hello, Hastapasta

.I wouldn't use Mission Briefing because that's 2 blue mana plus the mana of Archive Trap which is 3 generic and 2 blue. Total 7 MV. You would have to not only have four blue mana, but also 3 generic. This is one reason why I told you to go with Slither Blade, not only because you'll be guaranteed to hit the opponent player, but it also balances out your colors. I also wouldn't rely on Maddening Cacophony for halving decks unless you are in a long game. It is 1 generic and 1 blue plus kicker of three generic and one blue, making for 6 MV total. Very cost intensive. And Mind Funeral is pretty good... luck of the draw a lot of the time though, and most people are putting around 20 lands into 60 card decks, which makes for around 33% chance of drawing one. But not only would you be milling, you would be removing lands from his deck, which is spectacular. I'd keep Mind Funeral. Oh, and it would be good to have tokens, or aggro creatures, or simply counterspells. You can't be beaten to death by the opponent whenever you are milling. 4x Slither Blade would not only give you what you need for Sword of Body and Mind but also supply chump blockers. Walls would be very useful for this. Fog Bank is very useful against combat damage, and that's what you're basically against besides non-combat damage, which in that case the best card for that is The Wanderer. but the latter would be good for sideboard and the former for many kinds of battles. Vantress Gargoyle is great for doing whatever you want it to, but i would only use it to mitigate damage and destroy creatures; i wouldn't say you can win a game with it.

Hastapasta on HELL MILL

9 months ago

Yep! That's the point. Their deck will be gone. I should have been clearer when it comes to explaining why Traumatize is better than Maddening Cacophony with kicker.

Mission Briefing allows Archive Trap dupe.

I decided to put Vantress Gargoyle in the side. Mind Funeral is not that effective. Or is it? Please let me know.

Hastapasta on HELL MILL

9 months ago

Hi! Concerning your card choice, Field of Ruin is definitely worth it. Put it in. Yeah, my job is to mill ASAP. So really, I don't know whether to use Fervent Champion + Sword of Body and Mind or Slither Blade + Sword of Body and Mind or Vantress Gargoyle. As the name suggests, the deck needs to mill as fast as possible. So Vantress Gargoyle doesn't help. I decided to move Twincast into the mainboard. I can maybe double mill using Archive Trap + Twincast .

9-lives on HELL MILL

9 months ago

Milling is your win condition, no? Perhaps Traumatize, Maddening Cacophony, and Fractured Sanity? Maddening Cacophony is incredibly good, milling half all of the time, and only costs 4 MV. The next best is Traumatize. Maybe remove Fervent Champion and Sword of Body and Mind? These two depend on you dealing damage to the player, which is not guaranteed, so I recommend something like Slither Blade with it if you really want to use it, and also this card would give you a consistent damage of 1 each turn if not removed. I understand that you want to use Fervent Champion's ability to equip. It would only cost 2 to equip it, and you're already having to pay 3 for it to ETB. Plus you might not draw this particular combination of cards that often. If you really want to deal damage in a mill deck, I recommend Vantress Gargoyle. Also, the card Fervent Champion requires you to splash red. Best to keep to 2 colors of black and blue and splash green for Assassin's Trophy, as I see that's useful for Archive Trap. I think paying the 2 mana for the Sword of Body and Mind to make a deck that isn't too mixed up is best, and Slither Blade is the best modern 1 drop that is unblockable, which when you use Sword of Body and Mind, damage is going to go to be surely directly to the player. If you have the 3 mana to pay for ETB the equipment, you'll have enough mana for its equip next turn, especially considering that Sword of Body and Mind is generic mana cost.

GrimlockVIII on Nihiloor, Mafia Kingpin

1 year ago

Not sure if this helps, but Vantress Gargoyle provides a cheap body with a high power that makes it easier to control your opponent's creatures with Nihiloor in the early/mid game.

Also Thassa, Deep-Dwelling acts as a second Conjurer's Closet on a stick with indestructible and the ability to tap opponent's creatures on the side.

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