Finally, some Boros Jank that isn't Firesong and Sunspeaker ! Seems the best way to pull off a deck like this is sort of Voltron, but using combat tricks rather than Equipment or Auras; instead, run lots of "protection from " and cantrips. As a supporting factor, all the creatures benefit from being targeted, or casting instants. Heroic is good at last!

The best part of the deck is it's the INSANELY low curve. The trick becomes filling your hand with low-drop evasion, pump, and defense spells that target creatures, and thus recur themselves. Get a few cantrips, and with only six or seven lands, you should literally draw on every players turn, and still have mana up for removal. Somehow, this gets around all of the traditional weaknesses while staying true to its strengths!

What I need help with is finding room for the "sideboard" cards... everything just works too well!

Oh, and the whole Paradox Engine + Isochron Scepter thing in this deck is totally optional. Using it with Pyromancer's Goggles will outright win you the game, but it's so played out...


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