Robe of Mirrors

Robe of Mirrors

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature *(Target a creature as you play this. This card enters the battlefield attached to that creature.) *

Enchanted creature has shroud. (It can't be the target of spells or abilities.)

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Robe of Mirrors Discussion

Dammjan on Zur the Enchanter Budget Deck

3 months ago

Thank you for your advices DreadKhan. Sorry that I am answering so late but I had to learn for my exams the past few weeks. I looked at your suggestions and think Court of Cunning might be a good alternative win con. Slow but steady. But I am not sure which card to remove. Maybe Sun Titan? Diplomatic Immunity and Timely Ward seem to be better alternatives for Robe of Mirrors and Shielded by Faith so I will edit my deck.

DreadKhan on Zur the Enchanter Budget Deck

3 months ago

Diplomatic Immunity is probably a straight upgrade over Robe of Mirrors, offering the same buff, but also protecting itself from removal. If you toss in an Indestructible aura, Zur becomes pretty hard to deal with, requiring a non-destroy wipe, which is lots of fun depending on your power level. I used to run Shielded by Faith, but there is a better option now in Timely Ward, which has upside with flash incase you end up drawing it, it can protect your commander for free, provided he doesn't have Shroud yet.

Balaam__ on Biovisionary

6 months ago

Robe of Mirrors or Aspect of Mongoose seem better than Canopy Cover . You yourself don’t have any spells or abilities that need to target Biovisionary , so you’ll want to give it the cheapest/fastest method of non-interactivity (shroud). As a bonus, the green enchantment can quickly be recast, should it somehow get removed.

Exoflo on Zedruu - The Path to Enlightenment [PRIMER]

8 months ago

Thanks for reply !

Now I understand your point of view. There's many things I didn't think about. You convinced me about the Robe of Mirrors , even more with Tyrite Sanctum . And Soul-Guide Lantern is the perfect card, nice suggestion.

Btw the update made my day. There so much Chaos in this deck, it must be an RNG fiesta every saturday night. Best of luck to you and long live to The Mother Goats.

Exoflo on Zedruu - The Path to Enlightenment [PRIMER]

8 months ago

Hi NetholonTheArchmage !

One year has passed and I'm always in love with your deck.

I was wondering why you were playing Minamo, School at Water's Edge . You've nice synergies, especially with Serra's Sanctum , but that's all the card does.

I spended many time to change some cards of your deck. I find that Pendant of Prosperity , Tolaria West and Dack Fayden fit very well in the deck, as Humility or Land Tax , but you probably already know for those ones.

Arcane Lighthouse and/or Shadowspear are great cards to deal with shroud/hexproof/indestructible, depending your playgroup. It's same for graveyard hate, but I'm still looking for a good card cause I also play with my graveyard.

I considered many time Nine Lives to Phyrexian Unlife , but still prefer the unlife to avoid loss of life cards, like Exsanguinate (where Nine Lives protect only for damage).

Trying to replace Robe of Mirrors (I don't like aura, they vanish with board wipes), I find Spiritual Asylum , wich seems perfect on the spot. But I don't feel confortable with the shroud effect it give. Sure, it protect your creatures and (most important) your lands, but it cancel the Zedruu's ability on lands, wich I'm used to give . Still keeping in mind Lightning Greaves , but it can't be tutored with Wild Research

I'm not a big fan about Illusions of Grandeur when you play Solitary Confinement . Why gaining 20 LP when you can never lose them ? I honestly find the combo unreliable and too much slow.

Finally, thank you for your work. It really make me love Zedruu, and gived me the strength to start building a deck (I mean, ctrl c - ctrl v your deck). Best of luck to you, can't wait for next update

Brutal_B on Interdimensional Initiative

1 year ago

psionictemplar, I've been thinking about your suggestions and I'm keeping green. Hexdrinker, Search for Tomorrow and Wilderness Reclamation proved to be assets when I was playtesting. Plus having access to Abrupt Decay, Blossoming Defense and the sideboarded green cards are just too valuable to leave out.

As far as protecting Bane Alley Broker, I got Blossoming Defense and Robe of Mirrors. The latter conflicts with Magewright's Stone if targeting the same Broker, thus I choose to run 2 of each one.

kimosabe on Girls Night Out

1 year ago

Looks like a great start! I also have a sen triplets deck, and I've been playing it for about a year now. Advice I have? Sen triplets are huge targets and people are quick to get rid of them. Maybe invest in protection for them Lightning Greaves, Robe of Mirrors. Also Authority of the Consuls may interest you. My deck is worth looking at: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". My favorite deck to play. ENJOY!

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