Shimmerdrift Vale

Shimmerdrift Vale

Snow Land

Shimmerdrift Valeenters the battlefield tapped.

As Shimmerdrift Vale enters the battlefield, choose a colour.

: Gain one mana of the chosen colour.

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Shimmerdrift Vale Discussion

multimedia on Nath Golgari Midrange

3 months ago

Hey, well done with your casual version of Lathril.

Consider one drop mana Elves especially Elves of Deep Shadow ? Shadow can make black mana to cast Lathril. These Elves give a big advantage for the tribe with ramp and when they aren't being used for ramp use them to get counters faster on Quest, with Lathril's tap ability or just have more Elves for Priest/Archduid, etc.

Other sources of ramp could be cut for these such as Cultivate , Harvest Season other cards Steel Leaf Champion , Nath of the Gilt-Leaf and Endless Atlas .

Llanowar Wastes , Unclaimed Territory , Necroblossom Snarl , Temple of Malady , Tainted Wood are some budget land upgrades. These could replace Swamps, Shimmerdrift Vale , Jungle Hollow and The World Tree . Undergrowth Stadium , Overgrown Tomb , Twilight Mire , Gilt-Leaf Palace , Woodland Cemetery and Wirewood Lodge are some expensive price land upgrades.

Good luck with your deck.

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Izzet giants v1

5 months ago

Cinderheart Giant is not really a good card. It's too expensive for its effect, even if it does die. Toralf, God of Fury  Flip doesn't do too much either. I'd advise you to look at other giants lists to see what giants are good. Aegar, the Freezing Flame , Invasion of the Giants , the full playset of Calamity Bearer s, are all pretty much must-haves.

Embercleave isn't really what you want. You're going tall, not wide, and EC does its best work when you go wide.

For the control package, Saw It Coming >> any counterspell you have atm. You'll also want sweepers for go-wide decks like mono-red, so Storm's Wrath should be here, or at least Shatterskull Smashing  Flip. Probably both. Actually, Battle of Frost and Fire is better than Storm's Wrath, since you're in giants and it has additional upside after the sweep.

Shimmerdrift Vale isn't worth having. Basics would be better.

legendofa on RED WHITE 1st deck build

7 months ago

Welcome to the club! Here's a few general deck building tips for Constructed formats--anything that's not draft.

First of all, pick the cards that you most want to have in your deck, and put 4 of each of those cards in. This will ensure that you regularly draw the cards you want to see.

Second, how do you want your deck to run? In this collection, I see a couple of landfall cards, a few control cards, some general-utility cards, and a Lithoform Engine . None of the individual cards are bad, but they don't really have any cohesion. If this is a draft deck that you're trying to upgrade, decide which direction you want to go in and focus on that. A deck that does one thing perfectly will be a better deck that does a lot of things decently.

Are you sticking to red and white cards? The Surtland Frostpyre in here is diluting your mana base. I would pull that and the Shimmerdrift VAle s out and set them aside for a different deck that can use them more reliably. This will also cut your lands from 29 (almost half your deck) to 24 (40% of your deck), which is an excellent baseline for lands. Very aggressive decks might drop to 20 lands or so, while decks that try to control the opponent tend to have 25-26 lands.

I also noticed you have 65 cards here. More cards in your deck means a smaller chance of drawing the cards you need.

You also have a lot of 3+ mana cards, so you won't be doing much during your first couple turns. You need more 1-2 mana cards to help set up.

So, first step here: cut the unnecessary lands, then pick the cards you like and buy/trade for more copies of those. Cut some of the 3+ mana cards and find cheaper replacements. Decide if you want to attack aggressively, protect yourself until you can overwhelm your opponent, or how you want to win.

Deck building is complex, so if you have any questions, please ask. Good luck!

ShadeyJ on Looking for Advice on this …

7 months ago

Any thoughts on this insane 4-color Snow deck from my first ever Kaldheim Limited event?

weird, the link works fine when I preview the post, but disappears when I submit it. Until I figure out how to fix it, I'll just post the URL for copy/pasting

All But Yellow Sno

My concerns are: 1) All the dang colors of course, but even more so, the Mana Sources. Even tho my breakdown is 12 Green, 10 Blue, 4 Red, and 2 White... my sources are 5 Green, 5 Blue, 3 Red, and 4 White (not including the 2 Shimmerdrift VAle). Obviously a result of needing so many Snow Lands, but still, can this work out with any consistency?

2) Is it possible I'm over-doing the Snow Mana sources? I know with Ascendant Spirit, Faceless Haven, and 4 other cards that care about Snow, that may seem like a crazy thing to ask... but I should point out I have EIGHT lands that are Snow, a Human and a (ghost) Bear that can draw me a Snow Land, a Troll that can create Snow Mana Rocks, and two otherwise terrible Enchant Lands that can produce 2 Snow Mana where there were none before. Am I supposed to cram all this into a single 40-card deck? I'd love to drop one of the 2 Glittering Frost but I'm worried since so many of my cards require LOTS of Snow Mana.

3) My deck is 42 cards (17 Lands). I know, I know... but I honestly couldn't cut anything else, at least not until I see the deck in action first.

I listed my best unused cards in the Sideboard of the deck I posted. Can you believe I was originally Splashing Black as well for Raise the Draugr and Karfell Kennel-Master? I recently took out Draugr Thought-Thief for Forging the Tyrite Sword which just seemed to go perfect with my 4 colors and 3 Equipment.

Sorry for all the reading, any advice AT ALL would be so appreciated. I'm so nervous to play this deck, I can't tell if its Genius or Insanity. Can you?